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      Bus Accident Claims

      If you have been injured in a bus or coach accident through no fault of your own you could be eligible to make a bus accident claim for compensation.

      When Could You Make A Bus Accident Claim?

      Bus Accident ClaimThe public transport system in the UK has a high level of health and safety standards. The government has also implemented ample measures to ensure that this remains to be the case for some time to come. While bus accidents are rare, they do happen and the legal system has laid out provisions for anyone who is injured in any accident involving a bus or coach while travelling in the UK.

      It is important to understand that the law does not restrict this entitlement only to those passengers travelling in the bus or coach at the time of the accident. To file a bus accident compensation claim, you do not necessarily have to be inside the bus. Various scenarios that may warrant a bus accident compensation claim include:

      • The bus you are riding is involved in an accident and crashes;
      • A bus hits you while you are waiting at the bus stop or bus shelter;
      • A bus collides with the vehicle you are driving and it wasn’t your fault;
      • You get thrown off your seat or bump your head on the seat in front of you because of the driver’s rash driving;
      • You get injured while getting on or getting off the bus because the driver was in a hurry to get moving or the driver shuts the door before you were completely clear of the doorway.

      Whatever the reason, one thing is clear – if you were injured due to no fault of yours, it is very likely you will have sufficient grounds for compensation for any bus injury that you sustain under any of the above circumstances.

      In theory, claiming compensation in a bus injury claim should be pretty simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. As anyone who has tried to file a bus accident claim can tell you, filing a claim for a bus accident is fraught with challenges. This is because there are so many variables that could be at play. You could have bumped your head against the seat not because of rash driving but because of bad road conditions that made the bump unavoidable. Or maybe you were left with whiplash after the bus crashed trying to avoid a pedestrian who walked out in front of them.

      Making A Bus Accident Compensation Claim

      If you are injured in a bus accident, irrespective of the reason, to strengthen your case and increase your chances of getting the compensation that is due to you, it is important to have strong evidence. This can include:

      • The bus drivers details, bus number and route and date and time of the accident;
      • Report the bus accident with the police;
      • Report the bus accident to the bus company involved;
      • Keep a record of the events as they unfolded. Do this in the early days after the accident so possibly important details aren’t forgotten;
      • Get contact details of any other bus passengers or bystanders so they can be called upon as witnesses at a later date;
      • Get vehicle details of any other vehicles involved;
      • Take photographs of the scene and any visible injuries.

      Remember, the more details you can gather, the more information your personal injury solicitor can use to build a strong bus accident compensation claim on your behalf.

      No Win No Fee Accident Claims

      One of the biggest obstacles most people face when seeking legal assistance for a bus injury claim is how to come up with the money required to pay legal fees. Not everyone can afford to pay upfront. To make it possible for bus accident victims to get justice for their injuries without the additional stress over money, most personal injury solicitors today work on a No Win No Fee basis, which basically means your lawyer/ solicitor will agree to represent you and file the bus accident claim without taking any payment right through the proceedings. You will only need to pay your solicitor’s fees if you win the case and you receive compensation.

      The fee amount is usually a percentage of the total compensation awarded and is typically deducted straight from the compensation itself. Both parties should agree to this percentage amount at the outset. As with all legal agreements, it is your responsibility to make sure you know exactly what fees or costs are involved. Don’t be afraid to ask questions more than once if you are ever unclear as reputed personal injury solicitors should be only to happy to answer them.

      How Much Compensation For A Bus Accident?

      When calculating compensation for a bus accident claim your solicitor will have to take account of two factors, these are general damages and special damages (explained here). To put briefly, general damages would be paid out in a successful claim for the pain and suffering caused due to the bus accident. Special damages in a successful claim would be paid out for financial losses the bus accident has caused. To sum up, your bus accident claim compensation would take into account factors such as:

      • The severity of your physical injuries;
      • Compensation for trauma and emotional distress;
      • Cost of immediate and long term medical treatment and medication;
      • Transportation costs of travelling to and from medical appointments;
      • Loss of income from having to stay away from work;
      • Loss of monetary benefits and other work-related perks such as promotional avenues;
      • Expenses related to rehab, including structural changes within the home that may be necessary.

      You can use our bus passenger accident compensation calculator below to get a better understanding of compensation amounts for general damages below, however for a more accurate estimation of what bus injury compensation may be due when including special damages, we would strongly advise arranging a consultation with a personal injury solicitor.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      If you have been injured in a bus accident or coach accident through no fault of your own and would like a solicitors advice on making a bus accident claim for compensation, please contact us today.

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