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      Slips, Trips and Falls

      When a slip, trip or fall happens, it’s possible that they can appear quite comical to any bystanders. However, they’re not funny at all to the victim who could suffer serious and life-changing injuries. If you’ve been injured following a slip trip or fall in an accident that was not your fault, you’d be well within your rights to consider claiming compensation for your suffering. Whether Slips trips and fallsyou’ve slipped on water at work, or tripped on an unrepaired manhole or drain cover, you could be eligible to claim damages.

      In this guide to slip, trip and fall compensation claims, we will explain when you could claim for a personal injury, how the claims process works, and we’ll take a look at how much compensation might be awarded.

      If you’re considering making a slip, trip or fall claim, we can help. Our personal injury claims service begins with a no-obligation review of whether you’re eligible to claim. You’ll receive free advice from a specialist advisor who could connect you with one of our personal injury solicitors if your claim appears to have a good chance of success. To make the claims process less stressful, our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis for any slip trip or fall claim they take on. As a result, you’ll only need to pay them for their work if you are compensated.

      To learn more about claiming for injuries sustained in a slip, trip and fall, please read the rest of this guide. Alternatively, if you’re ready to begin a claim right away, please phone our accident helpline on 0800 6524 881.

      Are You Eligible To Claim Compensation For A Slip, Trip and Fall?

      To check your eligibility to claim compensation for a slip trip and fall your claims advisor/solicitor will try to verify whether:

      • The defendant in the case is somebody who owes you a duty of care.
      • Whether the duty was breached and as a result an slip trip or fall accident took place.
      • If your injuries can be wholly attributed to that accident.

      Duty of care isn’t something you need to be too concerned by. It is something that is established by various laws. For example, shop owners might owe you a duty of care because of the Occupiers Liability Act 1984. Similarly, your employer has a duty of care to try and keep you safe at work because of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1984. If your case is taken on, your solicitor will review which law is appropriate before filing your claim. To give to you some idea of what types of slip and fall accidents might lead to a personal injury claim, we’ll provide a list of example scenarios shortly.

      Evidence To Support A Slip, Trip or Fall Compensation Claim

      When requesting compensation for a slip trip and fall, it is vital that you can supply evidence to show who was to blame, how the accident occurred, and what level of injuries were sustained. Therefore, following a fall, you could:

      • Take photographs. Ideally, you should try to capture the accident scene before anything has been moved. Try to include the root cause of the slip, trip, or fall in your pictures where possible.
      • Seek medical assistance. Injuries should be treated by a medical professional. If you decide to claim, your medical notes could be obtained from the minor injuries unit or A&E department that treated you.
      • Obtain camera footage. Where your accident was recorded by CCTV or other cameras, try to get hold of a copy of any footage before it is deleted.
      • Ask witnesses for their details. Witness statements can be particularly useful if the defendant denies liability for the accident. Therefore, ask any witnesses for their contact details in case your solicitor needs to speak with them later on.
      • Report the accident. If you are involved in a workplace accident or an accident in a public place, it will need to be recorded, by law, in an accident report book. The copy of the report you receive could be used to help prove the location, time and date of your slip/trip and fall.

      To receive a free review of the evidence you’ve collected and to discuss your options, please call our accident claims advisors today.

      Common Slip Trip and Fall Accidents

      In this section, we are going to list some common accidents that could result in a compensation claim for a slip, trip and fall. We can’t list every possibility here but the following list should give you an indication of when a claim might be possible. The examples include:

      As you can see, claims are possible against a variety of organisations. They can be made against local councils/authorities, businesses, and your employer. If any of these have been negligent and caused you to sustain an injury, you may be entitled to make a slip trip and fall claim against them.

      Injuries That Commonly Result From Slips Trips and Falls

      We could help you claim for any injury sustained during a fall if the accident was somebody else’s fault. The more common injuries that often result in a claim include:

      To check whether you’re eligible to start a slip trip and fall compensation claim for your injuries, please contact us today.

      How Much Compensation For Slips, Trips and Falls?

      When you claim compensation for your injuries for a slip, trip or fall accident, your solicitor will usually split the claim into two different elements to determine a settlement amount. These elements are known as general and special damages:

      • General damages are sought to cover the pain and suffering that resulted from your injuries.
      • Special damages cover any costs, expenses, or losses incurred because of the accident. Examples here include personal property damage, lost earnings, and care costs.

      To ascertain your medical prognosis, you will need your injuries to be assessed by an independent medical specialist during your claim. The examination can usually be booked locally by your solicitor to reduce the need for travelling.

      Slip and Fall Compensation Calculator

      The slip and fall compensation calculator below should help demonstrate average compensation amounts for various related injuries. It is based on figures advised by the Judicial College for general damages and used by legal professionals such as our own personal injury solicitors.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      If your claim is processed by one of our solicitors, they’ll be able to provide a more accurate compensation estimate after your medical report is received.

      Slip, Trip and Fall Time Limits

      When you begin a slip, trip or fall claim, one of the first things your solicitor will do is check when the injury happened. That’s because, generally, you’ll have 3-years to claim from the date of your injury.

      There are some exceptions to this rule, though. The main one is when a child is injured. In this instance, you’ll be able to claim on their behalf at any time before their 18th birthday. That means the 3-year time limit doesn’t apply. However, if you don’t make a claim, all is not lost. When your child becomes an adult, they have a 3-year time limit from their 18th birthday to claim themselves.

      Our advice is that it’s best to begin your claim as soon as you have the chance to do so. That’s because several tasks must be completed before your claim is sent to the defendant. If you leave it too late, your solicitor might not have time to complete those tasks which means they wouldn’t be able to take your case on.

      Slips, Trips and Falls and No Win No Fee Solicitors

      No matter how simple you think your case is, to win compensation, it is likely that you’ll need to convince the defendant’s insurers as to why their client was liable for your injuries. This is not always an easy process. If you get it wrong, you might find that the insurer refuses to compensate you.

      We believe that our solicitors who operate on a No Win No Fee basis can improve your chances of being compensated if they take on your claim. They have the legal skills and experience to deliver a clear and concise claim to try and win your case.

      To prevent you from having to deal with complex legal questioning, your solicitor will take responsibility for all communication with the defendant. They’ll also try to counter any objections raised so that an amicable agreement can be achieved. If a compensation offer is filed by the defendant, it will be reviewed with you to check that it is fair and covers all of your suffering.

      To discuss your claim with our team today, please contact us on 0800 6524 881 right away. Where possible, we’ll have a solicitor from our team working on your slip, trip and fall compensation claim as soon as possible.

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