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    Building Site Injury Claims

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      Claiming For A Building Site Injury

      Over the years, building site regulations have improved to try and keep builders, labourers and visitors as safe as possible. As a result, building sites are now safer than ever with companies putting health and safety above the speed of the build. However, accidents on a building site can and still do happen and can lead to very serious injuries. If you’ve been injured in an accident on a Building sitebuilding/construction site due to negligence, you may be eligible to file a building site injury claim for compensation.

      As we progress through this building site injury claims guide, we shall look at what types of negligence could result in a claim, the process of taking legal action, and by using our accident compensation calculator get a rough idea of how much compensation your injuries could be worth.

      Our specialist personal injury solicitors have been claiming compensation for clients for many years. They’re committed to achieving the highest level of compensation possible and your claim will be less stressful if it is accepted because of their No Win No Fee service.

      Why not give our team a call for free legal advice and to discuss your claim on 0800 6524 881 once you’ve finished reading.

      Are You Eligible To Claim Compensation For A Building Site Injury?

      While everybody on site must follow health and safety regulations for the construction industry, if you are injured on a building site through no fault of your own, you may be able to seek damages for your suffering. For a personal injury solicitor to take on your case, you’ll need to show them that:

      • Your employer/site operator was negligent in some way and caused an accident; and
      • You suffered an injury following the accident.

      Later on, we will list some of the ways in which negligence could cause a building site accident to happen. Whatever the reason, there are some steps you should take at the time of the accident (or asap after it has happened). By doing so, you can make claiming compensation a lot easier. Those steps include:

      • Reporting the building site accident so it is recorded in your employer’s accident report book. Some accidents will need to be reported to the Health and Safety Executive under RIDDOR regulations.
      • Taking pictures of the accident scene. Ideally, this should be done as soon as possible and before the root cause can be removed.
      • Visiting A&E or a minor injuries unit for assessment and treatment.
      • Recording details of any witnesses who saw the accident take place.
      • Obtaining copies of CCTV footage if your accident was recorded by a camera.

      Taking these steps may help securing compensation easier. For example, an accident report form makes it difficult for an employer to deny the accident took place. If you’d like a free review of your case, please call our free claims advice line today.

      Types Of Negligence That Can Lead To Building Site Injury Claims

      If you work on a building site, you probably know how important health and safety is. However, it is your employer’s responsibility for keeping staff as safe as possible whilst working on a construction site. If they are negligent in any way and you have been injured because of it, you would be well within your rights to seriously consider claiming compensation.

      Many different types of negligence by employers could cause a building site accident and compensation claim including:

      As we have suggested, not only will you need to prove how your employer/site operator was negligent, but you must also be able to demonstrate how serious your injuries were. That’s the reason we’ve previously said you should visit A&E for any building site injury to be assessed. Medical records from your visit can be obtained later to help you prove the extent of your suffering.

      If you are interested in starting a building site accident claim, please feel free to get in touch today. We offer free legal advice on the claims process and a no-obligation review of your case.

      How Much Compensation For A Building Site Accident?

      In truth, it is difficult to state here how much compensation you might receive for a building site accident. That’s essentially because every accident and injury is different meaning compensation payouts will vary from case to case. When you call our team, a claims advisor will advise on what could be included in your claim relating to general and special damages. The list of factors to consider includes:

      • The extent of any injuries (both physical and psychological).
      • Whether you’ve incurred any costs or financial losses (loss of earnings, medical costs and travel expenses for example)
      • The cost of replacing or repairing any personal property damaged in the accident.

      The list of building site injuries that a labourer or other workers might suffer is too long to list here, but they include head injuries, back injuries, shoulder injuries, cuts and lacerations, soft tissue injuries, and broken ankle at work. Furthermore, psychological injuries like depression or anxiety could be claimed as well.

      Construction Accident Compensation Calculator

      Let’s now think about how much compensation might be payable for a building site accident.

      As we have already described, there is quite a lot of variance in compensation amounts because they are primarily based on injury severity. That means that the figures listed in the construction accident compensation calculator below should be used as guidance only, at this point. Once your injuries have been properly assessed, and special damages taken into account where applicable, the amount of compensation you could claim should become clearer.

      The compensation amounts we’ve provided uses figures advised by the Judicial College for general damages. These are the figures solicitors/lawyers, insurers and courts can refer to when settling building site injury claims.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      We haven’t listed every possible building site injury compensation amount in our calculator, but don’t worry, if you’ve been injured on a building site through no fault of your own, we could still help you claim compensation.

      Also, our personal injury solicitors could help you to claim on behalf of a relative or loved one who’s been seriously or fatally injured on a building site so please get in touch if you’d like to know more about how to claim compensation in those circumstances.

      Construction Accident Claims Time Limits

      Generally, when claiming compensation for a construction accident/building site injury, you will need to adhere to a 3-year time limit. In many cases, this will begin from the date your accident took place. However, there are some exceptions.

      The first is where you don’t find out about your injuries until a later date. For example, if your employer failed to properly protect you from asbestos exposure, it may be many years or decades until you find out about the consequences. In these scenarios, the 3-year limitation period begins from the date of knowledge.

      Another scenario is where a builder or visitor to a building site suffers serious injuries that mean they lose the mental capacity to claim. In these cases, the 3-year time limit doesn’t strictly apply and somebody else could claim on behalf of the injured person by becoming their litigation friend. However, if the injured person recovers and regains mental capacity, the 3-year time limit would start from when they recovered.

      Our advice is to contact us as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll give yourself and your solicitor (if your case is taken on) ample time to secure the evidence required to support your claim.

      For more information on how to proceed with your claim, why not call today? We don’t charge for your telephone consultation and you’ll be given free advice on your options.

      How Personal Injury Solicitors Can Help With Building Site Injury Claims

      Hopefully, you have found this guide on building site injury claims helpful. We believe the best chance of being compensated fairly comes from having a personal injury solicitor on your side.

      If a solicitor from our team takes on your case, they may arrange for you to have a local medical assessment so that your injuries can be assessed. They’ll also present a concise and professional case on your behalf to the defendant. Where objections over liability for your building site accident or injuries are raised, your solicitor will attempt to counter them by supplying further evidence.

      To get in touch and to start the ball rolling simply call us on 0800 6524 881. One of our trained advisors will talk you through the claims process and review your claim straight away. Remember, if your case is taken on, we’ll make everything as easy as possible for you. We’ll also remove a lot of the stress involved by providing a No Win No Fee service for your building site injury claim.

      Last updated 6th September 2021.

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