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Electric Shock Injury Claims

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Electric Shock Injury Claims

Faulty electrical equipment is the most common cause of electrical shock injury claims in the workplace and at home. Depending on the voltage of the equipment, electric shock can result in serious personal injury and even death. Even a supposedly low-intensity shock of 50 Volts can produce severe injuries such as burns, muscle spasms, scarring, difficulty breathing, cardiac arrest, spinal injury, irregular heartbeat, brain injury, bone fractures, tissue necrosis and dislocated joints, to name a few. In the most severe cases, electric shocks can also be fatal.

The exact type and severity of an electric shock injury may be affected by the voltage of the electric equipment, whether you were damp at the time of the incident, and the duration that the electric current flowed through you.

Electrical Shock Injury Claims In The Workplace

There are several occupations that present a higher risk of electrical shock accidents because they involve working directly with electrical equipment. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Electricians and electrical maintenance workers;
  • Construction workers;
  • Hairdressers;
  • Lighting specialists;
  • Interior decorators;
  • Theatre production workers;
  • Maintenance workers;
  • Cleaning staff;
  • Hospital/care home workers;
  • Office staff.

Claiming Compensation For An Electric Shock Injury At Work

Several employee protection Acts and Regulations have come into effect over the past few years to ensure that all reasonable steps are put in place to provide employees with a safe workplace. All of these Acts and Regulations impose a duty of care on employers to ensure that the safety measures in the work place comply with the laid down guidelines. If they do not, and if you are injured because of this negligence, then you may be eligible to be compensated for your injuries.

Some occupations, such as electrical contractors and construction workers, are required to have professional indemnity insurance as their work involves working primarily with electricity.

Electric Shock Injury Claims At Home

The risk of electric shock injury in the home commonly arises due to faulty electrical household equipment such as mixers, microwaves, washing machines and dryers among others.

If you are injured while operating any faulty household equipment, the manufacturer could be liable to compensate you for your injuries. This is in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 1987, which states that all electrical appliance manufacturers and retailers are under legal obligation to supply products which will not cause their consumers any harm.

Other Electric Shock Accident Claims

Electric shock accidents and injuries are of course not just restricted to the home or the workplace. You may also suffer from electric shock injuries in public places, or while on holiday.

Electric shock injuries in a public place may result from faulty wiring or faulty equipment in a shopping centre, leisure centre, while using video game consoles or in a wash room for example.

Electric shock injuries while on holiday may occur while you are using any of the facilities at the hotel you are staying in while holidaying within the UK or abroad.

Claiming Compensation For An Electric Shock Injury

Regardless of where it happened, at home, in the workplace, in a public place or while on holiday, if you suffer from an electric shock injury due to no fault of yours, you may be entitled to claim compensation from the party who was negligent.

Your employer may be liable for an electric shock accident in the workplace. The manufacturer of the equipment may be held responsible for a faulty equipment accident at home. If you were injured in a public place or while you were on holiday, the authority in charge of the particular establishment where the accident occurred will be held liable.

Legal Assistance For An Electric Shock Claim

In order to file a successful electric shock compensation claim against any of these entities mentioned above, you need to be able to prove without any doubt that the accident was caused by somebody else’s fault. If you are unable to prove this, the court will not award you any compensation.

Another major factor that you must keep in mind is that all compensation claims must be filed within three years from the date of the injury, or the date in which you became aware the accident caused your injury or illness.

Considering the above two limitations, it is far better to get professional legal help to file a successful claim in court.

Our personal injury solicitors are well-versed in personal injury law and know exactly what is required to fight and win your electric shock accident claim for compensation. They will give you solid advice as to how to proceed and what documents and evidence you need to provide to strengthen your case and increase your chances of winning. They will also have access to medical experts and details of other successful electric shock injury claims, which they can leverage to file a successful claim on your behalf.

When you use our legal services, we will do all of the work for you, leaving you free to focus on recovering from your injuries and taking care of your other personal commitments. We will also ensure that we get all of the documents prepared and file the court in case before the 3-year statute of limitations.

That’s not all. You won’t have to worry about paying any legal fees associated with the case until after the case has been closed. To make it feasible for electric shock victims to get the compensation due to them, our solicitors all operate under an agreement called a No Win No Fee agreement. The agreement absolves you from making any payment while the case is in progress. There are no hidden fees and no ‘catch’ that you need to worry about.

According to the terms of a No Win No Fee agreement, you only pay a success fee if the claim is won. This fee is agreed with you before we proceed with your electric shock injury claim and is a percentage of the total amount awarded to you. If the claim is not successful, you don’t pay anything out of pocket.

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