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      Ankle Injury Compensation

      Considering our ankles bear the weight of our whole body, it’s not surprising that ankle injuries are actually very common. In most cases they are caused by an everyday activity. Sometimes Anke Injury Compensationhowever, ankle injuries result from accidents that are due to somebody else’s mistake or negligence.

      In the latter case, the person who has sustained the ankle injury is entitled to file a claim for compensation.

      When You Can And Cannot Claim For Ankle Injuries Compensation

      Although we would always advise speaking to us or another personal injury solicitor regarding the facts about your ankle injury, in most circumstances you won’t be entitled to make any kind of claim for compensation if you sprain or strain your ankle naturally, or you make a sudden wrong movement while walking because in both of these cases, the injury is nobody else’s fault.

      You may however be entitled to file a compensation claim if your ankle injury was caused due to the following examples:

      • Slips, trips or falls in a public place such as a shopping mall, pavement, park or restaurant.
      • Accident in the workplace either because you slipped or tripped over something placed wrongly or because of something falling over your ankle.
      • Sporting injuries brought on by excessive pressure put on the ankle joint while playing any type of sport.
      • Road accidents, including car, motorbike or cycling accidents.
      • Medical negligence, including faulty or late diagnosis or wrong treatment.

      Types Of Ankle Injuries

      The ankle is a highly complex structure consisting of a network of numerous bones, ligaments and tendons. The complex nature of the ankle combined with its weight-bearing function makes this part of the body highly susceptible to a wide range of injuries, from less serious sprains, twists and bruising to more severe dislocation, breaks and fractured bones.

      Damage to any of the tendons, ligaments or bones in the ankle can be extremely painful and can seriously hamper your ability to get around. Even a minor injury can restrict your movement. In the case of ankle injuries, the main point of difference between minor and major injuries is the amount of time that it will take to heal.

      A sprain or strain will restrict your movement but should heal within a shorter time as compared to a dislocation or fracture. Some ankle injuries can even result in permanent impairment. All of these factors are taken into consideration when calculating the compensation due to you for an ankle injury.

      How Ankle Injury Compensation Is Calculated

      As with most other personal injuries, compensation for ankle injuries is calculated based on two main factors – the financial expenses you have incurred or continue to incur because of your ankle injury and the pain and suffering the injury has caused you.

      Financial expenses –

      Any injury can require medical attention. Depending on the type and severity of your ankle injury, it may require minor treatment and medications for a limited period of time or it may require surgery along with long-term treatment and ongoing physiotherapy sessions. All of your medical bills are included while calculating ankle injury compensation. All travel expenses associated with the medical treatment are also compensated for. You claim for lost earnings if you had to miss work because of your ankle injury.

      Pain and suffering –

      Pain and suffering are inevitable consequences of any ankle injury. It results in loss of quality of life and restricts you from doing all of the things you may have been used to. According to the law, you should be compensated for the overall fallout of your pain and suffering, if it is caused due to no fault of yours.

      How Much Compensation For An Ankle Injury Could You Claim For?

      The exact amount you can expect to be awarded for pain and suffering will depend on several factors including but not limited to the specific type of ankle injury. For medical expenses, you will usually be reimbursed for your actual expenses. It is important to keep the receipts of all the medications, treatment and travelling associated with the injury.

      For pain and suffering, the law has laid down certain guidelines for calculating the compensation for an ankle injury. We’d suggest speaking to us so that we can give assess your circumstances and give you a better idea of how much compensation your ankle injury claim might be worth.

      Compensation amounts for ankle injuries –

      • Minor ankle injuries including sprains, tears and minor breaks/ fractures that are cured in less than one year, could amount up to £5,160 in ankle injury compensation.
      • A damaged Achilles tendon can result in a lot of pain as well as instability of the foot and permanent ankle stiffness. The award for a damaged Achilles tendon can range from £6,820 to £36,060.
      • If your ankle bone is broken/ fractured and metal pins and plates need to be inserted to facilitate the healing process, it could lead to ongoing pain and restriction in movement, permanent weakness in the ankle and scarring from the accident and injury. The payout in this case could be between £29,380 and £46,980.
      • For very severe injuries that leave the leg deformed or result in permanent loss of mobility, a compensation amount of up to £65,420 may be awarded.
      • The compensation payout for a broken ankle could be as high as £65,420 depending on various factors such as severity of the break, soft tissue damage, any permanent disabilities or deformities resulting from the injury.

      Making A Claim For Ankle Injury Compensation

      With so many factors that are factored into the calculation, filing a compensation claim for an ankle injury is far from straightforward. If you try to file a claim yourself, there is a high chance that you could end up overlooking a few factors that could result in a lower compensation or worse still, no compensation at all.

      When you want to get compensated for your ankle injury, what you definitely need is an experienced personal injury solicitor who has filed and won other similar cases before. What many people do not know is that there are plenty of benefits and no real downsides to hiring a personal injury solicitor.

      An experienced solicitor would be more familiar with the legal formalities and would know how to present your case so you get the maximum award you are entitled to. Our solicitors also have access to the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines, which sets out the detailed range of compensations that may be awarded for different types of ankle injuries. Moreover, most solicitors will offer you a No Win No Fee clause in your agreement, which means you do not have to worry about footing any legal fees at the outset. You only pay us if and after we have won the case.

      Considering all the benefits you enjoy from hiring a personal injury solicitor, this should be your first course of action if you have suffered an ankle injury due to somebody else’s fault.

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