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    Knee Injury Claims

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      Knee Injury Claims

      The knee is a highly complex structure made up of bones, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and tendons. An injury to any one of these components can be excruciatingly painful and can severely restrict your mobility. If your knee is permanently or Knee Injury Claimtemporarily injured in an accident that was no fault of yours, you may be entitled to file a claim for compensation.

      You may also be entitled to claim for your knee injury if it occurred as a result of some form of medical negligence or through a criminal act of violence.

      Compensation for knee injury typically consists of two main elements:

      1. Compensation for pain and suffering: Knee injuries can take several different forms from fractured knee cap to torn cartilage and cruciate ligament injuries. The amount of compensation that you can claim for will depend on the severity of your knee injury as well as the length of time that you were affected by the injury.
      1. Compensation for financial loss and medical expenses: A knee injury can seriously hamper your ability to work if your job involves physical work. Even if yours is a desk job, it can hamper your ability to get to work. In either case, this could mean loss if income. In addition, knee injuries almost always require extensive medical treatment by way of X-Rays, dressings and medication, possible surgery and home healthcare in some cases. Add to that the travel to and from the hospital and knee support or mobility equipment and the expenses can mount up very quickly. Part of your knee injury claim should include compensation for loss of income as well as all medical and non-medical expenses and other financial losses incurred as a result of the injury.

      Any knee injury claims should include not only losses incurred immediately after the accident but also projected losses that you are likely to incur till your knee has fully recovered and you can start working and resume a regular, pain-free life.

      How Much Compensation Can You Hope To Claim For Your Knee Injury?

      The severity of your knee injury and the prognosis for your recovery are two of the main factors that will influence the amount of compensation for a knee injury that you are awarded as settlement. You may receive a few hundred pounds in compensation for what may be described as a simple, temporary knee injury, whereas a more serious, permanent injury may warrant compensation that could total several thousand pounds.

      If you’d like an estimate of what amount of compensation you might get for your knee injury at no charge and no obligation then don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak with one of our in-house solicitors.

      Average Knee Injury Compensation Amounts

      • Twists, sprains and bruising are considered minor knee injuries with relatively quick recovery times and as such, these types of injuries will warrant smaller compensation settlements that are unlikely to go above £5,680 at the maximum.
      • The average payout for knee injuries that result in permanent ongoing minor symptoms is in the range of £5,680 to £12,900.
      • If your injuries include major injuries such as a dislocated knee or a torn meniscus, you can expect a compensation amount of about £13,920 to £24,580.
      • For severe knee injuries such a torn cartilage, fractured patella, severe tears to the cruciate or other injuries that result in permanent limitations to movement of your knee or require knee replacement surgery, you can file a knee injury claim for compensation in the range of £24,580 to £90,290.

      These are all approximate average compensatory knee injury amounts based on previous settlements. You have to remember that every settlement amount is calculated differently depending on the merits of each case.

      Proving Legal Fault For A Knee Injury Claim

      When filing a compensation claim, the onus will be on you to prove who is legally at fault for your knee injury. This itself can be a highly complex process as there are different laws that may come into play depending on the circumstances of your particular accident.

      For example, a knee injury suffered in a road accident would have different legal implications from a knee injury suffered in the workplace or because of a crime of violence. Attempting to file a knee injury claim without the help of a solicitor/ lawyer is highly inadvisable unless you are fully aware of all the relevant laws that pertain to your specific case. A far better option would be to get the advice of a reputed personal injury solicitor who will know exactly what laws to leverage so that you get the maximum compensation possible.

      Most personal injury solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis (we do), which means you do not have to pay them anything to seek advice, neither do you have to pay for them to fight your case. You only need to pay the legal fees if your case is successful and that too, only after you’ve received the settlement amount into your account.

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