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      Eye Injury Compensation Claims Guide

      While claims for eye injury compensation are relatively commonplace, on the whole they tend to be for eye injuries of a relatively minor nature with a full recovery expected. Unfortunately, there are occasions where eye injuries can lead to long-term blindness and in some cases fatalities. Any degree of injury to the eye can have a significant impact upon the working and personal life of a victim and as a consequence significant compensation could be claimed for.

      Eye Injury Claim

      If you have suffered eye injuries in an accident at work or in your personal life and negligence has been the cause you may have the grounds to claim eye injury compensation. If your eye injury was suffered at work and was due to not being supplied with safety goggles or inadequate eye protection our advice on personal protective equipment claims may come in useful.

      Common Eye Injury Claims

      There are a number of common eye injuries which can occur leading to eye injury compensation claims some of which are relatively easy to treat while others may have long-term repercussions.

      Scratched Cornea

      It is very easy to scratch your cornea whether rubbing your eye when a foreign body is present or a simple accidental poke in the eye with a finger or piece of equipment. In the event of increased sensitivity to light and eye redness, it is advisable to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The scratching of the transparent cornea at the front of your eye can have a major impact upon your sight if not treated as soon as possible. It can also make your eye more prone to infection if left for some time.

      If your scratched cornea was due to negligence you should speak to a solicitor about your rights to compensation.

      Eye Penetrated By Foreign Bodies

      This is a fairly common eye injury compensation claim. In the event that foreign bodies penetrate your eye it is essential that you seek medical attention as soon as possible because this can be extremely dangerous. It is advisable to shield the eye with some kind of loose protector to avoid additional damage. While metal and other sharp materials can cause loss of sight, if treatment is received relatively quickly this can be minimised and in some cases avoided.

      Chemical Substances In The Eye

      Whether a chemical substance is splashed into your eye, or there is some kind of spraying accident, it is vital that medical treatment is received as soon as possible. It will depend upon the type of substance coming into contact with your eye as to the correct immediate treatment but it is imperative to act as quickly as possible. In some cases the use of warm water across the eye can dilute the impact of the chemical substance but this is not always the case.

      Swelling Of The Eye

      There will be occasions where an assault or simply accidental contact with a tool or other piece of equipment can lead to a blackeye and swelling of the surrounding area. In most cases this will not be serious but it is advisable to seek medical attention to ensure there is no internal damage. In some cases internal damage can be treated relatively quickly although in instances of, for example, a detached retina, an operation may be required.

      If you have been assaulted at work causing eye injuries our advice on workplace assault claims will be helpful. Likewise if you have suffered eye injuries in an assault in public life you may have a right to claim criminal injuries compensation.

      Other common eye injuries include bleeding in and around the eye area, inflammation of the iris and serious eye fractures which can have a long-term impact upon a person’s sight.

      How Much Compensation For An Eye Injury?

      It will come as no surprise to learn that the range of eye injury settlement amounts vary significantly from relatively minor injuries to total blindness. Listed below are average eye injury compensation settlement amounts.

      Eye Injuries Compensation Amounts

      • Compensation for eye injuries described as “transient eye injuries” which are relatively minor and a full recovery expected within weeks, £2,070 up to £3,710.
      • Minor eye injuries such as a direct strike to the eye, exposure to smoke or liquids which cause initial pain and have a temporary impact on vision, compensation from £3,710 up to £8,200.
      • Relatively minor eye injuries where there is a permanent impact on vision, such as sensitivity to bright lights or double vision, can see compensation between £8,550 and £19,690.
      • Serious eye injuries where there is a degree of lost vision in one eye can lead to compensation from £22,230 up to £36,960.
      • Compensation for loss of sight in one eye, £46,240 up to £51,460 with the higher figure often associated with additional scarring.
      • Compensation for the total loss of one eye which may depend on age, cosmetic effect and psychiatric issues, £51,460 up to £61,690.
      • Compensation for loss of sight in one eye and impaired vision in the other eye, £60,010 up to £168,730, heavily dependent upon potential deterioration of vision in the remaining eye
      • Compensation for total blindness in both eyes, anywhere up to £252,180.

      These advised compensation figures reflect the obvious impact impaired vision and full blindness will have on the victim’s life, but of course we would advise speaking with one of our solicitors to discuss your own unique circumstances for a better idea of what eye injury compensation you might actually claim for.

      Making An Eye Injury Compensation Claim

      To make an eye injury compensation claim negligence/ carelessness will have to be proven so it is imperative that you gather as much evidence as possible to prove your claim.

      Evidence such as photographs of the scene, photographs of your injuries, proof that safety equipment was not provided if you suffered an eye injury at work for example, issues with machinery leading to injuries and even witness statements will all help when claiming eye injury compensation. There may also be additional evidence showing a lack of procedures in the workplace and the company’s accident book could show a pattern of similar incidents. Contacting a personal injury solicitor to discuss your eye injury is a good approach as they will advise how strong a claim you might have and what is required to prove the claim in your favour.

      Experienced solicitors will have significant experience in eye injury claims whether suffered at work or in your personal life. Should you contact us for a free consultation a solicitor can review your claim and discuss any supporting evidence you have thus far and advise you about the potential for compensation. Most solicitors now offer a No Win No Fee agreement if they feel you have a good claim to proceed with.

      When you have signed with a solicitor to start your claim they will forward details of the eye injury claim and the supporting evidence to the courts. At this point the defendant will receive a copy of all documentation and where negligence is accepted they will likely offer a settlement amount to save going to court. Where negligence for an eye injury is disputed, or there might be more than one party involved, the case will likely be heard in front of a judge who will rule on negligence and an appropriate eye injury compensation settlement.

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