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      Hair Dye Injury Claims

      Using hair dye has become such a common practice, not many of us give a second thought to the potential dangers. The truth is many hair dyes contain strong, harsh chemicals. This is not surprising considering they have to be able to alter the colour of our hair. While most people use hair dyes without any problems, some individuals can experience severe reactions to the chemicals in the dye.

      Hair Dye Injury ClaimIf you or a loved one have suffered an injury from hair dye whether at home or in a salon, you may be able to make a hair dye injury claim for compensation.

      Symptoms Of Injuries From Hair Dye

      Hair dye injuries can be distressing, painful, and potentially life-threatening. While some symptoms can be clearly linked to the use of hair dye, others may be more deceptive. You may not realise at first that your symptoms have anything to do at all with using a hair dye. If any of these symptoms manifest within a short time of having dyed your hair, it could be because of a reaction to the chemicals in the dye.

      Common symptoms of a hair dye injury include:

      • Painful scalp irritation that cannot be calmed down
      • Chemical burns
      • Rash or swelling of the scalp
      • Severe damage to the hair in the form of thinning, breakage, or falling out in clumps
      • Severe headache for no apparent reason
      • Blurry vision
      • Nausea or vomiting

      In more severe cases of an allergic reaction to hair dye chemicals may result in hair loss, bleeding of the hair follicles, or anaphylactic shock. Although extremely rare, a severe allergic reaction could be fatal.

      Can You Make A Hair Dye Injury Compensation Claim?

      Hair dye injuries can happen whether you get your hair dyed at a beauty salon or you use a home hair dye kit. In either case, you have a legal right to make a hair dye injury claim for your injuries if you can prove that the injury was caused due to no fault of yours.

      How Do I Prove The Injury From Hair Dye Was Due To Negligence?

      If you were dyeing your hair at home, you must be able to prove that you followed all instructions and precautions as stated on the packaging. Despite this, you were still injured. In this case, you may be able to file a claim against the dye manufacturer.

      If you got your hair dyed professionally at a salon, you must be able to prove that it was the salon’s negligence that resulted in your injuries. It could be that they failed to do a patch test to determine if you were allergic to the chemicals in the hair dye for example. Or maybe they left the dye on too long, causing burn injuries to the scalp. In this case, the hair salon may be held liable.

      What To Do If You Suffer A Hair Dye Injury

      There are a few things you must do to protect yourself and your legal rights if you experience a severe reaction after the treatment.  This is regardless of whether the hair dye injury happened at home or at a salon.

      • Get your injuries treated at the earliest – Contact your GP or visit the hospital as soon as the symptoms manifest. Do this even if the symptoms seem mild as they could get worse with time. Ask the doctor for a medical report stating that your injuries were caused because of a reaction to hair dye. Remember to keep all your medical receipts, doctor’s notes, and diagnostic reports. You will need all of these if you decide to pursue a hair dye injury claim.
      • Create a written record – If you got your hair dyed at a salon, make sure you inform the manager verbally and also create a written record in the salon’s accident book. Get a signed receipt of this record for yourself.
      • Take photographs of the visible injuries – You may not be able to gather photographic evidence of all the symptoms but take photographs of those you can. If the treatment caused your hair to fall out, take a series of photographs showing the daily hair loss.
      • Keep the packaging/receipt – If you dyed your hair at home, don’t throw away any of the components of the hair dye kit. Keep them all, including the instruction leaflet and the package. If you got your hair dyed at a salon, keep the receipt to show the date of the treatment.

      Making A Hair Dye Injury Claim

      Using an experienced personal injury solicitor to make your hair dye injury claim can not only increase your chances of winning your claim but also increase your odds of getting the maximum amount of compensation awarded for these types of injuries.

      If you have a strong case, most solicitors will go out of their way to help you by waiving their upfront fees using a No Win No Fee agreement. With our No Win No Fee agreement, you don’t have to worry about paying anything out of pocket, neither do you have to worry about any financial risk. If your hair dye injury claim is unsuccessful you won’t have to pay anything at all. You only pay a success fee if your claim is successful and you receive compensation. This success fee is calculated as a set percentage of the compensation awarded to you and is deducted directly from the compensation once it has been paid.

      The exact amount of compensation you can expect to receive will vary depending on the severity of your injuries and the total financial losses you’ve incurred as a direct result of your injuries. The total financial losses take into consideration factors such as medical expenses for treatment of your injuries, travel expenses associated with ongoing treatments, loss of income, cost of adapting your home or car to accommodate your injuries, and the cost of care if necessary.

      If you’ve suffered a hair dye injury and would like to discuss with a solicitor the process and cost of making a hair dye injury claim, please contact us for a free consultation.

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