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    Football Injury Claims

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      Football Injury Claims

      Football injuries can occur at any level of the game, from grassroots up to the professional game, and often they can’t be avoided. However, some injuries are caused by violence, recklessness, dangerous equipment, or poorly maintained pitches. A compensation claim may be possible in these situations.

      In this guide to football injury claims, we’ll explain how the claims process works, Football Injury Claimswhen you might be eligible to claim, and how long you’ll have to start a claim. Whether you play Sunday league football for your local pub or whether your child has been injured playing football, we could help you to seek damages.

      If you call our personal injury team, you’ll be offered a no-obligation telephone consultation. There’s nothing to lose by calling because you’ll get free legal advice whatever you choose to do. Should making a football injury claim appear viable, one of our personal injury solicitors could be appointed to represent you. You won’t need to worry about paying them upfront because they’ll work on a No Win No Fee basis if your case is accepted.

      To start a football injury claim right away, call us on 0800 6524 881. Alternatively, please read the rest of this guide to find out more about claiming compensation for football injuries.

      I Was Injured Playing Football, Can I Claim Compensation?

      As mentioned above, injuries do happen in football that often can’t be avoided. So how do you know if you can claim for your football injury? A good way to check is to see if you can answer yes to the following three questions:

      1. Were you, the claimant, owed a duty of care by the defendant?
      2. Did they cause an incident or accident to occur because they were negligent?
      3. Were you injured playing football as a direct result of their negligence?

      The first question can be quite confusing but you shouldn’t worry too much about this. Duty of care can be established in many ways. For example, most players will sign a code of conduct which means they should try to keep everybody else safe whilst playing. Similarly, if you hire a football pitch or training ground, the operator is likely to have a duty of care to ensure it’s safe to play on. If you speak to our team, an advisor will work with you to check that a duty of care exists.

      Proving questions 2 and 3 is perhaps a bit easier to do if you collect the right evidence. Therefore, will explain how to do this in the next section.

      Evidence For A Football Injury Claim

      Here is a list of evidence you could use if you’d like to proceed with a football injury claim:

      • Photographic evidence. If your footballing injury was caused by damaged advertising boards at the side of the pitch, try to take photographs before they are removed.
      • Medical evidence. You should not rely just on first aid if you’re injured playing football. A trip to A&E or a minor injuries unit will ensure you’re treated correctly. Later on, your medical records could be used as evidence of your injuries.
      • Witness details. If there is any doubt over liability for your injuries, your solicitor may need statements from any witnesses to clarify matters.
      • Police references. In cases relating to assault during a football game, you’ll need to report the incident to the police. By doing so, you could be eligible to claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).
      • Video footage. If anybody captured the incident on camera, ask for a copy of their footage.

      If you’ve collected any evidence already, call our advisors and they’ll review it for you for free.

      Who Would My Claim Be Against?

      It’s not always clear who you could claim compensation from but generally, it will be against:

      • An insurance policy that is paid for through your subscription fees.
      • The public liability insurance policy held by the pitch operator.
      • The CICA scheme if you’ve been assaulted while playing football.

      If you’d like us to check that you can make a claim, please get in touch.

      Footballing Incidents That Might Result In Compensation

      Some example footballing scenarios that might result in a compensation claim include:

      • Being injured because of a poorly maintained pitch.
      • Bad tackles, including those that are violent or reckless.
      • Assault – by other players, officials, or spectators.
      • Injuries during training because of poor safety procedures.

      Again, football is often a fast-paced game where accidental injuries do occur. Proving liability for your injuries can therefore be tricky. We believe your best chance of doing so is with an experienced personal injury solicitor on your side.

      Common Injuries Caused By Footballing Accidents

      As you might realise, we can’t tell you about every possible injury that could occur whilst playing football. However, some of the more common include:

      Whatever type of injury you’ve sustained whilst playing football, if it was caused by somebody else’s negligence, you could use our solicitors to help you make a compensation claim.

      Football Injury Claims For Children

      In law, children cannot represent themselves in a personal injury claim. However, if your child was injured while playing football due to somebody else’s negligence, that won’t prevent a compensation claim. A parent (or responsible adult) can represent the injured player by becoming their litigation friend. This process essentially gives you permission to represent your child and work with their solicitors to process the claim. You can do this at any time before they are 18-years old.

      The claims process will carry on as normal once you’ve been granted permission. If a settlement offer is made, it will need to be reviewed by a court (this doesn’t happen for adult claims). Once the court is satisfied that the award on offer is fair, they’ll manage it through a court account until the child turns 18. Payments from the account can be requested by the litigation friend so long as they justify how it will benefit the child.

      For help claiming on behalf of your child, please call today.

      How Much Compensation For Footballing Injuries?

      There are various different factors taken into account when calculating a personal injury claim that it can be precarious to estimate what amount of compensation shall be awarded without knowing the full facts.

      In general, compensation for footballing injuries are usually based on two specific elements:

      • General damages are claimed to cover the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity caused by your injuries. As well as physical pain, mental harm could also be claimed for too.
      • Special damages aim to recover any financial losses caused by your injuries. Here you could claim back any lost earnings, travel costs, medical costs, or care costs.

      Your injuries may need to be proven independently. Therefore, as part of the football injury claims process, your solicitor will arrange a local medical assessment where possible.

      Time Limits For Football Injury Claims

      As you may know, compensation claims have time limits that apply. For football injury claims they are:

      • 3-years from the date you were injured if you’re an adult.
      • 2-years if claiming through the CICA scheme after being assaulted during a football game.

      As mentioned earlier, there is no time limit for child football injury claims. If you don’t claim on behalf of your child, they’ll have 3-years from their 18th birthday to claim themselves.

      Our advice is to try and start your football compensation claim as early as possible. That way, your solicitor will have plenty of time to prepare the case before the time limit runs out.

      How Our Solicitors Can Help With Football Injury Claims

      Generally, any claim you make for a footballing injury will end up with an insurance company (excluding CICA claims). That means you will only receive compensation if you can prove definitively that the defendant’s negligence caused your accident and injuries.

      We think it’s much easier to win a claim if you have a personal injury solicitor on your side. If you decide to work with us, and your claim is accepted, your solicitor will:

      • Discuss your claim in detail with you to get a full understanding of what happened.
      • Secure evidence from various sources to back up your allegations.
      • File the claim with the defendant.
      • Arrange for a local medical review of your injuries.
      • Handle everything on your behalf so you don’t have to answer questions from the insurance company.
      • Try to counter any objections or arguments about liability.
      • Aim to secure the most compensation possible for your injuries.

      If you are ready to work with us, call our team on 0800 6524 881 today. Remember, because of their No Win No Fee service, you’ll only pay your solicitor if your football injury claim is successful and you are compensated.

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