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      Pavement Accident Claims

      Pavement claims are a fairly common occurrence and if while walking on street pavements and you trip and fall, you might  sustain injuries.

      If your pavement fall was due to a poorly maintained pavement, uneven or with large gaps or maybe a tarmac pavement with deep potholes, then you may have a right to make a pavement claim and file for compensation.  Once you have decided to make a claim and state the reason why you tripped on the pavement was due to bad maintenance, you should nonetheless be aware that a tight and thorough investigation would then be put into effect.

      Over past years, several cases have been known where people have claimed for a pavement fall and claimed compensation but the accident itself has then turned out to have been elaborated or false. There are stringent changes in place governing the law and guidelines of filing for a compensation concerning pavement accident claims.

      Reasons We Might Make A Pavement Accident Claim

      Pavement accidents are not a rare occurrence.  In many instances, the injuries are minor although there are those that result in cases of major physical damage. Local authorities usually get the blame when these accidents happen and therefore a great deal of scrutiny is leveled against them on their maintenance ability of public utilities and amenities.

      You may not have tripped on a pavement because you were not paying attention, but because you trust the pavement to be well maintained and safe to walk on. At times, there may be ongoing maintenance work taking place on the pavement and no notification in place to warn the public. This and many other reasons are why pavement accidents occur in the UK.

      In occasions where personal damage is evident after tripping on a poorly maintained pavement, placing a pavement claim successfully will highly lean on the efforts of the local authority to assess the issues and do the necessary changes. If this takes place, then they are aware that it was due to their negligence and are ready to do what is necessary to prevent this from happening to other members of the public.

      Possible causes of a pavement fall:

      Damaged or cracked pavements caused by vehicles, tree roots etc
      Incorrectly laid paving slabs
      Other hazards such as road signs, service covers
      Uneven kerb-stones

      If you tripped on a pavement and you did not suffer injuries, then the chances are there will be no strong case to raise.  A strong accident claim or pavement claim should include a list of injuries caused and ideally an indication of the amount of financial compensation required.

      You should bear in mind that currently in the UK there are tough penalties if it is found out that a fraudulent claim is made.  In addition, if your pavement claim is not strong and lacks proper evidence to go on, you may end up on the losing side. Therefore, you should be accurately sure that there is no fault laid with yourself in the event of tripping or slipping on a pavement.

      Points To Focus On When Making A Pavement Claim

      The prime thing to focus on when making a pavement claim is liability. All pointers should lead to poor maintenance of the pavement. If possible, have evidence with you that show the state of which the pavement was in when you tripped. If you can you should take photos of the pavement. It acts as a strong leverage to your compensation claim. If there are other parties who saw the incident, you can get their contact details and have them back you as a witness to the incident.

      If you tripped on a pavement in a private zone, then you cannot claim liability against the public authorities. Here the blame lies on the owner of the said zone. While the rules of compensation claims apply here still, there is leniency here and measures are not as tough, but they still can be under major scrutiny.  Thus, play by the book and place reliable truths in regards to the accident in order to have a viable pavement claim.

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