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      Hotel Accident Claims

      All hotels in the UK go through great lengths to make sure their resident guests are comfortable, pampered and most importantly, safe from accidents and injury. Everything is taken care of down to the minutest detail to ensure their guests have a wonderful stay with nothing to complain about.

      Unfortunately for some guests, their experience falls short of the high standards advertised in the brochure. Despite strict supervision and regular inspections, some safety aspects get overlooked resulting in accidents and injuries to hotel guests.

      By law, hotels are required to do everything reasonably possible to keep their guests safe and to prevent foreseeable hotel accidents on their premises whenever and wherever possible. If you are injured during your stay in any particular hotel, you may be entitled to file a hotel accident claim for compensation.

      Common Causes Of Hotel Accident Claims

      There are certain types of accidents that can happen just about anywhere. They are only classified as hotel accidents because they take place within the hotel premises. Then there other accidents that are unique to hotels.

      These are some of the more commonly encountered hotel accidents and injuries that people claim for:

      • Old furniture – Most hotels try and use their furniture as long as possible. The problem is items such as chairs and beds weaken over time and can collapse suddenly with the guest in it, causing various injuries, from a sprained back to a fracture.
      • Unattended swimming pools – Swimming pools are one of the most accident-prone areas in any hotel. Guest can injure themselves if they slip on the wet slippery surface around the poolside. In the worst possible scenario, a guest may drown in the pool.
      • Slip and falls caused by negligence – Wet floors, difference in flooring from one area to another, worn carpeting, bunched matting and uneven flooring are some of the more common factors that cause slips and falls within hotel premises.
      • Burns – Thermostats that are set too high can burn an unsuspecting guest as they stand under the shower, causing possible first and second degree burns. Burns can also be caused by irons and other electrical appliances that are faulty.
      • Theft & assault – Criminals know that hotels guests can be easy targets. The smallest security lapse is often enough for them to relieve guests of their valuables and other personal belongings, leaving them injured and traumatised. If a guest is assaulted by an employee, the hotel may be held liable on grounds of negligent security for failing to conduct a thorough background check on the employee.
      • Food poisoning – With so many people in the kitchen, pantry and restaurant handling the food, things can go wrong very quickly. Undercooked meat, poultry that is left unrefrigerated for far too long, unsanitary conditions and improperly cleaned utensils are just some of the ways that bacteria can get transferred to guests causing food poisoning.
      • Bed bugs – Bedbug infestations are rare but they can happen. Not only do bed bug bites cause small itchy blisters but even worse, they can be carried home in clothes and suitcases where they multiply quickly spreading the infestation. Eradicating bedbugs from your home can cost thousands of dollars.

      What To Do If You’re Injured On Hotel Premises

      Irrespective of the cause of the hotel accident, if you are injured on the hotel premises, the first thing you need to do is contact the hotel manager. The sooner the better. In any hotel there should always be a manager available 24/7 so get on the phone and call them. Explain the circumstances under which you were injured. Hotel policy requires all complaints to be recorded on paper. Make sure this is done in your presence and get a copy of the report for your records.

      If your injuries are very severe, getting medical treatment should be your first priority. Most high-end hotels have an in-house doctor. If one isn’t available, ask the hotel staff to take you to the closest hospital or emergency room.

      Hotel Accident ClaimGet the names, phone numbers and contact details of other guests who witnessed the accident.

      Take photographs of the accident scene. If you can, get a video of the scene and also record witnesses statements.

      Get the name and details of the hotel’s insurance company. When you file a hotel compensation claim for accidents and injuries, you will be up against the hotel’s insurance company, not the hotel itself.

      Filing Your Hotel Accident Claim

      If you want to file a hotel compensation claim you should call our experienced personal injury solicitors on 0800 6524 881 to discuss any details with you and to represent you. Fighting the hotel’s insurance company on your own may prove to be extremely challenging whereas one of our experienced accident claims solicitors will be more than an equal match for any insurance company.

      Moreover our reputed personal injury solicitors will give you a free no-commitment consultation during which they will want to know all details of the accident. If you have a strong case, they will agree to represent you on a No Win No Fee basis (explained here), which basically means that you pay us zero legal fees throughout the proceedings. You only pay once we have won the case. Under these terms you get all the benefits without any risks.

      Here is some of the information that our hotel accident solicitors will want in order to build your case:

      • An in-depth report of exactly what happened including place, date and time details. This will help our legal team construct a compelling sequence of events leading up to the accident.
      • The doctor’s report with details regarding the type and severity of your injuries and the treatment required.
      • Details of all financial losses suffered because of your physical and psychological injuries. This includes all medical expenses, loss of income and the cost of any rehabilitative aids that you may have had to purchase.

      All hotel accident claims must be filed in court within 3 years from the date that the accident occurred. Your claim may not be accepted if it is filed after 3 years. It takes time to build a watertight case so the sooner you contact us and get started, the better your chances of filing your claim within the legal time limit.

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