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    Hip Injury Claims

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      Hip Injury Claims

      Hip injuries can impact substantially on your ability to perform your usual daily routines like looking after your children and other members of the family or it could mean you being on sick leave from work for weeks or even months.
      Hip Injury Claim
      Severe hip injuries can have life-altering consequences but however bad your hip injury happens to be we can assure you that our solicitors always work their hardest to get our clients the most amount of compensation for the injury.

      Hip and pelvis injuries can occur in several different ways and the correct diagnosis is key to any successful hip injury compensation claim. A key factor of any claim is what amount of long-term disability or pain are you likely to endure.

      The severity of ones pain can differ considerably from one person to the next and will depend on exactly what kind of injury you have sustained. Our law firm and solicitors work with medical experts and yourself to fully comprehend the circumstances of your hip injury simply because it is vital that we know the exact impact it’s had on your life so that we can calculate down to the tiniest detail what amount of compensation may be claimed.

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      1. Common Hip Injury Claims Our Solicitors Deal With
      2. Can I Claim For My Hip Injury?
      3. What Should You Do If You Injure Your Hip?
      4. How Much Compensation For A Hip Injury?
      5. How Do I Make A Hip Injury Claim For Compensation?
      6. Why Use Our Accident Claims Services?

      Common Hip Injury Claims Our Solicitors Deal With

       Fractured Pelvis

      A fractured pelvis is potentially the most serious injury in this region of the body and can lead to long term medical treatment and life-changing effects. The most severe hip fractures can have the same impact as having a leg amputated. Someone with a hip fracture may have to have a long time off of work or leave their job altogether. Most fractures of the hip are caused by slips or falls.

      Muscle and Ligament Tears

      Damage to the muscle and ligament around the hip is known as a hip strain. It is caused when the muscle are contracted very quickly and is usually caused by over-stretching or a hard impact. It can take weeks for the pain of hip sprain to reduce and there may be bruising and swelling in the area.

      Dislocated Hip

      A dislocated hip is a very painful injury that happens when the ball shaped joint comes out it’s socket in the pelvis. Usually caused in collisions or high impact accidents the injured person will be unable to move and will require hospital treatment. Loss of feeling in the foot may also be experienced.

      Hip Bursitis

      A bursa is the sack of fluid that sits between the pelvis and leg to reduce friction and allow free movement of the leg. If the bursa becomes inflamed then the leg becomes very painful to move due to the swelling in the hip. This type of injury will usually heal itself over a period of weeks.

      If you have a bursitis injury this page will be helpful.

      Can I Claim For My Hip Injury?

      If you think that someone else is at fault for your hip injury then you could well have a good case. A few examples of why you might have a claim can include:

      • Poorly maintained street surfaces. Have you tripped on a damaged paving slab or pothole for example?
      • Sports related injury. Have you injured your hip because of a bad or illegal tackle?
      • Accident at work. If you’re injury was caused by an accident at work and the correct health and safety procedures weren’t in place then we can look at making a claim for you.

      What Should You Do If You Injure Your Hip?

      If you’ve injured your hip the following points should be followed.

      • If the hip injury is “minor” and you are able to move without much trouble make an appointment to see your GP for treatment and an assessment of the injury. If your injury is more serious then you should call for an ambulance to attend. Keep in mind that if you were to try and move you could end up causing more harm that could lead to longer lasting pain.
      • Make sure that you give as much detail and information to your doctor as you can as it will be noted on your medical records.  Your medical records are a vital factor to your hip injury claims success. If you’re in any doubt about the seriousness of your hip injury – do not move or try to move if it’s absolutely not necessary as you could potentially cause even more damage.
      • If your hip injury happened at work then make sure it has been recorded in your company’s accident log book. Find any work mates or colleagues that might have witnessed what occurred and get them to email you what they witnessed. Evidence such as emails from witnesses are extremely useful for any compensation claim.
      • Have you got any marking or visible bruising? If so and if possible take photographs. If you have difficulty moving and you can’t take photographs yourself have somebody else take them for you if at all possible.

      How Much Compensation For A Hip Injury?

      Speculating on compensation amounts without first having a quick chat about what your actual circumstances are isn’t a good approach, however the table below sets out average hip injury compensation amounts you might expect to claim dependent on the severity of the hip injury and other factors.

      Hip Injury Compensation Amounts

      Severity of Hip InjuryCompensation AmountComments
      Minor Hip InjuryUp to £3,710Soft tissue injuries that will heal completely.
      Minor Hip Injury£3,710 - £11,820Injuries that may have led to minor or no lasting disability.
      Moderate Hip Injury£11,820 - £24,950Surgery to the hip or hip replacement, continuing symptoms deemed more severe than minor.
      Moderate Hip Injury£24,950 - £36,770Severe hip injury but any disability isn't major.
      Serious Hip Injury£36,770 - £49,270Injury that leads to degenerative changes, leg instability, problems walking, possible future surgeries.
      Serious Hip Injury£58,100 - £73,580Very severe injury to the pelvis , examples being fractures and dislocations that may involve issues such as impotence or traumatic myositis ossificans.
      Serious Hip Injury£73,580 - £122,860Extremely severe injury involving multiple fractures of the pelvis which leads to other significant disability such as hip deformities, sexual dysfunction.

      We should reiterate that the compensation awarded for a hip injury may vary from the amounts displayed in the table, simply because no two hip injury claims are the same. There are a numerous amount of individual factors that must be considered with each claim. As such each claim for compensation has to be treated individually so the best advice would be for you to have an informal chat with one of our solicitors.

      Most calls only take around 10 minutes and just help us get a good idea of what’s happened to you so that we can provide you with a breakdown of what compensation we believe could be claimed for for your hip injury. There is no pressure put on you to claim through us at any time during the call.

      How Do I Make A Hip Injury Claim For Compensation?

      If you’d like our solicitors to proceed with your hip injury claim we will:

      • Talk with you in greater depth about your case and begin gathering appropriate evidence. Our team of personal injury solicitors are specialists in these types of claims and know what’s important and what’s not.
      • We’ll then assess how strong your hip injury claim is based on what you’ve told us.
      • Once we’ve assessed your claim we’ll decide if we can offer you a claim on a No Win No Fee basis, explained here. Then we’ll progress the claim on your behalf, gather any evidence we require from you and others if necessary and then file the claim. If your claim is successful you will receive 100% of the payout. Our fees are paid for separately.

      Why Use Our Accident Claims Services?

      We have years of experience in dealing with accident claims and our expert team of legal staff are well trained in understanding your individual case and progressing it through to a successful claim for compensation. As we’ve done this for many years we have processes and systems in place that allow us to resolve hip injury claims in the shortest time possible. Call us free on 0800 6524 881 to find out more.

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