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      Hair Damage Compensation Claims

      Hair damage can have repercussions that are much more serious than a casual bad hair day. Damage to hair can be caused in various ways and can result in a several short as well as long term Hair Damage Claimconsequences. If your hair damage was due to professional negligence, an accident that was not your fault or a criminal act of violence, you may be entitled to file a hair damage compensation claim.

      Causes And Types Of Hair Damage Claims

      Any process or action that makes the condition of your hair worse than it was before the event, constitutes hair damage. While negligence on the part of hairdressers is the most common cause of hair damage claims, it is not the only cause.

      These are some of the different causes of hair damage and the types of damage they could potentially result in.

      Professional Negligence In Terms Of Wrongful Product Usage

      This refers to hair damage that results from the hairdresser for example leaving chemicals such as hair dye on the hair too long or applying chemicals that are too strong for the hair. Either of these actions could result in a wide range of injuries including but not limited to:

      • Irritation and itchiness of the scalp
      • Scalp dermatitis
      • Tingling sensation on the scalp
      • Burn injuries on the scalp
      • Dry, brittle hair that breaks easily
      • Thinning of hair
      • Excessive hair loss
      • Bald patches
      • Alopecia
      • Permanently damaged hair follicles
      • Emotional trauma

      If you have suffered any of the above due to negligence you could have a claim for hair damage compensation

      Professional Negligence In Terms Of Wrongful Haircut

      A haircut that is not to your explicit specifications can do damage that goes beyond the obvious disappointment. If you have a job that requires you to maintain a certain hair style, such as modelling or acting, a wrong haircut can impact your earnings. If professional negligence has led to hair damage and loss of earning as a result, compensation for the loss of earnings could be included in a hair damage compensation claim.

      Hair Damage From An Assault

      An assault can cause hair damage if your hair was pulled from the scalp during the incident or if acid or some other corrosive substance was forcibly applied to your scalp. You may like to refer to our criminal injury claims page for more information on assault claims.

      Work-Related Hair Damage

      Faulty equipment or lack of personal protective equipment may cause your hair to get caught in a machine resulting in excruciating pain, hair loss and psychological trauma.

      Regardless of the exact reason, if your hair damage was caused by somebody else’s mistake or negligence, you should contact a personal injury solicitor to explore your legal options.

      Making A Hair Damage Compensation Claim

      If you’re considering making a hair damage compensation claim but aren’t sure how to proceed most personal injury solicitors offer no-obligation telephone consultations free of charge. You can use this consultation to determine whether or not you have a valid claim and how to proceed from there. The solicitor will assess the merits of your case based on how the hair damage happened and why.

      After discussing what’s happened they should then can then advise you about your legal rights accordingly. If the solicitor concludes there is no claim or the claim is unlikely to be successful they may advise you not to pursue any legal action. However, if you have a strong legal grounds to claim hair damage compensation, not only will they advise you to go ahead with filing a hair damage compensation claim, they will likely also offer to take on your claim using a No Win No Fee agreement.

      How A No Win No Fee Agreement Works

      A typical No Win No Fee agreement allows you to avail of the solicitors’ legal expertise and experience without taking on any financial risk yourself. The agreement itself is a detailed document with all the terms and conditions clearly laid out. The gist of it is that the solicitor will bear all expenses associated with the claim till such time that the case is closed. You will not need to spend a penny from your own pocket to cover any expenses.

      If your hair damage compensation claim is unsuccessful and you do not receive any compensation for your injuries, you are not liable to pay anything, not even a fee for the legal services you’ve received so far. With a No Win No Fee contract in place, there is no financial burden on you at all as you do not have to pay any legal bills.

      If your claim is successful and you receive compensation, only then would you pay any fee which is calculated as a set percentage of the compensation awarded.

      Please be sure to read any legal agreement carefully as terms and details may differ.

      How Much Compensation For Hair Damage?

      Your solicitor will calculate the maximum compensation to claim based on your pain and suffering and financial losses and expenses associated with your injuries. These are known as general and special damages which are explained in more detail here.

      Hair Damage Compensation Amounts

      Compensation for pain and suffering takes into account the physical, mental, and emotional stress that the hair damage has caused you. Hair damage settlement amounts could include factors such as anxiety and shock, in addition to the physical pain.

      • Hair damage that has led to conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, burning of the scalp, hair loss, causing distress, embarrassment, depression, can see compensation of £6,890 to £10,340. Where there is significant psychological disability or surgery has been required compensation may be higher.
      • Less severe cases of hair damage where symptoms are typically minor can see compensation of around £3,710 to £6,890.

      Compensation for your financial losses and expenses might include any costs of medical treatments, travel expenses to the hospital for ongoing treatments, and lost income for time taken off work due to the injury. If your income is based heavily on your physical appearance and you suffered losses from being out of work for an extended period of time, you may be entitled to claim higher compensation.

      One of the many advantages of having a personal injury solicitor to represent you is that they have access to legal libraries as well as other legal experts that they can consult to determine the maximum amount of hair damage compensation you can claim for.

      If you’ve suffered hair damage and want to discuss making a hair damage compensation claim with a solicitor, please contact us for a free consultation today.

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