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      Foot Injury Compensation Claims

      The human foot has a highly complex structure with several large and small bones, joints, tendons and ligaments, all of which work together to provide us with crucial mobility, support and balance. When there is any injury to the foot because of negligence you could be entitled to start a foot injury claim for compensation.

      A foot injury can cause a great deal of pain and it can be a huge inconvenience. Some foot injuries can make it difficult and sometimes even impossible to accomplish anything, whether it is doing household chores, pursuing your hobbies, driving to the local shops or getting to work. Depending on the severity of the foot injury, recovery could take weeks or even months, disrupting your life completely.

      When Can You File A  Foot Injury Compensation Claim?

      As with any other personal injury claim, you may be eligible to file a compensation claim for a foot injury if the injury was caused due to somebody else’s error or carelessness.

      Who Is Liable To Pay Compensation For A Foot Injury?

      The person or organisation liable for paying you compensation will depend on the accident that caused your foot injury.

      For instance,

      • If your foot was injured in a car collision that was due to the other driver’s recklessness, that driver is liable to pay the compensation.
      • Employers are responsible for the safety of their workers and are liable to pay compensation to any worker who is injured in the workplace if it can be proved the foot injury happened because of their negligence. This includes any foot injury caused due to falling from a height, being crushed by heavy machinery, slipping over a slippery surface or tripping over an obstacle in their path.
      • If the injury was caused due to a slippery surface in a shop, the shop owner is responsible for compensating you.
      • In case of a slip, trip or fall on a badly maintained pavement, the local council may be held liable.

      Common Foot Injuries

      Due to the complex anatomical structure of the human foot, there are several different ways that it can get injured. These injuries can range from mild to severely debilitating.

      Some of the more common foot injuries that people claim compensation for include but are not limited to:

      • Sprains and strains;
      • Torn ligaments;
      • Ruptured tendons;
      • Extreme bruising;
      • Broken toes;
      • Fractures.


      Foot InjuryYou may be able to claim for any of these foot injuries, provided that they were caused due to the negligent actions of a third person.

      What You Should Do Immediately After Your Foot Injury

      Seeking medical attention should be your first priority after a foot injury. A delay in getting the necessary treatment could worsen the existing injury.

      It is equally important to gather all the evidence you can so that you can use it to strengthen your foot injury compensation claim. These are some things you should do that will help support your foot accident claim for compensation:

      • Take photographs that clearly show the cause of the accident.
      • Take photographs showing the extent of the injury to your foot.
      • Get the contact details of anyone who witnessed the accident.
      • Get medical attention immediately after the accident and keep all relevant documentation, from the X-Rays and diagnostic tests to the doctor’s recommendation and any medical related bills due to the foot injury.

      In case of a road accident, file a statement at the nearest police station so you have a documented record of the accident.

      If the foot injury was caused due to an accident in the workplace, file a written record in the logbook that is kept in the HR office.

      Beginning A Foot Injury Claim

      The best way to initiate a compensation claim for a foot injury is with the help of a personal injury solicitor. Compensation claims are notorious for being long-drawn and complicated, made even more challenging by inherent legal loopholes. Anyone who is not familiar with personal injury law is more than likely to fall victim to the red-tape involved and lose out on their legal entitlement.

      Unless you are an authority in this area, it is advisable to get in touch with a reputed personal injury solicitor as soon as possible about your foot accident.

      Most people hesitate to approach personal injury solicitors to represent them for fear that they will not be able to afford their presumed high fees. The first thing you should know is that this should not be any cause for concern if you speak with us. Our personal injury solicitors understand that accident victims may already be burdened by overwhelming financial obligations brought on by medical expenses combined with their loss of earnings. To make it easier for them, our solicitors offer clients a No Win No Fee option. This allows you to use the solicitor’s expertise to file your foot injury compensation claim without having to pay any money upfront.

      With a No Win No Fee option, you get the benefits of the solicitor’s expertise and experience without worrying about payments at any time while the case is in progress. You only have to pay if the court decides in your favour and you are awarded compensation for your injuries. Both parties, you and the personal injury solicitor, will have to agree on this amount at the time of signing the No Win No Fee agreement. This amount is generally a percentage of the total amount awarded to you by the court.

      How Much Compensation For A Foot Injury?

      The exact amount of compensation for a foot injury that you can claim will vary considerably, depending on the severity of your injuries, your actual financial losses and the impact that the injury has had on your life.

      A typical settlement may include compensation for:

      • Pain and suffering.
      • All medical expenses, including the cost of emergency treatment, medication, doctor’s fees, hospital charges and long term rehabilitation.
      • Cost of travelling to the hospital and back for the necessary treatment.
      • Cost of structural changes to your home or car to accommodate your foot injury.
      • Loss of income from being unable to get to work – this includes compensation for future earnings as well as other perks such as promotions and bonuses.
      • Cost of necessary medical or mobility aids.
      • Loss of amenity, such as having to give up a hobby or social engagements because of the foot injury.

      Foot Injury Compensation Payouts

      The Judicial College sets guidelines for foot injury compensation payouts which we’ve listed below.

      • For modest foot injuries such as simple metatarsal fractures, puncture wounds, and ruptured ligaments the compensation payout is up to £12,900.
      • For moderate foot injuries like displaced metatarsal fractures resulting in deformity, £12,900 to £23,460.
      • For serious foot injuries such as fractures of both feet where there may be a risk of future symptoms or surgery, £23,460 to £36,790.
      • For severe foot injury such as both heels fractured, both feet fractured, a severe injury to a single foot resulting in substantial disability the compensation payout can range from
      • £39,390 to £65,710.
      • Very severe foot injuries resulting in permanent, severe pain or extremely serious and permanent disability such as from amputation of the forefoot, the suggested average compensation payout is £78,800 to £102,890.
      • For the amputation of one foot, the compensation payout is £78,800 to £102,890.
      • For the amputation of both feet, the compensation payout is £158,970 to £189,110.

      It should be noted that these are guidelines that personal injury solicitors can follow when calculating compensation in a foot injury claim, however as each foot injury is unique the actual payout amount may vary. For an expert evaluation of your foot injury claim or simply for further advice on a foot accident please do speak with us today.

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