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Eyebrow Wax Burn Claims – How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

Eyebrow waxing is a common beauty treatment that is used to shape and tidy up eyebrows. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong and the person receiving the treatment may suffer a burn Eyebrow Waxingas a result. Importantly, if you have suffered a burn during an eyebrow waxing, you may be eligible to make an eyebrow wax burn compensation claim to cover your pain, suffering, and any financial losses.

In this guide to claiming compensation for eyebrow wax burns, we look at some of the common causes of eyebrow waxing burn injuries, what evidence you could use to support a claim, and how much compensation you could potentially get.

If you’ve experienced an eyebrow wax burn injury and would like to discuss your options with a personal injury solicitor right away, please call us on 0800 6524 881. If you want to find out more first, please read on.

Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation For An Eyebrow Wax Burn?

Yes, if you have suffered an eyebrow wax burn due to the negligence of a beauty therapist or salon, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

However, before proceeding with a claim, a personal injury solicitor will first want to verify that:

  • The beauty therapist who treated you was in some way negligent; and
  • You suffered an eyebrow wax burn as a direct result of their negligence.

Negligence can be defined as a failure to provide a reasonable standard of care or a breach of duty of care. This could be due to factors such as inadequate training or a lack of appropriate health and safety measures.

Can I Make A Claim If I Signed A Waiver Or Disclaimer?

Signing a waiver or disclaimer does not necessarily prevent you from making a claim for compensation for an eyebrow wax burn. If you can prove that the beauty therapist was negligent and did not provide a reasonable standard of care, you may still be entitled to compensation.

Please contact a claims advisor on our team if you’d like advice on what you have signed and whether it may affect your eligibility.

Common Causes Of Eyebrow Wax Burns

Eyebrow wax burn injuries can happen due to various different reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

  • The wax is too hot. When the wax used for eyebrow waxing is heated beyond the recommended temperature, it can cause severe burns. The skin around the eyebrows is delicate and sensitive, and overheated wax can result in permanent facial scars.
  • Improper application. Eyebrow waxing requires skill and precision, and if it’s not carried out correctly, it could result in burns. Inexperienced beauticians could use too much wax or apply it too quickly, causing the wax to stick to the skin and burn it.
  • Allergic reaction. Some clients may be allergic to the wax or waxing products used in eyebrow waxing. Allergic reactions can cause burns, rashes, and other skin irritations.
  • Lack of preparation. Proper preparation is essential for a successful eyebrow waxing. If the skin is not properly cleaned and dried prior to the procedure, it can lead to skin lifting causing burns.
  • Negligence of beauticians or staff. In some cases, eyebrow wax burns can be due to negligent beauticians or staff. This could be from using expired or defective products, not following health and safety procedures, or not providing adequate aftercare instructions.

Can I Claim Compensation For Scarring Caused By An Eyebrow Wax Burn?

Facial scarring can be a permanent reminder of the injury and can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health and quality of life. Therefore, if the burn from the eyebrow wax has resulted in scarring, this would be factored into your claim.

What Types Of Negligence Can Cause Eyebrow Wax Burns?

If you have experienced burns from an eyebrow wax or waxing, it’s possible that the therapist who performed the waxing could be held liable for negligence. Negligence can take various forms, including:

  • Failing to provide adequate warnings about potential side effects from waxing.
  • Providing unsanitary or unhygienic conditions for the treatment.
  • Not asking about or discussing your allergies before the treatment.
  • Using inappropriate or faulty equipment or eyebrow waxing products during the treatment.

Regardless of the severity of the eyebrow wax burn, if it was due to the negligence of a beautician or salon staff, you may be entitled to compensation so please contact us to discuss your options.

What Should I Do If I Suffer Burns From Eyebrow Waxing?

If you have suffered burns from eyebrow waxing, it’s important to take the following steps not only to limit the harm done but also to

  • Get medical attention. Burns can be serious and may require immediate medical attention. Therefore, if you have suffered a burn from eyebrow waxing, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even minor burns can lead to complications if left untreated.
  • Report the incident to the salon management. It’s vital to inform the salon management about your burns as soon as possible. This will not only help you get the necessary documentation for a compensation claim but it should also help to prevent similar waxing burns from happening to others.
  • Collect evidence of the injury and its cause. Collect evidence of your eyebrow burns and the cause, including photographs of the affected area, details of the eyebrow waxing procedure, and any communication with the salon staff. In this section, we describe the types of evidence in more detail.
  • Contact a personal injury solicitor. Contact our personal injury solicitors on 0800 6524 881 for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Remember that the burden of proof lies with the claimant, so it’s important to document and gather evidence of the eyebrow waxing burns and what caused them as soon as possible.

What Evidence Will I Need For A Compensation Claim?

When making an eyebrow wax burn compensation claim, you’ll need to collect evidence to support your claim.

