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      Dermal Filler Compensation Claims

      Dermal fillers can take in a variety of different substances but in effect dermal filler injections are simply a way to combat wrinkles and ageing skin. While some experts have called for dermal filler procedures to be carried out only on prescription, the authorities have resisted this call while they look to improve safety. If you have suffered adverse dermal filler side effects or have been injured from the procedure you might have a claim for dermal filler compensation.

      Dermal Filler Injury

      What Are Dermal Fillers?

      Dermal fillers are injections under the skin to alleviate wrinkles and signs of ageing. Over the years we have seen the introduction of an array of different substances which extend the impact they have on the body. Common types of dermal filler today include:

      • Collagen, perhaps the best known dermal filler, will last between three and four months before it needs replenished;;
      • Hyaluronic acid has a slightly extended impact lasting between four and six months;
      • Calcium hydroxyapatite offers a significantly extended impact period which can last up to 18 months;
      • Polylactic acid is a substance which needs to be administered over a number of months but can last up to 2 years.

      Common Side Effects Of Dermal Fillers

      While the cosmetic industry has come on in leaps and bounds over the years, and dermal fillers may be safer than they ever have been, we do tend to see a number of common adverse side effects when victims pursue a dermal filler compensation claim. The range of side effects associated with dermal fillers can include:

      • Infections of varying severity;
      • Swelling, bruising, itching and highly visible rashes;
      • Visible lumps under the skin where the substance has failed to cover the area in question;
      • Over a period of time some of the substance can slip into other areas of the body;
      • Injecting filler into blood vessels, blocking blood supply, can lead to issues such as blindness, pulmonary embolism and in some cases death.

      When injecting any type of foreign substance into the body there is likely to be some kind of reaction although the majority tend to be relatively mild and short lived. The injecting of dermal filler into blood vessels is thankfully extremely rare.

      Dermal Filler Injury Compensation

      The majority of dermal filler compensation claims for injuries revolve around facial issues. There may also be the aspect of psychiatric harm which can have a material impact upon the victim’s life going forward. Potential levels of compensation for facial and psychological injuries are displayed below, the compensation calculator can also be used for other injury types including more sever facial scarring. The figures displayed are advised levels of compensation but as each dermal filler injury claim is different the actual settlement figure may vary.

      • Facial disfigurement consisting of relatively trivial scarring can still see compensation awarded from £1,600 and £3,310.
      • Cases where a relatively small number of scars have remained after dermal filler injections could expect compensation from £3,710 up to £12,900.
      • Severe psychiatric damage to the lower end of the scale, which falls short of issues such as travel anxiety, phobias and long-term disability, tends to see compensation from £1,440 up to £5,500.
      • Moderate psychiatric issues which have a direct impact on the person’s ability to cope with life, work and education – together with difficulty holding relationships, increased anxiety and feelings of vulnerability – can lead to compensation from £5,500 up to £17,900.
      • Moderately severe psychiatric problems as a consequence of dermal filler injuries could see compensation from £17,900 up to £51,460. This level of compensation reflects a difficult long-term prognosis, the emergence of work-related stress which can impact the victim’s long-term income
      • Where the impact is extreme in areas of life, education and work, together with the emergence of anxiety and phobias, not to mention difficulty maintaining normal relationships with family and friends, compensation anywhere from £51,460 up to £108,620 could be expected.

      This is just a selection of the potential compensation awards on offer for those suffering injuries as a consequence of dermal filler accidents.

      Dermal Filler Injury Compensation Calculator

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Making A Dermal Filler Compensation Claim

      The crux of making a successful claim for dermal filler compensation is the necessity to prove negligence of one or more third parties which led to the accident and subsequent injuries. Issues which may bring about claims of negligence include malpractice, dereliction of duty of care, misinformation on potential side-effects, failure to investigate past medical issues and an unclean working environment leading to infection.

      Compensation for cosmetic procedures such as botox injury claims and dermal fillers are fairly commonplace today so it is likely that most personal injury solicitors have some experience in this area, ours do. Contacting solicitors for their expert advice (usually provided for free in an initial consultation) provides the opportunity to discuss with them what has occurred and review any evidence you may have thus far. Strong evidence might include before and after photographs of the dermal filler injections area, together with details from your medical records showing injuries and treatment administered, incomplete or misleading literature received from the practitioner and witness statements if possible.

      If the solicitor advises that you should make a dermal filler claim you would likely be offered an agreement on a No Win No Fee basis. Although you should check the fine details of any agreement you’re going to sign essentially No Win No Fee means you will only pay your solicitor on a successful dermal filler compensation claim and is usually an agreed percentage of the compensation itself.

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