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      Accident In Shop Claims

      If you have been injured in a shop whether as a customer or shop worker you may be eligible to make an accident in shop claim for compensation.

      Common Accident In Shop Claims

      Accident In Shop ClaimWe know from historic compensation claims involving accidents in shops that the following injuries leading to compensation claim are fairly common among shop workers and customers alike:

      Slips, Trips And Falls In Shops

      In the retail sector there is a constant danger of spillages, leading to slips, trips and falls in shops that can injure both shop workers and customers. In a perfect world all spillages would be cleared immediately from the shop floor. Undue delay may well be deemed negligent by the courts.

      Struck By An Object In A Shop

      The need to utilise as much space as possible in most shops places more pressure on business practices, over stacking of storage shelves and racking and the stacking of inappropriate products can lead to accidents such as heavy items falling and striking customers and shop workers.

      Lifting And Handling

      Whether you’re a shop worker stacking shelves or simply moving equipment we have seen many instances of back, neck, arms and leg injuries as a consequence of lifting/ handling accidents in shops. If the correct training hasn’t been supplied or personal protective equipment which may be necessary for the task in hand you may have a claim for compensation.

      Common Injuries From Shop Accidents

      There can be a whole array of different dangers present in shops and the retail sector as a whole. Over the years we have seen a number of accident in shop claims involving injuries which include:

      • Concussion
      • Sprains and strains
      • Lacerations
      • Fractured/ broken bones

      It is the duty of shop owners and managers to ensure that the appropriate training is provided and safety clothing/ equipment is made available where necessary. If they have failed to do so and this leads to shop customers or staff being injured you may have a case for starting an accident in shop claim for compensation.

      Injured As A Shop Worker

      The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a legal duty of care on shop employers towards the well-being of their staff and customers. This legislation covers many different elements which include:

      • Initial and ongoing training in health and safety;
      • Risk assessments to avoid shop accidents;
      • Provision of the relevant safety equipment;
      • Matching a shop workers experience with a potentially difficult task;
      • Maintaining a clean and tidy shop environment;
      • Production of working procedures;
      • Regular maintenance of equipment.

      In the majority of accident in shop claims involving shop staff it is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 which is the reference point used when attempting to prove an employer has failed to fulfil their duty of care. If you have been injured working in a shop and are unsure of your rights to claim compensation contact us to arrange a free consultation.

      Accident In Shop Compensation Calculator

      As mentioned slips. trips and falls are among the most common accidents in shops and can result in numerous injuries such as broken ankles, fractured wrists, back injuries, head injuries etc. Of course these are not the only injuries one may suffer so rather than list them individually here is our compensation calculator that displays average compensation amounts for various injuries one might suffer.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Making An Accident In Shop Claim

      To make a successful compensation claim for an accident in a shop, which requires a degree of negligence, you should have as much evidence to prove your case as possible. Strong evidence will usually include any photographic and/ or CCTV evidence, details of inappropriate working procedures if you were injured as a shop worker, and examples of an unsafe working environment. Witness statements as well as any medical records detailing injuries and what treatment has been received. Generally there is a three year time limit during which to make an accident in shop claim for compensation starting from the time of the accident.

      Contacting a personal injury solicitor about your accident in a shop is always advisable as most offer free consultations giving potential claimants the opportunity to receive expert advice free of charge. During a consultation, usually over the phone, a solicitor can review the details of your compensation claim and advise on how strong your supporting evidence might be and what else may be required, if necessary. Free consultations are offered because in cases where a solicitor decides your claim is likely to be successful they will want you to proceed with themselves. Although there is no obligation on your part to do so most will also offer a No Win No Fee arrangement, in our case this would mean an agreed percentage figure (maximum 25%) from your compensation is taken as a fee, if the case is lost you pay nothing.

      If you would like to discuss an accident in a shop and would like to know whether you could make an accident in shop claim for compensation please call us today.

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