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Finger Amputation Compensation Claims

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Finger Amputation Claims – How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

If your finger is amputated or partially amputated in an accident, it’s typically going to be very painful at the time. However, in the longer term, it’s likely your injury will also cause problems in your Finger Amputationpersonal, social and work life as well. Therefore, if you have lost a finger in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may wish to seek damages if somebody else was responsible.

In this guide to finger amputation compensation claims, we’ll explain when you might be eligible to claim, how much compensation for an amputated finger you might be paid, and how the claims process works.

To see if you can claim compensation after losing a finger in an accident, please call 0800 6524 881 today. Otherwise, please read on to find out more about your options.

Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation For A Finger Amputation?

Some accidents are simply unavoidable and you won’t be able to claim compensation regardless of your injuries. However, our personal injury solicitors will consider a finger amputation compensation claim if:

  • The defendant (the party you’re claiming against) owed you a duty of care; and
  • An accident happened because they were negligent; and
  • Your finger was amputated (or part of your finger) during that accident.

Many pieces of legislation can be used to prove that a duty of care existed. For example, shops and stores have a duty of care to keep customers as safe as possible because of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957. In a similar way, employers have a duty of care to take steps to try and ensure a finger amputation at work can’t happen because of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Before a finger amputation claim is accepted, your solicitor will check that the defendant owed a duty of care so you shouldn’t worry too much about this. Instead, you’ll need to try and collect evidence to prove what happened so we’ll look at this later on.

Common Causes Of Finger Amputation Compensation Claims

It is quite possible to lose a finger in many different accidents. We won’t provide details about them all here but it is sufficient to say that you could claim for any type of finger amputation so long as the accident was somebody else’s fault.

Some of the more common reasons finger amputation claims are made include:

Workplace Finger Amputations

Finger amputations at work are commonly caused due to employees working on faulty equipment or while performing dangerous tasks without the appropriate safety equipment. Fingers can also be injured leading to amputation as a result of being crushed by heavy machinery or by an object falling from a great height.

Therefore, if you’ve lost a finger at work and you believe your employer was in some way to blame, you could sue your employer for loss of finger at work compensation. Please contact our expert advisors if you’d like to find out more.

Road Traffic Accidents

Fingers and thumbs are often injured in many types of road accidents, whether you’re driving a car, riding a motorbike, cycling, or as a pedestrian. This could happen during the moment of impact or while trying to protect yourself from the impact.

Slips, Trips & Falls

When we slip on water or trip on debris, for example, our first instinct is to put our hand out to break the fall. Slips, trips, and falls can happen virtually anywhere and result in finger injury compensation claims where negligence is involved.

Whether you’ve lost a fingertip, your whole finger, or multiple fingers, we could help you to claim compensation. In the same way, you could be eligible to claim if your finger was amputated at the scene of the accident or by a surgeon because your injuries were so severe. Please get in touch, let us know what happened and we’ll review the chances of winning your case.

Evidence To Support A Finger Amputation Compensation Claim

When making a finger amputation compensation claim, most defendants will simply pass your claim to their insurance provider. If you’ve ever made an insurance claim, you’ll know that payouts only happen when you can clearly prove what happened, who was to blame, and how you were injured. Therefore, to improve your chances of winning your case, you’ll want to supply as much evidence as possible. This could include:

  • Accident report forms. If you suffered a finger amputation at work, for example, you should ask for a copy of the accident report form to help prove where, when, and why the injury happened.
  • Witness statements. During your claim, you should provide your solicitor with the names of anybody who witnessed your accident if they’ve given permission for you to do so. They may be asked to provide a statement of what they saw.
  • Medical information. You should, of course, seek medical attention for an amputation. After you’ve been treated, you could ask to be sent copies of your medical records to help prove the extent of your injuries.
  • Camera recordings. If the accident that led to your injuries was caught on camera, it’s worth asking for a copy of the footage. Dashcam or security camera recordings can make it much easier to prove liability.
  • Photographs. Taking pictures of the accident scene can be a good way to establish how your accident occurred. Also, pictures of your injuries could be used in conjunction with medical records to help prove their severity.
  • A diary. Finally, keeping a note of events that happened after you were injured could help during the finger amputation claims process. It’s a good idea to record the dates you couldn’t work or attend events because of your injuries. Also, you should write down any expenses you’ve incurred as these could be claimed back.

