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Botox Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Could I Claim

Botox injections and other cosmetic procedures have become more and more popular over the years. The aim of Botox injections for most people is to leave their skin smoother and wrinkle-free. While many people will be pleased with the outcome of their Botox treatment, mistakes do sometimes happen. Importantly, if you have suffered an injury or adverse effects/complications from a Botox treatment due to the negligence of the practitioner, you may be eligible to make a Botox injury claim for compensation.

Botox Injury

We’re here to help if you’re considering making a Botx claim. Initially, we offer a no-obligation telephone consultation to discuss what’s happened and what options you have. Where there appear to be grounds to proceed in starting a claim, we can refer you to one of our personal injury solicitors. If they take on your claim at your request, they’ll do so on a No Win No Fee basis.

Please read on to learn more about when you could claim for negligent Botox treatment. Alternatively, please get in touch on 0800 6524 881 if you’d like to begin your Botox compensation claim right away.

What Is Botox?

Botox (Botulinum toxin) is a drug used in small amounts to treat conditions like squinting, muscle spasms, excessive sweating, chronic migraines, and cerebral palsy. It is used cosmetically to help relax facial muscles so that fine lines and wrinkles in the face are less apparent.

The process involves cleaning the area where Botox is to be applied and then injecting small amounts. Usually, several doses will be used at different sites during treatment. The results of the treatment usually take a few days to be noticeable and last for around four months.

Are There Any Risks With Botox Injections?

Generally, Botox injections carry a small risk when properly administered by a qualified practitioner. Some typical side effects include bruising at the injection site along with a flu-like illness for a day or so after treatment. In some cases, drooping of the face can occur, which can be distressing but should ease as the effects wear off.

Some other symptoms associated with Botox and negligent treatments include:

  • Scarring.
  • Excessive swelling.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Permanent disfigurement.
  • Loss of speech.
  • Headaches.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Breathing difficulties.

It is also worth noting that it can take between three and five days for Botox treatment to become visible and anything up to 2 weeks before the full benefits are felt. It is not a quick fix same day beauty treatment, contrary to popular belief.

Am I Eligible To Claim Botox Compensation?

Botox compensation is awarded to cover pain, suffering, loss of amenity, and loss of earnings where an individual has suffered harm due to the negligence of a medical practitioner.

It is first worth noting that if you’re asking “can you sue for bad Botox”, assuming the procedure was carried out correctly, it is unlikely you could claim compensation. Having said that, it makes sense to get an expert opinion from a personal injury solicitor, especially as it costs nothing to ask ours.

When our solicitors review Botox compensation claims, they need to determine that there is a good chance of success. To help establish this, they’ll check whether:

  • You were owed a duty of care by the defendant (in most cases the practitioner/cosmetic surgeon); and
  • They broke that duty of care because they were negligent; and
  • Due to the negligent act, you suffered a Botox injury or adverse side effects.

While we have seen a tightening of regulations regarding general cosmetic procedures going wrong, the specific regulations covering the administration of Botox have helped to reduce the number of Botox compensation claims. We’d therefore suggest taking on specialist legal support. If you work with one of our solicitors, they’ll review your case with you and check why things went wrong. If there are grounds to make a Botox compensation claim they’ll collect evidence to support your case.

Negligence That Could Cause Botox Injuries

In this section, we’ll provide some examples of negligence that could lead to a Botox injury claim. They include:

  • If the risks of the procedure were not explained before it began.
  • Where your treatment was performed by an untrained practitioner.
  • If hygiene standards were not met during your Botox treatment.
  • Where your allergies were not discussed before starting the Botox procedure.
  • If more Botox than required was injected.
  • Where the injection was applied to the wrong site.

This is just a range of things that could go wrong with a Botox procedure and lead to a claim. Therefore, don’t worry too much if there’s not an example that matches your scenario. You could still claim so long as you have suffered because of negligence.

To support your case, you could provide any documentation you were given prior to the treatment as well as any emails or letters you received. Furthermore, if somebody else was with you while the Botox procedure was performed, you could supply their contact details to your solicitor if they agree for you to do so. A witness statement might help if the defendant denies any wrongdoing.

How Much Compensation For Botox Gone Wrong?

