Facial Scar Compensation Claims

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    Facial Scar Compensation Claims

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      Facial Scar Claims

      Facial scar injuries can range in severity from a minor blemish on the skin to severe disfigurement of the facial features. Even when the pain from the injury has diminished, a facial scar injury can act as a constant reminder of the trauma felt when the injury happened.

      If you’ve suffered a facial scar because of the negligence of somebody else, you may be able to file a facial scar compensation claim.

      Common Causes Of Facial Scar Compensation Claims

      Some examples of common causes of facial scar compensation claims are:

      • Lacerations and cuts on the face from a trip and fall accident or a road traffic accident
      • Injury to the face from a workplace accident
      • Burn or scald injuries that cause deep damage to the skin
      • Accidental contact with a chemical irritant or other hazardous material in the workplace
      • Clinical or medical negligence causing a permanent scar
      • Injuries sustained as a consequence of being attacked with a weapon
      • Acid burns as a consequence of getting acid thrown on the face.
      • Dog bite injury

      In order to file a facial scar injury claim, you must be able to prove negligence or fault that caused or led to the injury.

      Assessing The Long-Term Impact Of Facial Scar Injuries

      The impact of facial scarring can often lead to long term physical and psychological consequences.

      Facial Scar Compensation ClaimPhysical consequences might include various disabilities depending on the location and severity of the injuries. Very severe facial injuries can form keloid scars and scar contractures as they heal. Even if the pain of the primary injury diminishes, these types of scar formations can cause loss of function. Depending on which part of the face sustained the injuries, you could have lost the ability to move your eyes or mouth partially or completely. You might also have experienced a partial or total loss of vision or hearing, or lose the ability to move your mouth to speak or eat.

      Psychological consequences from permanent scarring can range from loss of self-confidence and low self-esteem to severe social anxiety and depression, among other disorders.

      When you file a facial scar compensation claim, personal injury law takes notice of both physical and psychological consequences and awards compensation based on both of these factors.

      Making A Facial Scar Compensation Claim

      If you think you have a facial scar compensation claim and would like some expert advice then you’ll be pleased to know that most personal injury solicitors now offer at least one free consultation with potential claimants, usually by telephone. In a typical consultation, an advisor or solicitor will ask various questions about what has happened, who you feel is at fault, and why they are at fault. They might also ask to see any evidence you might have that can support the claim such as witness statements photos of what might have caused the accident, and photos of the scarring. In some cases, they may have to look into it further, but generally, at the end of the consultation, they will give you their professional opinion on whether or not a claim is likely to be successful.

      If you’re advised to proceed with making a facial scar injury claim, the likelihood is it will be using a No Win No Fee agreement. In essence, our No Win No Fee agreement allows you to benefit from an experienced personal injury solicitor’s legal knowledge, experience, and expertise without paying anything at all until compensation has been awarded. Put simply, if your facial injury claim is unsuccessful then you pay nothing whatsoever. However, if your facial scar claim is successful and compensation is awarded then a set percentage (no more than 25%) is deducted directly from the compensation once it has been received.

      How Much Compensation For A Facial Scar Injury?

      There is no one set amount that is awarded for a facial scar injury. Compensation payouts are calculated based on general damages (pain and suffering, loss of amenity) and special damages (financial losses/expenses). You can read more about general and special damages here. However, there are guidelines for general damages compensation that solicitors and insurance companies can refer to for varying injuries and varying severity. The current guidelines for facial scar compensation are as follows:

      Facial Scar Compensation Amounts

      • Very severe facial scarring – £27,940 to £91,350.
      • Less severe facial scarring – £16,860 to £45,440.
      • Significant facial scarring – £8,550 to £28,240.
      • Less significant facial scarring – £3,710 to £12,900.
      • Minor facial scarring – £1,600 to £3,310.

      Costs of medical treatment including costs of future treatment, travel expenses to and from ongoing medical treatments, and loss of income are some of the factors that also go into calculating facial scar compensation payouts.  Your personal injury solicitor will make sure to claim for the maximum facial scar compensation due to you.

      If you would a free consultation with a personal injury solicitor on a facial scar compensation claim them please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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