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How much compensation for losing a toe?

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Loss Of Toe Compensation Claims

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How Much Compensation Do You Get For Losing A Toe?

Losing a toe in an accident can lead to excruciating pain and lead to a lifelong disability that reduces your ability to function as before. If you lost a toe as the result of an accident that was not your fault or medical negligence, you might be eligible to claim compensation for the suffering caused. Therefore, this guide will set out to answer the question ‘How much compensation for losing a toe?’ and explain the claims process.

Our team is here to help if you’d like to discuss your options. Firstly, an advisor will consider your case during a no-obligation consultation. They’ll try to answer your questions and you’ll be given free legal advice about what to do next. Then, if your claim is suitable, they’ll connect you with one of our personal injury solicitors. If you decide to claim and your case is accepted, your solicitor will work for you on a No Win No Fee basis.

To speak with us right away, please call 0800 6524 881 or read on to learn more about claiming compensation for losing a toe.

Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation For Losing A Toe?

When reviewing a potential compensation claim for the loss of a toe, our personal injury solicitors will assess whether:

  • The defendant owed you a legal duty of care; and
  • Negligence by the defendant led to an incident or accident; and
  • You lost a toe due to that incident or accident.

You shouldn’t worry about proving you were owed a duty of care as it’s something we’ll check when you get in touch. Generally, though, you’ll be owed a duty of care in most public places and while you’re at work.

However, you can improve your chances of being paid for losing a toe by collecting evidence to prove how your accident happened. We’ll look at this in more detail shortly.

Common Accidents Causing A Loss Of A Toe

Here are a few scenarios that could allow you to claim compensation after losing a toe:

If you’ve lost a toe in any type of accident that was not your fault, why not call us to see if you might be entitled to claim compensation?

Common Types Of Toe Amputations

Toe amputations can occur or might be needed as a result of:

  • Traumatic injuries where something sharp cuts the toe off from the foot.
  • Injuries that crush the toe so badly that removal is the only form of treatment.
  • A burn injury so severe that the toe is lost.
  • Severe infections.
  • Poor blood flow that cannot be resolved.

The impact of losing a toe will vary depending on how much of the toe is removed and which of the toes is removed.

Losing A Toe From Medical Negligence

Some conditions such as nerve damage or diabetes can lead to poor blood flow to the feet and toes. While such conditions won’t have been caused by a medical professional, you could claim compensation for losing a toe caused by such conditions if your doctor was negligent in failing to diagnose your condition properly or didn’t refer you for specialist tests despite obvious symptoms. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

How Much Compensation Will I Get For Losing A Toe?

How much compensation for losing a toe you could claim will largely depend on the toe that’s been amputated and the impact on your life. Effectively, the amount of compensation a personal injury solicitor from our team will aim to get for you is based on two types of damages.

Therefore, if you go on to claim compensation for the loss of a toe, the settlement could cover:

  • The physical pain and discomfort caused by the loss of your toe.
  • Loss of amenity i.e. if you can no longer play football after losing your toe.
  • Depression, PTSD, anxiety and other forms of psychological suffering.
  • Any reduction in earnings (and future losses too if your ability to work will be reduced).
  • Medical expenses.
  • Care-related costs.
  • Travel costs (fuel, parking, public transport etc).
  • Replacing personal items damaged in your accident.
  • Mobility aids and modifying your home to help you deal with the loss of your toe.

If you work with a solicitor from our team, they’ll go through everything in detail and aim to secure as much compensation as possible to cover your suffering.

Loss Of Toe Compensation Amounts Guide

The exact settlement you’ll receive is hard to determine until your case has been reviewed fully. As mentioned above, it will depend on which toe or toes you’ve lost and how your injuries have affected you. However, you may get some idea about compensation amounts for losing a toe below.

  • £36,520 – £56,080 compensation for the loss of all toes.
  • Somewhere around £31,310 for the loss of a big toe.
  • £13,740 – £21,070 compensation for the loss or partial loss of one or two toes.

To prove the extent of your injuries, your solicitor will arrange an appointment with a medical specialist. They’ll examine your toes and talk with you to find out how the loss of your toe has affected your life. Your solicitor will base any compensation request on the report provided by the specialist.

Evidence To Support A Loss Of Toe Compensation Claim

Whatever type of accident caused you to lose a toe, you’ll need evidence to demonstrate what happened, who caused the accident and the suffering your toe amputation has caused. Examples of the evidence you could use include:

  • Medical evidence. To prove the extent of your toe amputation, your solicitor will request copies of any x-rays and medical notes from your hospital treatment.
  • Witness statements. If there’s any dispute over who caused your accident, your solicitor may ask any witnesses to describe what happened. Therefore, try to collect the contact details of anybody else present when your accident occurred.
  • Photographic evidence. It is a good idea to try and take pictures of the accident scene that led to you losing a toe if you are able to. Ideally, your pictures will show the cause of the accident before it is moved.
  • Accident reports. Employers have to report workplace amputations to the Health and Safety Executive. Accidents in public places should be recorded in an accident report book. A copy of an accident report could help to prove how your accident happened.
  • Dashcam or security camera footage. If the accident occurred in sight of CCTV cameras or a dashcam, try to secure a copy of the footage before it is deleted.
  • Financial records. You may also need to provide financial records to support your loss of toe compensation claim such as bank statements, previous wage slips, and receipts for expenses and costs related to your injury.

If you’re not sure if you’ve got enough evidence, please get in touch. If your case is accepted, your solicitor will work hard to try and collect any further information needed.

Loss Of Toe Claim Time Limits

In the UK, you’ll have 3-years to claim compensation after losing a toe. In the majority of cases, the limitation period will begin from the date you lost the toe. However, we’d advise contacting our solicitors to check in relation to your own specific circumstances.

If your child has lost their toe in an accident, you can start the litigation friend process at any time before they turn 18 years old or they’ll have 3 years to claim themselves after that.

It’s often a good idea to start the ball rolling as soon as you can to avoid having your claim statute-barred and so there’s enough time to collect evidence and have a medical assessment.

Starting The Loss Of Toe Compensation Claims Process

We’re here to help if you’d like to claim compensation after losing a toe. By calling 0800 6524 881, you’ll receive free legal advice about your options as part of a no-obligation consultation.

If one of our personal injury solicitors can help, your claim will be managed on a No  Win No Fee basis. Therefore, no legal fees need to be paid upfront and your solicitor will only be paid if you receive compensation.

Please feel free to call or connect to our live chat service if you’d like to find out how much compensation for losing a toe you could receive.

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