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    Rugby Injury Claims

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      Rugby Injury Claims

      Rugby is a fast moving contact sport where injuries do happen. It’s not always easy to make a claim because of the nature of the sport but there are scenarios in rugby where circumstances out of the rugby players control means that a claim can be made and compensation for the injury is paid out to the victim.

      These types of events can lead to a rugby related compensation claim for an injured rugby player:

      • Dangerous tackles including reckless of violent related tackles.
      • Assault (from opposition players, spectators or even match officials).
      • Badly maintained equipment or pitches.
      • Poor coaching decisions which can lead to injury.
      • Being hit by a ball or player as a spectator.

      Our accident claims solicitors have years of experience in sports related injuries, including rugby, which makes us able to offer an immediate evaluation of your case to see if there is a chance of you receiving compensation.

      Can You Make A Rugby Injury Claim?

      Rugby communities thrive on the game being a fun and competitive sport and injuries will happen but if the injury is caused by someone else’s neglect, bad practice or violence then we believe it’s right that the injured party should seek to claim, especially when through no fault of their own, they suffer mentally, financially or even worse, they receive life-changing injuries.

      If there is simply Rugby Injury Claimsno-one to blame then we wouldn’t proceed with your case but if there is blame we will do all we can to help your case progress quickly.

      What Type Of Injures Can You Claim For?

      There are so many types of injuries that you can claim compensation for it’d be impossible to list them all here. Some of the more common injuries include: Broken or fractured arms, shoulder injuries, legs, ribs, toes, fingers or ligament damage.

      There are obviously more serious injuries that can have life-changing consequences and so we use some of our more experienced solicitors in sports related claims to deal with these cases to ensure the best outcome for the injured party and their family.

      How To Make A Rugby Injury Claim

      If you’re considering making a claim then you should take the following steps following the injury:

      • Get treatment. This is essential to your recovery. Think about that first before all else but while doing so ensure that medical evidence is recorded. Take photo’s if possible and ensure that everything is logged on your medical record. If you get prescribed medication then this will be recorded automatically but make a note of it so you can tell us when we discuss your case.
      • Get Witnesses. It may seem like an odd thing to get witnesses when the doctor has already seen you and the evidence is recorded but it’ll help greatly if we have independent reports from spectators or other competitors about what actually happened. Remember to get times and dates of when they witnessed the injury happen.
      • Contact us. We’re here to help, we’ll take your details and go through everything with you personally. We are specialists in personal injury claims so we know all of the right evidence to collect to help your case be successful.
      • When we send you the appropriate documents fill them in accurately and promptly so that we can get the ball rolling (no pun intended). We’ll act as swiftly as we can to get the claim processed and resolved for you.

      How Much Compensation Can You Claim For A Rugby Injury?

      There are so many factors involved in calculating any sports injury claim including rugby that it’s very difficult to give an accurate estimate of how much will be awarded without any details. We need to assess each case individually to make a claim and every single case is different.

      First of all there’s the initial injury to consider, then we look at the ongoing symptoms and how long it’s going to take to fully recover. Then we look at things like any loss of income, any stress and any other issues that are directly related to the injury.

      As you can see there’s a lot of assessment that needs to be looked into for each case for a rugby injury compensation claim. Having said that here is a drop down menu on the homepage that you can use to find the average amounts of compensation claimed for various personal injuries.

      How Much Will Your Claim Cost?

      Our team will offer free independent advice and we operate on a No Win No Fee basis. This offers you peace of mind that you’re not running up a huge legal bill. The only fee we take is when we have successfully won your claim which is an agreed percentage of your compensation. Please contact us about our fees.

      How Long Will Your Rugby Injury Claim Take?

      Each case is different. Unfortunately we do need to gather evidence and reports although this is the same in any claim and we have processes in place so everything runs efficiently. Rest assured that our team operates as quickly as possible and will keep chasing on your behalf to ensure as quick a resolution as is possible.

      Why Use Our Personal Injury Solicitors

      We are a law firm and not a claims management company so you have peace of mind that your claim stays in-house and isn’t sold on.

      We specialise in dealing with sports injury claims and have dealt with a number of rugby related claims. Our solicitors know exactly what type of information to gather and what isn’t relevant.

      We’ve got years of experience working on these types of claims and therefore can work with you to get a fast and favourable outcome. Rugby cases are probably one of the trickier to prove so if we think your case isn’t going to get the outcome you want then we will be very honest from the start and let you know our reasons for coming to that decision.

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