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Burn Injury Compensation Claims

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Burn Injury Compensation Claims

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Burn Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

You might think that you can only be burned by fire and heat. However, burn injuries can also be caused by chemicals, electricity, friction, cold and radiation. Some examples include burn injuries Burn Injury Claimscaused by road accidents, in a factory, in hairdressers, or even in a restaurant. In any of these scenarios, if the person who caused the accident to happen was negligent, you could seek damages from them to cover your suffering by making a burn injury claim for compensation.

To discuss your burn injury with an advisor, please get in touch on 0800 6524 881. They’ll explain the burn injury claims process in simple detail, provide a no-obligation review of your case, and give free legal advice. If it appears that your case has grounds to continue, we could connect you with one of our in-house solicitors who’ll provide a No Win No Fee service if you’d like to proceed.

Am I Eligible To Make A Burn Injury Compensation Claim?

When personal injury solicitors consider a burn injury compensation claim, they have to assess if there is a reasonable chance of winning compensation for the client. To help with this in your case, they’ll try to find out if:

  1. The responsible party (the defendant) owed you a duty of care; and
  2. Due to the defendant’s negligence, you sustained burn injuries.

If you’re unsure of the two points above, please contact our advisors who shouldn’t take too long in determining this for you.

Common Causes Of Burn Injury Claims

Let’s now take a look at a variety of incidents that could mean you’re eligible to claim compensation for burn injuries. They include:

If you would like to start a burn injury compensation claim, please contact us and ask us to review your evidence for free.

Classification Of Burn Injuries

Obviously, there are lots more examples of accidents that could cause you to be burned. Don’t worry if yours is not listed, you could still make a burn injury compensation claim. The types of injuries you could claim for are:

  • First-degree burns. These affect the first layer of skin (the epidermis) only. They are superficial injuries.
  • Second-degree burns. With second-degree burns the first two layers of skin (the epidermis and the dermis) are damaged.
  • Third-degree burn. These are far more serious injuries. As well as the top layers of the skin being damaged, so will the tissue beneath the skin.

Whatever caused you to suffer a burn injury, give our team a call today if you’d like to discuss your options.

How Much Compensation For Burns Could I Claim?

How much compensation your burn is worth will depend on a combination of several different factors. These may include but are not limited to:

  • How and where the burns happened. This is most important as it helps to establish the degree of the other party’s liability, which can affect the amount of the award.
  • The severity of the injuries. The more serious your injuries, the higher the compensation you may be entitled to. Burn victims with third-degree burns are more likely to be awarded higher compensation than those who suffer second-degree burns under similar circumstances.
  • Whether the injury was accidental, intentional or due to negligence.
  • The psychological impact the burns have had.
  • Have you had to undergo surgery? If so how much surgery has been needed and will future surgery also be needed.
  • Out-of-pocket expenses such as medical expenses and transportation costs.
  • The total and projected loss of income. Loss of benefits such as bonuses and potential promotion is also taken into consideration when calculating loss of income.

You’ll typically need medical evidence and evidence of any financial losses before you’ll receive any form of a payout. In most cases, claims are split into two parts:

  • General damages. Where you’ll claim for your suffering. This includes the pain and any loss of amenity. Importantly, claims can include the psychological impact caused by burn injuries. To establish the severity of your injuries and their impact, a medical assessment by an independent specialist will be needed. Our solicitors can usually arrange these locally.
  • Special damages. This is the part of your claim that concentrates on any money you’ve lost because of the accident. Therefore, you may be able to claim for any lost income, medical expenses, care costs and travel costs.

You can visit this page for more in-depth information on what general damages and special damages are.

Burn Injury Settlement Amounts Guide

To show you what level of compensation might be awarded for burn injuries, we’ve included average settlement amounts below. Although the payout amounts displayed relate to scarring advised by the Judicial College, they should be used as a guide only as they refer solely to general damages.

