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    Beauty Salon Treatment Negligence Claims

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      Beauty Salon Treatment Negligence Claims

      In this guide to beauty treatment claims, we’ll show you what types of mistakes by a beauty therapist could enable you to claim compensation, the types of injuries that might be claimed for, and Beauty Salon Treatmentwhat level of compensation you might expect to be paid.

      Proving beauty treatment negligence can be tricky. Don’t worry though as we can help. Our personal injury team can review your claim and provide free advice without you being obliged to make a claim. If you do decide to proceed, though, and your claim is accepted, we could refer it to one of our personal injury solicitors. Should they take you on as a client, you’ll benefit from their No Win No Fee service.

      If you have already decided to claim for suffering caused by beauty salon negligence, please call our team right away on 0800 6524 881. If you’d like more information before you start, please read on.

      Are You Eligible To Make A Beauty Treatment Claim?

      If you suffer because of negligent beauty treatment it can cause physical effects that have a negative impact on your confidence. It is for these reasons that you may decide to begin a compensation claim. If you ask a personal injury solicitor to represent you, they’ll check whether:

      • The beauty therapist or practitioner owed you a duty of care (this will almost certainly be the case);
      • Whether they were negligent in the way they treated you.
      • And, as a result of that negligence, you suffered physically, psychologically, or both.

      If all of the above is true in your case, you may be able to make a beauty treatment claim. Before we look at what forms of negligence in a beauty salon could lead to a compensation claim, let’s consider how you prove what happened. To provide evidence for your claim, you could:

      • Request copies of medical records from the GP, minor injuries unit, or hospital that treated your injuries.
      • Ask the beauty salon for a copy of the accident report they will have created after you informed them about your injuries.
      • Write down the details of any witnesses who were with you when you were treated.
      • Collect any emails, letters or correspondence from the salon about your beauty treatment. You could also include any leaflets that the salon provided prior to treatment.
      • Write down your version of events including what happened before, during and after the event.
      • Keep records of any costs you’ve incurred because of the incident.

      Due to the importance of some of this evidence, we would always suggest that you make sure the beauty salon is aware of your injuries and that you seek treatment from a medical professional.

      Once you have collected as much evidence as possible to support your beauty treatment claim, give our team a call. We’ll review everything with you and let you know if you have the grounds to begin a claim.

      How Compensation Is Calculated For Beauty Salon Negligence Claims

      If you’re going to claim compensation following negligence in a beauty salon, you may be wondering just how much compensation you could get? Usually when calculating compensation solicitors will split claims into two different parts:

      • General damages. This element is based on the pain, suffering caused by the beauty salon negligence. It also covers any loss of amenity. For example, if temporary scarring meant you lost the confidence to participate in some of your normal hobbies, this could be factored into your claim.
      • Special damages. In this part of your claim, you’ll look to recover any monetary costs or losses caused by your injuries. Examples here include medical expenses, loss of earnings, and travel costs.

      To prove the extent of your injuries caused by the beauty treatment, you may be required to undertake a medical assessment. This will be carried out by an independent medical expert. They will examine your injuries, discuss their effects, and review your medical notes. Then they’ll write a report for you that explains your prognosis. So you don’t need to travel too far, our solicitors can usually arrange local appointments.

      How Much Compensation For Beauty Salon Negligence Claims?

      As each beauty treatment compensation claim is unique, there’s no way of telling you exactly how much compensation you’ll receive for your injuries. However, we can provide some compensation ranges from the Judicial College. These are figures solicitors and insurers use when setting compensation amounts for general damages. We have used the same data in our compensation calculator below.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      If you work with one of our personal injury solicitors, they’ll explain what level of compensation they’ll request once your case has been fully reviewed. To find out more about what you could claim for injuries caused by a negligent beauty treatment, please get in touch today.

      Types Of Beauty Salon Treatment Injuries

      There is a whole raft of different treatments on offer at beauty salons these days. While most clients are happy with the outcome of their procedure, mistakes and injuries can and do happen. Let’s now look at some examples that could result in a beauty salon treatment negligence claim. They include:

      • Hair loss.
      • Allergic reactions to wax, eyelash or eyebrow dye.
      • Scarring or burns from laser treatments or chemical peels.
      • Injuries caused by lip fillers.
      • Burns, blisters or lacerations from waxing.
      • Infections caused by waxing.
      • Tanning burns or rashes.
      • Injuries resulting from the incorrect use of semi-permanent makeup.
      • Fungal infections caused by poor hygiene.
      • Damage to the beds of your nails resulting from overfilling.
      • Injuries to the eyes caused by dyes or lash extensions.

      Some common examples include:

      Burns Due To Chemical Peels

      Chemical peels are used to slough off the superficial layers of the skin to give it a smoother appearance. This is a preferred treatment for those with acne scars. The beauty therapist may use a superficial, medium or deep chemical peel depending on the severity of the acne scars. Because of the likelihood of burn injury from wrongful treatment, chemical peels should only be applied by highly trained and experienced beauty therapists.

      If the beauty therapist chooses the wrong treatment or if the procedure is carried out without preliminary testing, you could suffer from severe burns due to wrongful treatment.

