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      Shelving Accident Claims

      If you suffered an injury as a consequence of a shelving accident which you believe to be the result of negligence then you may well have a shelving accident claim for compensation.

      Common Shelving Accident Claims

      While the majority of shelving accident claims for injuries tend to occur in the workplace they can happen in other areas of everyday life. If you consider such scenarios as a supermarket, library, Shelving Accident Claimshop or the large DIY warehouses, it is not difficult to see where shelving accidents may occur. Injuries caused by substandard shelving, racking, and similar storage facilities can be extremely serious and impact not just employees but in many cases the general public.

      The large storage facilities at many companies are huge and make full use of every inch of space in these warehouses. It is sometimes easy to forget, there can be a significant degree of expertise required to both add and remove items from extremely high shelving facilities. It is the legal duty of all employers to ensure that their employees have the relevant experience when operating in these environments. While images of large shelving facilities falling like a pack of cards may attract a degree of humour on social media channels, they can result in serious injuries and in some cases death.

      Common Injuries From Shelving Accidents

      In reality the variation of potential injuries as a consequence of shelving accidents is enormous. Over the years we have seen a number of common injuries when claimants sue for compensation. These include:

      • General cuts and bruises, the majority which tend to heal relatively quickly;
      • Broken bones which can impact an individuals everyday life and lead to further complications;
      • Head traumas such as concussion and in some cases brain damage;
      • Ligament damage as a consequence of items falling from a great height;
      • Crush injuries can literally change a victim’s life overnight;
      • Psychological trauma is often overlooked when considering injuries but thankfully the courts are more appreciative in the modern era.

      It is possible that a whole array of different injuries may be experienced which will depend upon the items, substances and equipment being stored on shelves and racking. While it is the legal obligation of the employer to maintain a safe working environment, employees also have a role to play in acting appropriately.

      Why Do Shelving And Racking Accidents Happen?

      The majority of shelving and racking accidents tend to occur as a consequence of:

      • Storing inappropriate items;
      • Insecurely stored items;
      • Over stacking;
      • Failure to maintain shelving/storage facilities to a high standard;
      • Failure to carry out the “bump test”.

      Unfortunately, while many of these issues can be addressed relatively easily by employers, whether it is financial constraints, time constraints or simple negligence, the same issues tend to happen time and time again. If you have been injured in a stacking accident for any of the scenarios mentioned above it is likely you would be entitled to compensation.

      Compensation Amounts For Common Injuries From Shelving Accidents

      It is fair to say that the range of potential injuries associated with shelving accidents is broad. We mentioned crushing injuries, which can be fatal, but the most common type of injury tends to be facial and skeletal type injuries for which we have listed the advised average compensation payout amounts below. Our compensation calculator can also be used if you have suffered a different injury from those listed.

      Facial Disfigurement

      • Trivial scarring injuries are relatively minor but can still attract compensation from £1,600 up to £3,310.
      • Significant scarring, towards the lower of the scale, tends to attract compensation from £3,710 up to £12,900. These type of scars are relatively small and can be camouflaged using various cosmetic techniques.
      • Significant scarring which is visible at “conversation distance” and may require plastic surgery can attract compensation from £8,550 up to £28,240. As well as leaving a potential long-term cosmetic disability this type of injury can have a short-term psychological impact on the victim.
      • Severe injuries which are deemed “towards the lower end of the scale” can still involve significant disfigurement of the face and long-term psychological issues. In this situation compensation from £16,860 up to £45,440 may be likely.
      • Very severe scarring opens up compensation claims from £27,940 to £91,350. While often resulting in significant disfigurement it tends to be younger victims who receive payments towards the higher end of the range.

      Skeletal Injuries

      • Skeletal injuries such as loss/damage to teeth tend to attract compensation anywhere from £1,020 for relatively minor injuries up to £35,790 for serious damage, chronic pain and potential side-effects such as abscesses.
      • Relatively minor jaw injuries were a complete recovery is expected tend to attract compensation from £6,060 up to £8,200.
      • Jaw injuries which result in permanent consequences such as limited mobility of the jaw, difficulty eating and drinking and loss of feeling will attract compensation awards of between £16,860 and £28,610.
      • Very serious jaw fractures resulting in long-term disfigurement, partial paralysis, severe pain and restrictions eating and drinking attract the most compensation, from £28,610 up to £42,730.
      • Simple cheekbone fractures were a full recovery is expected can lead to compensation from £2,180 up to £2,810.
      • Cheekbone fractures where surgery is required, but a full recovery is expected, open up compensation claims from £4,080 up to £6,060.
      • More serious cheekbone fractures can result in partial paralysis, visible disfigurement, long-term pain, difficulty eating and reduced movement, leading to compensation of between £9,570 and £14,810.
      • Nasal injuries are fairly commonplace when it comes to shelving accidents attracting compensation of between £1,600, for a simple fracture with full recovery, up to £21,700 where there is permanent damage leading to breathing difficulties, blocked airways, facial deformity and long-term pain.

      Shelving/ Racking Accident Compensation Calculator

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Filing A Shelving Accident Claim

      In order to file a shelving accident claim on a No Win No Fee basis, it is imperative that you are able to prove negligence on behalf of one or more parties which led to the accident and subsequent injuries. Speaking with a personal injury solicitor is recommended as they can advise you appropriately so please don’t hesitate to get in touch even if it’s just advice you require at this point in time. Ultimately strong evidence can include your medical records, copy of working practices, photographs of the shelving, witness statements and details of potential previous shelving or racking accidents which may show lapses in health and safety regulations.

      Injuries in shops, stores and the workplace are fairly commonplace and our solicitors deal with these claims on a daily basis. If you would like to discuss your claim one of our specialist solicitors will be able to review your case fairly quickly and give their opinion on the strength of your shelving accident claim.

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