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      Scarring Claims

      Scars are a result of the body’s wound repair process after a personal injury. While some scars are temporary and fade away after a short time, others may be permanent and act as constant reminders of the incident.

      Whether temporary or permanent, scars can affect people in different ways. They can leave the victim having to deal with deep psychological and emotional trauma long after the pain of the injury has gone. Loss of confidence is another common issue that somebody will often have to deal with particularly if the scarring is visible such as facial scars. In a worst case scenario, scars can also restrict normal movement.

      If you have been scarred because of an injury that was caused due to somebody else’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim for compensation. To obtain the maximum compensation possible, it is important to speak with us as soon as you’re able to do so. We have experience in dealing with scarring injuries and even if you just want some expert advice at this time we are happy to assist.

      Scarring Claims – Two Important Points To Note

      There are two things you will have to prove if you are planning on starting the process of a scarring accident claim. Both of these factors are equally important.

      1. You will have to prove that the accident or injury was caused because of a third party’s negligent actions or lack of action
      2. You have to prove that the scar was a result of that particular incident

      It Sounds Pretty Straightforward – Do You Really Need To Hire A Solicitor?

      Proving that you have sustained a scar due to an injury is not complicated. Scars are often easily visible and nobody can contest that. However, proving that the original injury was due to somebody else’s wrong-doing or lack of care can prove to be more difficult especially as the defending party is sure to challenge your claim. This is where an experienced accident claims solicitor can be of invaluable help, even if it is not ourselves.

      Expert accident claims solicitors should have in-depth knowledge about the different aspects of personal injury law in the UK. They know exactly what you will need to file a successful claim and they know how to put your case across to make it more compelling.

      Moreover, you really have everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting a solicitor to help file your claim. Most accident claims solicitors will help you collect all of the necessary information and file a litigation claim without asking for any upfront fees.

      How The Accident Claims Process Works

      When you contact an accident claims solicitor, you will usually get a free first consultation, at least with us you will. At this consultation, the solicitor will want to know all details pertaining to the accident or injury as well as the extent of the scars and the expenses you have had to bear because of the injury and any subsequent scar removal procedures you may have undergone. Based on this information, the accident claims solicitor will let you know what are your chances of filing a successful claim.

      Because there are no legal fees involved, the solicitor will agree to represent you only if you have a strong case and your chances of winning are high. If you decide to go ahead, you will need to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement. This agreement states the amount that you will have to pay if you win the case and receive the compensation amount from the other party. With an agreement such as this, the odds are stacked in your favour as you are getting expert help without having to bear any costs. Even if the case is decided in your favour, the amount you will have to pay is usually an agreed percentage of the compensation (typically 25%), so you are never out of pocket at any time.

      Scarring ClaimHow Much Compensation Can You Expect For A Scarring Claim?

      There is no fixed compensation that is awarded for scarring. The amount of compensation that you can expect for scarring will depend on the extent of the scar injury and whether it is a temporary or permanent scar. If the scar injury can be removed through cosmetic surgery, the total cost of the procedure may also be included in the scar compensation claim.

      In order to calculate the appropriate compensation, you will need to provide a medical report from the cosmetic surgeon, detailing the extent of the injuries, the procedure involved in erasing the scars and a prognosis as to the possible symptoms you may suffer in the future.

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