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    Accident At Work Claims

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      Accident At Work Claims

      Accident At Work Claims Advice – It is a known fact that about 90% of accidents are caused by human error.

      Accident at work claims may occur as a result of neglect, for example not keeping the work area free of unnecessary hazards. It could also be as simple as a poorly installed electrical appliance that ends up causing a problem. Accidents at work claims are myriad and they are mostly as a result of human error.

      Workplace accidents and how to avoid them

      Many different reasons may cause workplace accidents. Pavements, ground surfaces and floors account roughly for 20% of all sources of illness and injury. It is important for both employee and employer to ensure that ground surfaces are clear of objects that could have someone fall or trip over them. Also ascertain that spilled liquids are cleaned up immediately to reduce the chances of slips and falls.

      In addition, keep in mind that you are less likely to fall if you have proper shoes for your particular work place. Try and avoid carrying too much so that you can’t see where you’re walking, which may cause you to a fall.

      Inappropriate storage of merchandise and supplies can lead to accident at work claims. Washing agents, chemicals and cleansers should be adequately stored. They should be kept completely separately from supplies such as office stationary. It is necessary for workers to be trained on how to store harmful chemicals so as to minimize exposure.

      Another common reason for accident at work claims is electrical burns. These account approximately for 20-25% of all burns a hospital encounters within a year, and sadly, about 5% of these people don’t survive their injuries. With this in mind, companies should be sure to fully train their workers on how to handle electrical equipment. Moreover, all equipment should have labels with warning signs to prevent electrical burns.

      In addition always wear protective clothing and eye goggles when necessary to help reduce injury if something does go wrong.

      What to do when involved in workplace accidents

      Before considering any accident at work claims, you need to respond effectively to the accident so as to minimize injury or even death. Medical attention and first aid should be given if required. Professional medical help should be sought as soon as possible.

      Note those people around you, so that you will have someone to back up your statement once you have given a report of the incident. This is very important especially when making accident at work claims as it will give additional proof.

      Make sure the proper authorities are informed of the accident. Work management and personnel should also be notified of the occurrence. This too is important, because as soon as you make your accident at work claim, investigations have to be carried out before any compensation can be granted.

      Additionally, if there is any history of similar accidents, the information might have to be investigated. This will add weight to your claim and prove that the work premises could be neglected in terms of health and safety regulations. Save any other information that might play a role as proof that the accident was as a result of negligence and compensation could be applied.

      How to proceed with accident at work claims

      accident at work claims adviceMany people are scared of claiming compensation at their workplace due to fear of loosing their job.

      You’ll find that accident at work claims will help you in the long run in recovering your lost income. There are a couple of things to remember when claiming for compensation.

      Firstly, make your claim is within 3 years of the incident occurring as there is a time limit. If you were under 18 when the accident happened, then you must wait until you are 18 for the 3 year rule to kick in.

      Before you see a solicitor, it is recommended to get as many details as possible concerning the accident. Take a couple of photographs of the workplace where it happened as this will be good evidence that the area is not a safe place.

      In order to aid your solicitor, it is important to keep a record of the losses incurred because of any illness or injury. This can include medical expenses , time lost from work, loss of income together with any  pain, distress and any other factors relating to  injuries that may limit your everyday life. You can do this by keeping a diary as it is the best way to keep a track on everything which can be included in the accident at work claims.

      When you are ready to make an accident at work claims against your employer, find a solicitor who has previously had successes in this type of case.

      Most companies are usually insured against accident at work claims. This is covered under the employers’ liability insurance. Therefore when you are injured at work, you will most likely be compensated by your employee insurance. Rarely when you are making a claim against your employer will a claim for loss of earnings be incurred. However, you can claim for lost earnings due to a family member, relative or partner having acted as custodian during the time you were not able to work.

      So as to reduce the occurrence of accident at work claims in the workplace, companies need to try and focus on all areas and ensure that every safety regulation is being adhered to. Errors that occur unknowingly, can be reduced through more supervision and training. If not investigated, accident at work claims will continue to increase and companies will carry on paying through compensation.

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