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      Sunbed Tanning Injury Claims

      Tanning salons are hugely popular in the UK, where natural tanning can be exceedingly difficult if not impossible most of the year. Unfortunately, there are risks associated with using sunbeds, especially if the salon does not take proper precautions. Sunbed tanning injuries can range from a mild skin burn to non-treatable skin cancer. If your injuries from sunbed tanning were caused because the salon owner was negligent in their responsibilities, you may have grounds to file a claim for compensation.

      The Law Regarding Tanning Salons

      The risks of using sunbeds for getting a tan without taking proper precautions are well documented. To minimise these dangers, the law requires all tanning salon owners to observe strict health and safety regulations when providing sun beds for public use.

      To start with, all sunbeds and other related equipment must be safety tested regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. Additionally, all staff working with tanning equipment must undergo extensive training in the proper use of the equipment before being allowed to work with customers.

      Additionally, all tanning salons are required to follow certain protocol to ensure the safety of their clients, including:

      • All clients must be given a medical form to fill in during their first visit. If the client has any condition that could be adversely affected by the tanning procedure, the salon owner must inform the client about the potential risks of going ahead with using the sunbed.
      • The salon must also educate their clients on safe use of UV sunbeds. This includes providing information on how to use the equipment, recommended exposure time, and the risks associated with improper or extended use of tanning sunbeds.
      • Clients must be provided with protective goggles, which must be worn during the entire time they are using the sunbed to protect eyes from damage that the UV rays from sunbed lamps can cause.

      If you suffered injuries because the tanning salon failed to comply with any of the above requirements, you must consider exercising your legal right to claim compensation.

      UV Sunbed

      Common Injuries Form Sunbeds

      Using a sunbed to acquire a tan can be compared to getting tanned while sitting out in the sun. The injuries associated with both activities are similar too.

      Blisters and burn injuries are the most common injuries related to the use of sunbeds. These may result from incorrectly timing the sunbed duration, either due to a faulty timer or because of a staff member’s error. Blisters and burn injuries may also result from setting the heat too high on the UV light. Information on burn injury claims can be found here.

      A far more serious injury that may result from improper sunbed use is skin cancer. Unfortunately, the symptoms of skin cancer do not manifest immediately, and some people may not receive the necessary treatment early enough.

      In most cases, sunbed tanning injuries are caused from being under the care of untrained operators who may offer customers improper advice and information regarding the safe length of time to spend on the sunbed and how often a sunbed can be used safely without the risk of any adverse effect

      Understanding Your Rights For A Sunbed Tanning Injury

      Although the inherent risks of using tanning sunbeds are recognised and accepted, anyone who chooses to use one does so under the assumption that the salon will take the proper precautions to ensure their safety. If the salon was negligent in their responsibilities and you get injured as a result, you have a right to claim compensation.

      To win the compensation due to you, you will have to file a claim in court and provide irrefutable proof that your injuries were caused because of a faulty sunbed or negligent services received at the salon.

      How To Proceed With A Sunbed Tanning Compensation Claim

      Some sunbed related injuries such as blisters and burns will be evident immediately after the procedure, while others such as skin cancer may take months or even years to get diagnosed. As soon as you become aware of the injuries, whether it is a few days or years after the procedure, you must get in touch with a personal injury solicitor so you can get expert legal advice as to how to proceed with filing the claim.

      Most solicitors will offer you the first consultation free of charge. At this appointment whether by phone or face-to-face, they will assess the specific circumstances surrounding your injury to determine whether you have a strong enough case to proceed.

      One way you can help your solicitor and yourself is by making sure you have evidence to support your sunbed injury claim. This could be in the form of photographs showing the cleanliness of the tanning salon and the condition of equipment used in your procedure. Getting photographs that show the extent of your injuries will also help strengthen your case as the salon may find it difficult to refute photographic evidence of your injuries. The most compelling evidence you can provide is your doctor’s diagnosis detailing the cause of your injuries and the course of treatment recommended.

      If the solicitor determines that you have a solid case against the tanning salon and are due compensation, most will go all out to help you fight your tanning injury claim without asking you for any money upfront. Instead, they will offer their legal expertise on the basis of a No Win No Fee agreement. One of the clauses in this agreement is that the solicitor will bear all expenses related to the case while it is in process. You are only liable to pay if the court decides in your favour and awards you compensation. At the time of signing the agreement, both you and the solicitor will have to discuss and agree on the amount to be paid and the mechanics of making the payment.

      When you have a personal injury solicitor working for you, you know they will do their research on precedents and also consult with medical professionals to make sure that you are awarded the maximum compensation for your sunbed tanning injuries. They will ask for compensation not just for your medical expenses, but also for your physical pain and suffering, your mental anguish, and any loss of income and perks from having to stay home from work because of your injuries.

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