When determining how much compensation for Botox gone wrong you could claim, you will need to explain exactly what you are claiming for. Generally, your claim will be made in two parts:

  • General damages. This is where you’ll claim for the pain, suffering, and loss of amenity caused by the Botox treatment. To help prove this part of your claim, you might need to have an independent medical assessment. If so, this is nothing to worry about, and our solicitors should be able to make the appointment locally to you.
  • Special damages. If there is any financial impact caused by a Botox injury, you could claim special damages. These could include the cost of corrective procedures, lost earnings, travel costs, and medical expenses. Your solicitor will run through this if your Botox claim is taken on.

As well as claiming for your physical injuries, you could claim for any psychological harm that resulted too. For example, you could claim for any distress, embarrassment, or anxiety related to your injuries. This part of your claim will be based on the medical assessment we mentioned above. Therefore, if the prognosis is that your injuries will heal in, say, 6 months and you’ll continue to suffer psychologically as a result, this could be factored into your claim.

If you want to read more on the differences between general damages and special damages, please visit our page here.

Calculating Botox Injury Compensation

To give you some idea of what compensation might be paid in a Botox injury claim, we’ve provided some compensation amounts below for various injuries. We should explain that no two claims are the same. Therefore, these figures shouldn’t be relied upon as you could be paid more or less if you win your case.

Compensation Amounts For Facial Disfigurement

  • Scarring which is classed as trivial can attract compensation between £1,710 and £3,530.
  • Relatively minor significant scarring can lead to compensation of £3,950 and £13,740.
  • Significant scarring which may require plastic surgery, with relatively little psychological issues, will generally attract compensation of between £9,110 up to £30,090.
  • Substantial facial disfigurement and psychological issues, referred to as less severe scarring, will attract compensation of between £17,960 up to £48,420.
  • Very severe scarring leading to severe disfigurement and severe psychological issues, typically in those aged up to mid-30s, can lead to compensation awards of between £29,780 up to £97,330.

Compensation Amounts For Injuries Affecting The Senses

  • Where the vision is impaired due to a botched Botox treatment this can attract compensation from £2,200 for relatively minor injuries up to £54,830.
  • In the event of blindness caused by Botox treatment this can attract compensation up to £268,720.

Let us know how you’ve suffered and a claims advisor may be able to give you an indication of what you could claim. Remember, all Botox compensation claims taken on by our solicitors are handled on a No Win No Fee basis.

Botox Negligence Claims Time Limits

All Botox negligence claims need to be made within the appropriate time limits. In most cases, you’ll have 3-years to claim from the date you received negligent treatment.

Our advice is to begin your claim as soon as you can. That will help because you’ll find it easier to recall what happened and how your injuries have affected you. Also, your solicitor will have ample time to gather evidence to support your case.

Importantly, if you’ll benefit from private medical treatment for your Botox-related injuries, your solicitor could request an interim payment so it can be started before the claim has been finalised.

To start the Botox compensation claims process right away, please call our advice line today.

Why Use A Solicitor To File A Botox Compensation Claim?

In most cases, the beauty salon/practitioner that you blame for your Botox injuries won’t handle your claim. Instead, it will be processed by their insurance company. The important point here is that the insurer isn’t likely to compensate you at all unless you can convince them that their client’s negligence caused your injuries.

Our team of solicitors deals with claims against insurance companies frequently. We believe that your chances of being fairly compensated will increase with a specialist on your side. If your claim is taken on, your solicitor will take care of everything for you. Initially, they’ll gather evidence and arrange for a medical assessment. Then they’ll file the Botox compensation claim with the insurer and shield you from any technical legal or medical questions. Throughout the claims process, they’ll keep you updated and they’ll be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

If any arguments over liability arise, your solicitor will supply additional evidence where possible to try and counter the insurer’s objections. Also, if a settlement is offered, it will be reviewed, with you, to ensure it covers all of your suffering and costs.

Starting The Botox Claims Process

If you’re ready to start the Botox claims process today, please call our team on 0800 6524 881. Your claim will be reviewed for free and you’ll receive free legal advice on your options. Remember, our solicitors provide a No Win No Fee service for all Botox compensation claims they take on.

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