  • £104,830+ is likely where burns cover 40%+ of the body.
  • £29,780 to £97,330 compensation for burns leaving very severe scarring to the face.
  • £17,960 to £48,420 compensation for burns leaving less severe scarring to the face.
  • £7,830 to £22,730 compensation for burns leaving scarring to leg/s, hand/s, chest, back, arm/s.
  • £9,110 to £30,090 compensation for burns leaving significant scarring to the face.
  • £3,950 to £13,740 compensation for burns leaving less significant scarring to the face.
  • £1,710 to £3,530 compensation for burns leaving minor scarring to the face.

It is worth bearing in mind that burn injuries can have a large psychological effect on the victim. Therefore, this is considered in any payout as well as the physical severity of the injury. That might mean that burns to the face will have a bigger effect on the victim than burns that aren’t always visible. As a result, their compensation payout could be higher.

If your burn injury claim is taken on, your solicitor will seek advice from medical experts about how you’ve been affected. Once that’s understood, they’ll be able to provide a more accurate burns compensation estimate.

Evidence To Support A Burn Injury Claim

Evidence is vital in proving that somebody else caused your accident and the extent of your injuries. Therefore, to support your burn injury compensation claim, you should gather as much of the following evidence as possible:

  • Medical records. You will need to provide medical records to prove that you suffered a burn injury and to show the extent of your injuries. This can include records from your GP, hospital records, and records from any other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment.
  • Witness statements. If there were witnesses to the incident that caused your burn injury, you may want to obtain statements from them. Witness statements can be used to support your claim and provide additional evidence.
  • Photographs. Periodic photographs of the burn injury can be useful to show the extent of the injury and any scarring or disfigurement that may have resulted. It can also be helpful to take photographs of the scene of the incident if possible.
  • Video evidence. Request footage from any CCTV cameras covering the area or from dashcams if you were burned in a road traffic accident.
  • Accident reports. Report the accident and obtain a copy if you suffered burns at work, on a business’ premises, or in a public place. This can help to establish who was at fault for the incident.
  •  Financial records. If you are claiming special damages for loss of earnings or other financial losses, you will need to provide evidence of these costs and losses such as payslips, tax returns, and other financial records.
  • Police report. If the burn injury was the result of a criminal act, obtain a copy of the police report to support your claim.

By taking these measures, you should make winning your claim a lot easier. For example, if you’ve reported the incident which caused you to be burned at work, a copy of the accident report form will make it easier to prove the location, date and time the accident took place. Similarly, asking for copies of your medical records from a hospital will show what burn injuries were diagnosed and the treatment you had to endure.

Time Limits For Claiming Burn Injury Compensation

If you decide to claim compensation for a burn injury, you’ll need to begin within the allowed time limit. In mostly all cases that involve burns on the face or body where the claimant is immediately aware of their injuries, a 3-year time limit will begin from the date of the accident. If you’re claiming on behalf of a child as a litigation friend, you can essentially ignore this limitation period as you can claim at any point before their 18th birthday. However, if a litigation friend doesn’t make a claim on their behalf, they will have 3 years in which to do so once they turn 18 years of age.

We would always suggest that it’s best to begin your claim as soon as you’re able to do so. That way you will likely find it much easier to discuss in finer detail what caused the accident to happen and how you’ve been affected. Not only that, it should give your solicitor ample time to secure evidence to support your claim.

Do I Need A Personal Injury Solicitor To File A Burn Injury Claim?

The burn injury compensation claims process can sometimes be tricky and complex. In most cases, it will involve insurance companies who won’t pay anything if there is any doubt about who was liable for your injuries. We believe your best chance of winning the right amount of compensation comes from having a personal injury solicitor working for you.

If one of our solicitors represents you, they will handle everything for you. They’ll contact the defendant’s insurers, provide evidence about the claim and deal with any queries or objections raised. That means you won’t have to answer any medical or legal questions yourself.

Throughout the process, your solicitor will keep you up to date and answer any questions you think of. Should a settlement offer be made, they’ll review it with you and advise you what you should do. In every case, your solicitor will do all they can to try and secure the highest level of burns compensation possible.

Starting The Burn Injury Claims Process

If you’d like to find out more about starting the burn injury claims process and how we can help, please call our advice line on 0800 6524 881. an advisor will talk through making a claim with you, look at the evidence and give free legal advice on your options.

Remember, any burn injury compensation claim that is accepted will be processed by one of our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors.

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