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    Finger Amputation Compensation Claims

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      Finger Amputation Compensation Claims

      If you’ve suffered a finger amputation due to somebody else’s negligence you may be eligible to make a finger amputation compensation claim.

      Common Causes Of Finger Amputation Compensation Claims

      Finger AmputationSome of the more common causes of finger amputation compensation claims we see include but are not limited to:

      Workplace Finger Amputations

      Finger amputations at work are commonly caused due to employees working on faulty equipment or while performing dangerous tasks without the appropriate safety equipment. Fingers can also be injured leading to amputation as a result of being crushed by heavy machinery or by an object falling from great height.

      Road Traffic Accidents

      Fingers and thumbs are often injured in many types of road accident, whether you’re driving a car, riding a motorbike, cycling, or as a pedestrian. This could happen during the moment of impact or while trying to protect yourself from the impact.

      Slips and Falls

      When we slip on water or debris for example, our first instinct is to put our hand out to break the fall. Slips, trips, and falls can happen virtually anywhere and result in finger injury compensation claims where negligence is involved.

      In any of the above accidents, your finger could get severed at the time of the impact itself or it may be so severely damaged that it had to be surgically amputated. In either case, if the accident was due to another person’s fault, you may be eligible to make a finger amputation claim for compensation.

      Is It Worth Making A Compensation Claim?

      Yes, absolutely! If your finger amputation injury was the result of somebody else’s negligence you should definitely consider pursuing a finger amputation compensation claim. A missing finger is not a minor inconvenience. It can impact almost all areas of your life including your ability to earn an income.

      In addition, there’s often expenses associated with medical treatment of an amputation  such as physiotherapy that can be claimed back as part of the compensation. Treating a shattered finger for example is highly complex because of the intricate network of small bones and nerve endings within each finger. The medical procedure can be extensive and time-consuming, and recovery can be slow and painful. This can affect your quality of life as well as your ability to fulfil your personal and professional commitments over and above having to bear mounting expenses for ongoing treatment. It’s only fair that you seek settlement to compensate for your monetary loses and your pain and suffering.

      How Much Compensation For Finger Amputations?

      Finger Amputation Settlement Amounts

      • Amputation of index finger and middle finger and/or ringer fingers, £58,100 to £85,170 compensation.
      • Amputation of some fingers (including part of the palm), £27,220 to £58,100 compensation.
      • Partial finger amputation compensation, up to £34,480.
      • Terminal phalanges amputation of the middle fingers and index finger, around £23,460.
      • Little finger amputation, £8,110 to £11,490.
      • Amputation of the ring finger and little fingers, around £20,480.

      These compensation payout amounts for finger amputation injuries although advised by the Judicial College should be used as a guide only as each claim is unique and therefore compensation may be higher or lower. For example, depending on a claimants job, a missing finger could affect their earning ability (which would be considered when calculating compensation payouts) more or less than another.

      For thumb injury claims and compensation amounts please refer to the page here.

      How To Start A Finger Amputation Compensation Claim

      In our opinion, the single best way to get started with a finger amputation compensation claim is by getting the help of a personal injury solicitor. Successfully claiming compensation is not as straightforward as some may think. Even if you feel you have a strong case, chances are you won’t claim for the full amount of compensation due to you for your injuries without expert knowledge of the claims process. Having a personal injury solicitor can increase your odds of filing a successful claim and also winning the maximum settlement possible.

      If you’re worried about how much it will cost you to use a personal injury solicitor to process your claim, you needn’t be. You can get the expert legal representation without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses by the way of a No Win No Fee agreement.

      How To Get Your Claim Funded

      Before signing any agreement, the solicitor will schedule a complimentary consultation with you to find out more about the circumstances surrounding your finger amputation. During the consultation (most often by phone), the solicitor will ask questions such as what exactly happened, why it happened, what consequences the amputation has had thus far. They’ll also ask to look over any evidence you may already have collected. If the solicitor finds that you have a strong case, they can advise you on how to proceed, and may offer to take your finger amputation claim on using the No Win No Fee agreement. This is a standard contract that personal injury solicitors often use to extend monetary help to personal injury victims who might already be struggling financially.

      With our No Win No Fee agreement in place, you do not have to worry about covering any fees associated with your claim while it is on-going. All expenses related to the claim are covered while the case is in progress, including court fees if it were to get that far. You only pay a success fee if your claim is successful. The amount you pay (only if the finger amputation claim is successful) is calculated as a percentage of the compensation awarded to you. You don’t pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful.

      Time Limit For Filing A Finger Amputation Compensation Claim

      There is a 3-year time limit for filing most personal injury claims. This means, you must file your finger amputation compensation claim within 3 years of the amputation. Claims filed after this time limit might not be considered and you could lose out on any compensation due to you. It can take a significant amount of time to put together a strong claim, which is why it is important to contact a personal injury solicitor at the earliest.

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