      Bikini Line Injuries Due To Waxing

      The skin along the bikini line is very delicate and sensitive. If hot wax or any other hair removal product is wrongfully applied, you could get painful burns, blisters, tearing of the skin, scarring and long-standing pain that persists beyond the usual healing period.

      If you have suffered bikini line injuries, get in touch with our solicitors right away. You could get compensated for the pain and suffering that you have had to endure and the time you have had to take off from work to heal and recover.

      Injuries Due To Laser Hair Removal

      Many people undergo laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair without knowing the risk involved. If the therapist is not experienced and qualified to handle the laser, it can lead to grievous injuries. These may include skin burns, scarring, removal of too much hair, removal of hair from the wrong areas, infection, skin sensitivity, itching, and psychological issues due to the nature of the injury.

      The technician carrying out the laser hair removal is responsible for making you aware of the possible risks while also ensuring that the procedure is carried out without putting you at risk. However, if the technician does not meet their responsibilities, it can be said that they were acting negligently and you may be legally entitled to beauty treatment compensation for your pain and suffering.

      Burns Due To Hair Dyes

      Going to the salon to get your hair dyed may seem like the safest thing in the world. This is one of the most common reasons why people visit a salon. At the salon, it is the beautician’s responsibility to take all precautions to ensure your comfort and safety. One of the pre-dye tests that are normally carried out is a sensitivity test to ensure that you are not allergic to the hair dye. Sensitivity to hair dyes can result in scalp burns, allergic reactions or hair loss.

      Incorrect mixing of chemicals, not checking for sensitivity or leaving hair dye too long on the hair can lead also to injuries for which you could claim compensation.

      Injuries Due To Semi-Permanent Makeup

      Semi-permanent makeup is developed by placing coloured glycerine and minerals under the superficial layers of the skin. This colouring can remain under your skin for a period of five years, and it has the same risks as those involved while getting your skin tattooed.

      One of the biggest risks of semi-permanent makeup application is an allergic reaction. This is especially true for skin that is delicate, like on the face or bikini area. It is necessary that the beauty therapist carry out a sensitivity test before applying semi-permanent makeup. If this is not done and the therapist does not follow the instructions of the manufacturer, it could damage your skin, resulting in an allergic reaction or severe burns.

      In case you have sustained injuries due to a semi-permanent makeup application, you must consider consulting with our personal injury solicitors to explore your rights and determine whether you can get compensated.

      Injuries Due To Eyelash Extension Or Dyeing

      Attaching eyelash extensions or dyeing eyelashes requires a steady hand. If the beauty technician is distracted or inexperienced, it can lead to an eye injury, such as bacterial infection, scratched cornea, or chemical burn to the eye. In some cases, the scarring can be permanent, requiring extensive remedial procedures that are quite costly.

      Each of these scenarios could result in a compensation claim if they were caused by beauty salon negligence. That could include:

      • Not warning you about potential side effects.
      • Failing to conduct patch tests prior to treatment.
      • Working in unhygienic conditions.
      • Failing to discuss your allergies.
      • Using the wrong equipment.

      Whatever has caused your injuries, we could help you to start a claim. Therefore, why not call our team today on 0800 6524 881 and we’ll investigate your options.

      Time Limits That Apply To Beauty Treatment Compensation Claims

      It is important to note that beauty treatment compensation claims have time limits. In accordance with the Limitation Act 1980, all claims have a 3-year period in which they must be started. For most claims relating to negligent beauty treatment, your time limit will start from the date you were treated and injured. On some occasions, where symptoms don’t present immediately, the time limit will start from when your injuries were apparent.

      To make things easier for you and your solicitor, we’d advise starting your beauty treatment claim as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll allow plenty of time for your solicitor to gather any supporting evidence that’s needed. Also, it will be a lot easier for you to remember what happened and how you were affected.

      If you’d like us to check how long you have left to start your claim, please call today.

      Using A Personal Injury Solicitor For Beauty Treatment Claims

      When you leave a beauty salon, you’d expect that the treatment you paid for had been successful and achieved what you’d hoped for. That would be the case whether the beauty treatment was to change your hair colour, change the shape of your eyebrows, improve your skin’s complexion, or remove excess facial hair. What you wouldn’t expect is that the beauty salon caused you to suffer from skin irritations, burns, or rashes.

      We believe that taking on legal representation for any type of beauty treatment claim can improve the chances of being compensated. It could also mean you receive a higher amount of compensation.

      In most cases, claims won’t be handled by the beauty salon that treated you. Instead, the owner will send it to their insurance company. When dealing with insurers, you’ll often find that they want to limit how much they payout as compensation. Therefore, if you don’t have the skills or evidence to convince them why their client was to blame for your injuries, you may lose the compensation you’re entitled to.

      To make the claims process easier, why not find out if one of our solicitors will represent you? They’ll handle all aspects of the claim for you so there won’t be any need for you to deal with medical or legal questions from the insurer. You will know what’s going on, though, as you’ll be updated regularly. Your solicitor will try to deal with any objections by supplying extra evidence and will always try to win the largest compensation payment possible.

      If you would like to discuss your options with us today, call us on 0800 6524 881. We’ll start the ball rolling right away with a free review of your beauty treatment compensation claim.

      Last updated 16th October 2021.

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