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    Sports Injury Claims

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      Sports Injury Claims

      Sports Injury Claims – It is interesting to note that sports injury claims not only relate to professional players, but include sporting spectators as well. If you are injured at a sporting event you may be entitled to claim for any injuries inflicted.

      To some sport is more than a hobby, as many games act as a source of income for a countless number of professional players. Though a certain amount of risk is involved in most games, especially rugby, hockey, cricket, boxing and horse riding, some accidents that occur during a game can warrant compensation because of the nature of the occurrence.

      In order for you to be in a position to make a sports injury claim, the injury must have taken place under abnormal circumstances, such as intentional harm caused by the recklessness of the other party. There must be proof, however, that the other party was in the wrong and because of that the injury resulted.

      A lot of circumstances can lead to sports injuries, and when it comes to players, injuries can be as a result of;

      Improper tackle – take for instance a tackle carried out during a rugby game but done inappropriately.

      • Poor coaching – a coach or a trainer can misdirect his players, advising them to use tactics that will cause injury to the other team.

      Unmaintained fields and equipment – playing on fields or courts that are uneven or badly maintained can lead to serious injuries, as can using faulty sports equipment.

      Violent behavior – this can occur during a game between players.

      In terms of spectators, sports injuries can occur as a result of;

      Game riots – these can result in massive injuries when one set of fans decide to fight against another.

      Gaming equipment –balls frequently find their way into the crowd which can result in serious injuries.

      Cars veering off track – rally cars are known to lose control and veer off the track into the crowd.

      Poorly maintained stadiums or grounds – seats collapsing due to poor maintenance can claim fatalities.

      Sports injury claims can be made by the old and young alike. School children can incur injuries during a PE lesson. Those exercising in gyms, taking aerobics classes, participating in martial arts are all prone to make an injury claim.

      These sports injury claims may include broken bones, head injuries, fractures and torn ligaments etc. However, in all these cases, for a claim to stand any chance, there has to be proof of negligence on behalf of the players, the manager/coach, the referee, the game organizers or the owner of the stadium or grounds. If injuries are to occur, for either players or spectators, due to the above mentioned factors compensation is warranted.

      Sports injury claims procedure

      There is a procedure that ought to be followed should you find yourself with a sports injury. If this occurs out of negligence, you need to be aware that you stand to be compensated should you make a claim. This will include any medical or other costs incurred as well as for any injury and suffering you undergo.  The correct procedure to take would then be;

      Get treatment – you need to go to a doctor and get checked up immediately in order to take care of the injury as well as have a diagnosis filed and recorded. This will also be indicative of financial costs incurred for medication and other medical necessities.

      Note down witnesses – if there were any witnesses, make sure you note down their information somewhere as reference for your claim. This will act as additional proof of the events that led to the injury.

      Appoint a suitable solicitor – you should hire a solicitor to handle your sports injury claims case, but make sure you get someone who has prior knowledge of such claims.

      Present any necessary documentation – whatever information you have that pertains to the sports injury claim should be given to your solicitor. This includes medical bills, incurred expenses, uncollected wages etc. All this will help in determining your claim and how much you should be compensated.

      Compensation can be awarded depending on a couple of factors. Due to the injury, you are likely to undergo a lot of pain and distress which might limit your everyday activities. As such, you can be compensated for what is termed as general damages. This amount will be reflected in the time taken recovering and the number of routine undertakings that were put on hold due to the incident.

      sports injury claim

      Sports Injury Claims

      There is also an additional special claim which incorporates any financial losses experienced throughout the injury period, as well as all other expenses incurred to meet medical costs or everyday expenditures.

      Sports injury claims can entail a great deal of different factors. Professional players earn their income through sports, and a neglectful injury that leaves them unable to play anymore can include compensation for all future lost earnings. In case the injury leads to death, the family can make the claim and get compensated for their loss and in addition, all expenses incurred as pertains to the funeral.

      If an injured individual is left in a position where constant care has to be provided, expenses have to be accounted for in the sports injury claims for the care given which could include any needed supplies or equipment, the living facility, and transportation.

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