Some of the types of evidence that may be helpful include:

  • Medical reports. If you had your eyebrow wax burns treated by your doctor or at a local hospital, the medical report can provide evidence of the extent and severity of the burns, as well as the medical treatment you received.
  • Medical expenses. Keep hold of any receipts related to your treatment for your injuries as these expenses could be claimed back.
  • Photographs. Photographs of your eyebrows and the affected area can provide visual evidence of the burns and how severe they were. Take photos of the burns as soon as possible after the eyebrow waxing and at regular intervals during your recovery.
  • Witnesses statements. If there were any witnesses to your eyebrow waxing, try to obtain their contact information. They may be able to provide a statement supporting your claim.
  • Salon records. Salon records, including the date of your appointment, the name of the beautician who performed the waxing, and any products used, can help establish the cause of the burns.
  • Communications with salon staff. Keep a record of any conversations you had with salon staff about the eyebrow waxing treatment. This might include emails, text messages, or notes of phone conversations.

Gathering as much evidence as possible to support your claim should help your chances of receiving the maximum compensation for eyebrow wax burns.

Once you’ve collected as much evidence as you can to support your claim, or you’re having trouble obtaining evidence, give our team a call. They’ll review everything you have thus far with you and let you know if you have the grounds to begin a claim. If more evidence is required, a personal injury solicitor on our team could help you with that.

How Much Compensation For Eyebrow Wax Burns Could I Claim?

The amount of compensation you could receive for eyebrow wax burns will depend on various factors, including the severity of the injury, the extent of the financial losses incurred, and the impact of the burns on your quality of life.

However, there are generally two types of compensation that can be claimed for personal injuries which are general damages and special damages.

General damages cover pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life, while special damages cover financial losses, such as medical expenses, lost earnings, travel expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses directly due to your injury.

Eyebrow Wax Burn Compensation Amounts Guide

To provide some idea of what level of compensation may be awarded for eyebrow wax burns, we’ve added some average settlement amounts below. Even though the payout amounts shown are related to scarring on the face as advised by the Judicial College, they should only be taken as a guide and refer solely to general damages.

  • Compensation for eyebrow wax burns resulting in severe scarring can range from £29,780 to £97,330.
  • For eyebrow wax burns resulting in less severe scarring, compensation can range from £17,960 to £48,420.
  • If the burns result in significant scarring to the face, the compensation can range from £9,110 to £30,090.
  • For eyebrow wax burns resulting in less significant scarring, the compensation can range from £3,950 to £13,740.
  • In cases where eyebrow wax burns result in minor scarring, the compensation can range from £1,710 to £3,530.

It’s also important to consider that eyebrow wax burns can have a significant psychological impact on a claimant, in addition to the physical severity of the burns. When assessing compensation payouts, any psychological injuries would typically be taken into account.

Will I Need To Attend A Medical?

In most cases, it’s necessary to obtain an expert opinion to establish the cause of your eyebrow wax burns and to determine the extent of the injury and its impact on your life. For example, a dermatologist may be able to provide an opinion on whether the injury was caused by overheated wax or an allergic reaction. This information will also be used to provide a more accurate estimate of the compensation you may be entitled to.

If you contact our claims advisors they can advise you better depending on your own situation, but if a medical is required your personal injury solicitor will try to arrange it to take place as near to your home as possible.

What’s The Time Limit For Claiming Compensation?

According to the Limitation Act 1980 in the UK, you’ll generally have 3 years to claim compensation for eyebrow wax burns which would typically start from the date you sustained the burns or the date you were aware you’d sustained burns.

If you were under 18 years old at the time of the eyebrow waxing and are still under 18 at this time, you cannot start a claim on your own. However, a litigation friend may begin the claim on your behalf. If you turn 18 and no claim has been made, you will then have 3 years to start your claim.

We’d advise that you start the eyebrow wax burns claims process as soon as possible, as gathering evidence and building a strong case can take some time.

Please contact our claims team if you’d like to verify how long you have left to make a claim.

How Long Does The Claims Process Take?

The length of time it takes to process an eyebrow wax burn compensation claim will depend on the individual circumstances of the case. Some claims may be settled in just a few months, more or less, while others may take a year or longer if liability is disputed or if there are complex legal issues involved.

A personal injury solicitor from our team could give you an estimate of how long your claim may take to process if you’d like to contact us for a free consultation

Starting The Eyebrow Wax Burn Compensation Claims Process

When choosing a personal injury solicitor for an eyebrow wax burn compensation claim, it’s important, in our opinion, that they have experience in handling similar claims. You should also look for a solicitor who is transparent about their fees and who you feel comfortable working with.

Fortunately, we have a team of specialist solicitors with up to 30 years of experience handling personal injury claims. All of our solicitors work on a No Win No Fee basis, which means that you will not need to pay any upfront fees to make a claim. If your claim is successful, we’ll simply take an agreed percentage of the compensation awarded as the fee. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not need to pay any fees at all.

If you’d like to discuss starting a claim with a personal injury solicitor today, call us on 0800 6524 881. They’ll guide you through the eyebrow wax burn compensation claims process and hopefully work towards getting you the compensation you deserve.

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