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      Toe Injury Claims

      It may sound minor but the fact is a toe injury can seriously impact your quality of life. With a mild injury you may be able to hobble around slowly despite the persistent pain but a serious toe injury could leave you bedridden or needing some type of support to walk around. In most cases, the doctor will recommend that you keep the weight off the injured toe, which means you may not Toe Injury Claimbe able to do many of the things that you are normally able to.

      If your toe injury was caused due to the negligence of somebody else, you may have legal grounds to pursue a toe injury claim for compensation.

      Types Of Toe Injuries

      Toe injuries range from mild sprains and strains to more severe fractures and amputations. Some of the more common types of toe injuries are:

      Toe Sprains And Strains –

      Toe sprains are typically caused by some sort of trauma such as stubbing the toe against something hard. They may also be caused by hypertension of the toe, which happens when the joints in one or more toes are extended beyond their normal range of motion. One such example is when your toe gets trapped or caught while the rest of your foot continues on moving forward.

      Crushed Toes –

      Crushed toe injuries could be caused when a heavy vehicle goes over the toe, or when a heavy object falls on the toe trapping it underneath. These types of accidents may result in broken or fractured bones in the foot as well as ligament, tendon and soft tissue injuries in the toe. Crushed toe injuries are extremely painful. More often than not, the pain extends across the whole foot, often rendering it useless. Until such time that your toe is fully healed and the pain subsides, you may find it difficult or even impossible to drive, operate any machinery or tools at work, or even stand for long periods of time.

      Amputation injury –

      If the injury to the toe or toes is very severe, it may result in one or more of the toes having to be amputated. This is because severe toe injuries can cause necrosis of the surrounding tissue, which can lead to the development of gangrene. Amputating the toe prevents gangrene from developing and spreading to the other tissues. Depending on the extent of the toe injury, a doctor may recommend a partial or complete amputation. In a partial amputation, only a part of the toe is removed. In a complete amputation, the full toe is removed.

      Common Causes Of Toe Injury Claims

       Toe injury claims can started due to many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

      • Toes crushed under heavy machinery or a heavy object falling from great height;
      • Impact following a road traffic accident;
      • Stubbing the toe in a slip or trip accident in a public place;
      • Working with faulty equipment;
      • Mishandling power tools due to lack of training;
      • Inadequate personal protective equipment;
      • Dangerous work practices;
      • Delayed diagnosis or incorrect medical treatment.

      Whatever the immediate cause of your toe injury, it is not something you should take lightly. A broken toe can cause permanent damage leading to a host of other issues, from problems with mobility and balance to chronic pain. Compensation for a toe injury can help alleviate the challenges that a toe injury can cause which is why seeking free legal advice from a personal injury solicitor should be considered.

      Can You Claim Compensation For Your Toe Injury?

      Speaking with a personal injury solicitor about your toe injury is the best way to determine whether or not you are likely to receive compensation for your toe injury. To be eligible to claim compensation for your toe injury, you should be able to prove two things:

      1. That the injury was caused in a specific accident.
      2. That the accident in question was caused because of somebody else’s mistake or negligence.

      Most personal injury solicitors offer a complimentary, obligation-free first consultation, meaning you can get an experts opinion at no cost. During this consultation, the solicitor will listen to what you have to say and go through whatever evidence you may have already gathered. They can then assess the merits of starting a toe injury claim for compensation based on what they’ve heard, and should they determine that you have a strong case in your favour, they will agree to represent you on a No Win No Fee basis.

      The No Win No Fee agreement is a highly popular type of agreement that personal injury solicitors typically use to help clients get the toe injury compensation due to them without having to worry about legal fees while the claim is in progress. According to the terms of a typical No Win No Fee agreement the solicitor will work on putting together and submitting your toe injury claim in court. They will also bear all the fees associated with the claim from beginning to end. If your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay any fees at all. You only pay if your claim is successful and you win compensation.

      The amount you have to pay and the mode of payment will be stated clearly as part of the terms and conditions of the No Win No Fee agreement. Generally it is a set percentage of the compensation awarded, and is deducted directly from it when it has been paid. We should make clear however that with any legal agreement and whichever law firm or company you choose to take on your claim, always check the fine print and ask questions if needed so that you are completely clear on exactly what you will be paying whether the claim is successful or not.

      How Much Compensation For A Toe Injury?

      Generally, compensation for any type of toe injury is comprised of two components:

      1. General damages, which accounts for pain and suffering, and loss of amenity.
      2. Special damages, which accounts for all medical expenses and travel costs related to your toe injury, loss of income from being unable to go to work, and cost of any structural changes necessary to accommodate your injury.

      Special damages will need to be calculated by a solicitor, however for general damages (pain and suffering) there are guidelines solicitors follow for toe injuries which are shown below.

      Average Toe Injury Compensation Amounts

      • Modest toe injuries such as simple fractures that are expected heal fully and short-term injuries might expect to receive no more than £5,250 at the maximum.
      • For moderate toe injuries such as straightforward fractures, up to £9,010 compensation at the maximum.
      • The average payout for what are classed as serious toe injuries such as multiple fractures and crushed toes, £9,010 to £12,900.
      • Severe toe injuries such as severe crush injuries leading to amputations of one or two toes or partial amputations, £12,900 to £19,770.
      • Compensation for the amputation of a big toe, around £29,380.
      • Compensation for the amputation of all toes, which can vary due to factors such as whether the amputation was surgical or traumatic and effects on mobility, £34,270 to £52,620.

      The figures above are all approximate average compensatory toe injury amounts based on previous settlements. You are not guaranteed to receive the exact same amount as each toe injury claim is unique but your solicitor will make sure to claim for the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

      As some toe injuries may effect the foot and therefore compensation, you may also wish to refer to our foot injury claims page.

      If you would like to arrange a consultation with a personal injury solicitor to discuss a toe injury claim and what compensation you may be entitled to claim for, please contact us today.

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