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Gym Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Do I Get For A Gym Accident?

Gym InjuryIn the last decade or two UK, gyms have become a popular way of keeping fit for many people. Whether you’re a gym member into aerobic exercises or using weights to change the shape of your body, there’s bound to be a gym in your area that will fit your needs. A good workout can be beneficial in a number of ways but, if the gym isn’t run properly, accidents can happen. Importantly, if you’re injured at your gym due to somebody else’s negligence, such as the gym owner or employee, you may be eligible to make a gym injury compensation claim.

The process of claiming compensation for an accident at a gym is explained in this guide, however, if you want to speak with an advisor right away for free, no-obligation advice, please call us on 0800 6524 881.

Am I Eligible To Make A Gym Injury Compensation Claim?

When you sign up to a gym membership, you should expect it to be well maintained with equipment that is safe to use. You would probably also expect the staff to be knowledgeable and to provide expert advice on how to use exercise equipment. In fact, the gym operator has a duty of care to clients to try and keep all gym users as safe as possible during their visit. Therefore, if you are injured in some way due to negligence, you could have the grounds to begin an accident claim to sue your gym for injury compensation.

Personal injury claims are made to cover any pain, suffering, or loss of amenity caused by your injuries. Additionally, you could claim financial losses too if the gym accident has left you out of pocket. For gym accident claims to be successful, you will need to prove that:

  • An accident happened whilst using the gym; and
  • It was caused by the owners/operator’s negligence; and
  • You were injured during the incident.

As with any type of personal injury claim, you should provide evidence to help prove what happened. Therefore, we’ll look at this a bit further down the page.

Common Causes Of Gym Injury Claims

To show why you might be eligible to start a gym injury claim, we’ve listed some common gym-based accidents below:

Don’t worry if a scenario similar to yours isn’t listed above. Gym owners and operators have a duty to keep you as safe as possible. Therefore, whatever type of injury you’ve sustained, if it was caused by negligence, you could be eligible to begin a gym injury claim.

Importantly, if you’ve signed a waiver or disclaimer when joining the gym, don’t be put off from claiming. If the accident in the gym was not your fault, we could help you begin a claim.

Common Injuries Caused By Accidents In Gyms

There are quite a lot of different injuries that could mean you’re eligible to claim compensation following an accident in a gym. Some of the more common include:

For free legal advice on starting a gym accident claim, please get in touch with our team today.

How Much Compensation For A Gym Accident Could I Get?

Any compensation payout you’d get for injuries sustained in a gym accident varies widely because each and every claim is different. For example, some gym injuries could prevent you from exercising for a short while but others could cause significant and long-term injuries. Therefore, the amount you’ll receive if your case is won will be determined by several factors such as what injuries were sustained, the severity of the injury/injuries, and whether you’ll continue to suffer in the future. If your injury causes a long-term or permanent disability, any compensation paid should reflect this.

While we can’t say exactly how much you’ll receive in this guide without knowing the details, we do offer a free case review by way of a phone consultation. If one of our personal injury solicitors or specialist advisors review your case, they should be able to provide a personalised compensation estimate for you.

After your gym injury claim has been assessed, we could appoint an experienced personal injury solicitor to represent you if it has strong enough grounds. Importantly, any case that is accepted will be funded by a No Win No Fee agreement so you won’t need to worry about losing money on legal fees.

Gym Injury Compensation Calculator

As mentioned previously, each claimant will have suffered differently from the next. For that reason, it is not possible to say exactly how much compensation you might be paid for your injuries.

However, legal professionals can refer to guidelines set out by the Judicial College when assessing gym injury claims. By doing so, they can estimate what amount could be awarded for specific injuries.

Therefore, using our gym injury compensation calculator below you’ll be able to refer to these figures to see how much might be paid in a gym injury claim.

Compensation Calculator
Part Of Body
How Severe?


*Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

Please note that the figures listed in our compensation calculator are for guidance only. Should you go on to win your claim, your settlement figure could be different to those listed, higher or lower. You could be eligible to claim for any gym injury whether it’s shown in our calculator or not. To learn more, please contact our team who’ll advise you of your options for free.

Evidence To Support A Gym Injury Compensation Claim

Things you could do that might help with the claims process against a gym include:

  • Photograph or record a video of the cause of your accident if possible.
  • Report the accident to the gyms staff. By law, gyms need to keep a record of any accidents and you can request a copy of the accident report.
  • Make a note of the contact details of any gym members or others who witnessed what happened.
  • Have your injuries assessed and treated at A&E. Medical records could be asked for later on to show the severity of your injuries.
  • See if the gym is covered by CCTV. If so, request a copy of your accident if it was captured.
  • Keep a diary of any visible injuries by photographing them regularly.
  • Record any expenses you incur that are linked to your injuries such as travel costs, medication costs, and lost earnings.

We offer free reviews of gym injury claims. If you’d like a specialist to consider your evidence and check whether you could be paid compensation, please get in touch today.

Time Limits For Claiming Gym Injury Compensation

A personal injury claim must be made within the claims time limit. Generally, this is a 3-year period that would begin from the date of your gym accident. If you don’t learn about your injuries until later on, however, the 3-year time frame will begin from the date of diagnosis.

In more serious cases where injuries mean that the claimant doesn’t have the mental capacity to begin legal proceedings, a litigation friend could claim on their behalf and the time limit could be extended.

You may wonder how long your gym injury claim will take to be settled? Well, this can depend on whether the defendant admits liability for the accident and your injuries. If they do, the claim could be settled in a matter of months. Where negotiations are required or where additional medical reports are needed to fully understand the extent of your injuries, compensation claims can take several months longer to be settled, and even years.

If you would like us to consider your claim and let you know whether one of our expert solicitors could represent you, please contact us today for advice.

Starting The Gym Injury Claims Process

Even in cases that you believe are clear-cut, evidence needs to be presented in a clear and concise method to try and ensure you are compensated fairly. Not only will you need to show that the accident at the gym took place, but you must also be able to prove the gym was negligent and that you sustained an injury too.

Having a legal specialist working with you is likely to be the easiest way to achieve this. If your case is accepted, we’ll appoint a solicitor to start the gym injury claims process. They’ll gather the evidence required to support your case, handle all queries from the defendant, and most importantly, aim to ensure your case is won and the right level of compensation is paid. They will also make sure that you are kept up to date throughout.

We believe that our personal injury solicitors will improve the chances of winning your case significantly, and could also mean you have a better chance of receiving a higher amount of compensation for your suffering.

If you’d like us to check if we could help you with making a gym injury compensation claim, please call 0800 6524 881 today and we’ll provide free legal advice on your options.

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