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    Back Injury At Work Claims

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      Back Injury At Work Claims

      As an employee you should expect your employer to protect you from back injuries at work, and any other injuries in the work place. Back injury at work claims are one of the most common claims seen and companies should put steps in place to stop them from occurring. If correct protection or training were not provided then you may be able to make a back injury at work claim for compensation from your employer.

      According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) over a third of claims reported to them where an employee took over 3 days, or more, off work was due to manual handling. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 are designed to protect employees who are involved in manual handling and covers lowering, pulling, pushing as well as the more obvious lifting of objects.

      Can I Make A Back Injury At Work Claim?

      If you’ve injured your back at work through no fault of your own then almost certainly you will be able to make a back injury at work claim.

      The types of claim we tend to deal with in regards to back injuries in the workplace include, but are not limited to:

      If you’ve got a back injury because of one of these scenarios then you should give us a call and we can give you a free assessment and legal advice. If you were trained in how to lift heavy objects but didn’t follow the advice, or were not following the correct health and safety procedures then we might have to say no to taking on your case, but if your back injury is caused by workplace bad practice then we can proceed from there.

      What Types Of Back Injury Can I Claim For?

      The types of back injuries we’ve dealt with in the past include:

      How To Make A Back Injury At Work Claim?

      If you’ve injured your back at work and want to make a back injury compensation claim it is important that you:

      • Ensure the accident and injury is written in the company accident log book or computer system.
      • See your GP or go to Accident and Emergency if your injuries are more serious. Take photos of your injuries if they’re visible.
      • Ask any colleagues who saw what happened to send you an email detailing what they saw. An employer can not discipline you for claiming or for a colleague being a witness to it.
      • If your company keeps a training log and you think yours has lapsed try to get evidence of this.
      • Even if you have no immediate symptoms you should ensure the accident is documented. Back injuries can sometimes ‘flare up’ at a later stage. We can help assess it if your injury is related to the accident.

      Your employer may send you to their own doctor or medical professional known as Occupational Health. Even if they do and they say you’re fit for work you should still visit your own GP if you think you’re going to make a back injury claim against your employer. Some people have reported that their Occupational Health appointment was conducted by a nurse. It’s better to go to your GP even if your employer insists on their own assessment.

      The above points will all help to making your back injury at work claim “easier”, but even if you haven’t yet done any of the above points it’s still a good idea to contact us or another personal injury solicitor to get some expert advice. We provide free expert advice on any type of personal injury claim and with no obligation for you to make a claim through our No Win No Fee solicitors.

      How Much Compensation For Back Injury At Work?

      How much compensation for a back injury at work claim you might receive varies on a case by case basis.

      There are many factors to consider when making a claim for compensation which include: How will the injury affect you for the rest of your life, did you lose money due to not being able to work, has it affected any activities outside of work and has it affected your ability to continue in the same job? As there is so much to consider when calculating back injury at work compensation we won’t be able to provide a good estimation without knowing all of the details. However, the table below provides levels of compensation that might be claimed for a back injury at work based on previous compensation payouts.

      Back InjuryMildUp to £11,730For soft tissue, a slipped disc, any muscle pain would receive this amount of injury compensation.
      Back InjuryModerate to Severe£11,730 - £36,390This range of compensation amounts might cover ligaments or the soft tissue on the back, any constant pain and /or any discomfort.
      Back InjurySevere£36,390 - £151,070Severe injury to the upper or lower back, possibly causing paralysis or any relating issues to organs in the lower parts of the body.

      It is worth re-iterating how much compensation for a back injury at work you might actually receive will depend on the specific details of your own back injury. For a more accurate and free evaluation of your back injury at work claim please contact us today.

      Why Use Our Personal Injury Solicitors

      Having read all of the information about back injury at work claims on this page, if you have now decided to make a claim then please call us on the phone number above (it’s free) or fill in our form so we can call you back and assess your claim, again for free. Our solicitors have many years of experience with work injury claims and all work on a No Win No Fee basis. We are a law firm, not a claims management company and therefore you can rest assured that our own personal injury solicitors will handle your claim and any details provided are not sold on to other solicitors.

      We are completely upfront about our fees (please ask us) and they are very competitive compared to others because of our success rate. We will speak to you in clear English without all the legal jargon, and if you’d like to claim with us then we will keep you up to date with the progress of your claim at all times.

      Back Injury At Work Claims FAQ’s

      Is My Employer Liable?

      Employers have the duty of care to their employees and that they have to train you fully (and keep the training up to date), provide protective equipment and assess risk in the workplace to protect Back Injury At Workall of their staff. If these things haven’t happened then you could have a case to claim for compensation. Employees are also liable for their own safety at work so we need to check everything before deciding on how to proceed.

      Can I Claim If I’ve Had A Previous Back Injury?

      Some companies will tell you that you can’t make a claim if you had a back problem before but if a pre-existing condition has been aggravated or symptoms that may not have developed until later life have been bought forward due to negligence of your employer then you may still be able to claim.

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