If you ask a member of our team to review your case by calling 0800 6524 881, they’ll also look through any evidence you’ve secured for free as well.

How Much Compensation Do You Get For An Amputated Finger?

The amount of compensation for an amputated finger you could get will largely be based on which finger or fingers have been amputated. For example, compensation for losing a finger at work affecting your grip will usually be higher than compensation for a partially amputated finger.

Two heads of loss usually form the basis of any settlement. They are:

  • General damages. This covers the pain and suffering (including mental suffering) caused by your injuries. Also, any loss of amenity could be considered. For example, if a finger amputation has stopped you from playing a musical instrument (as you used to before the accident), this could be factored into your claim.
  • Special damages. Here, you’ll focus on the cost of your injuries. For example, you could claim for any loss of earnings, medical expenses, travel costs or care costs linked to your injuries.

During the claims process, an independent medical assessment will normally be needed. This will usually happen locally. A medical expert will examine your amputated or partially amputated finger injury and talk to you about how you’ve been affected. After the meeting has finished, they’ll prepare a report to detail your prognosis.

Finger Amputation Settlement Amounts

To give you some idea of how much you could be awarded as general damages for an amputated finger, we’ve added the compensation calculator below:

  • Amputation of the index finger and middle finger and/or ringer fingers, £61,910 to £90,750 compensation.
  • Amputation of some fingers (including part of the palm), £29,000 to £61,910 compensation.
  • Partial finger amputation compensation, up to £36,740.
  • Terminal phalanges amputation of the middle fingers and index finger, around £24,990.
  • Little finger amputation, £8,640 to £12,240.
  • Amputation of the ring finger and little fingers, around £21,810.

These compensation payout amounts for finger amputation injuries although advised by the Judicial College should be used as a guide only as each claim is unique and, therefore, compensation may be higher or lower. For example, depending on a claimant’s job, a missing finger could affect their earning ability (which would be considered when calculating compensation payouts) more or less than another.

For thumb injury claims and compensation amounts please refer to the page here.

Time Limit For Claiming Finger Amputation Compensation

There is a 3-year time limit for filing most personal injury claims. This means you must file your finger amputation compensation claim within 3 years of the amputation. Claims filed after this time limit might not be considered and you could lose out on any compensation due to you.

Therefore, we’d suggest taking action as soon as possible. By starting your claim early, there will be plenty of time to secure evidence and arrange for medical reports. Furthermore, you might find it easier to remember how the accident happened and how you’ve been affected.

Please note that the 3-year time limit will not apply for child injury claims. Parents and guardians are able to claim in this situation at any time before the child turns 18 years old.

Using A Personal Injury Solicitor To Claim Compensation For An Amputated Finger

In our opinion, the single best way to get started with a finger amputation compensation claim is by getting the help of a personal injury solicitor.

Successfully claiming compensation is not as straightforward as some may think. Even if you feel you have a strong case, chances are you won’t claim the full amount of compensation due to you for your injuries without expert knowledge of the claims process. Having a personal injury solicitor can increase your odds of filing a successful claim and also winning the maximum settlement possible.

To make claims less stressful and to reduce your financial risks, our personal injury solicitors manage finger amputation claims on a No Win No Fee basis. As a result, you won’t have to pay anything upfront and you wouldn’t pay anything if the claim fails either.

Starting The Finger Amputation Claims Process

The easiest way to start the claims process is to call us today and ask for a free case review on 0800 6524 881.

If you have more questions about the finger amputation compensation claims process, please use live chat to connect with an advisor.

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