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      Teeth Damage Injury Claims

      Any damage to your teeth such as a broken tooth causing injury can be traumatic. Not only is it painful but it can also cause you to be embarrassed about your appearance, especially if the damage is to your front teeth. Getting the damage to your teeth treated and corrected is a priority to lessen both the pain and any concerns about your appearance, however getting any dental treatment done can be quite expensive.

      Damaged Teeth

      If the damage to your teeth was caused due to no fault of yours, you could file a compensation claim just as you would with any other type of personal injury.

      When Can You File A Teeth Damage Injury Claim?

      You can only claim compensation if your teeth are damaged because of what somebody else did or did not do. You won’t get compensated for any injury to your teeth for an accident that was purely your fault.

      Some of the most common reasons when you may be eligible to claim teeth damage compensation include:

      • Road accidents – You may be eligible to claim if your teeth were damaged in a road traffic accident for example that was caused by another driver’s rash driving.
      • Accidents at work – All employers are legally responsible for putting measures in place to ensure their workers’ safety in the workplace. If your employer failed in their duty to safeguard your protection, you can file a teeth damage injury claim for negligence.
      • Slips, trips and falls – You may also be able to claim compensation for broken teeth in a slip, trip or fall accident that was caused due to poor maintenance of a public walking area. Local authorities are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of public roads, pavements, parks and other walkways while shop, restaurant and supermarket owners are responsible for ensuring that their premises are free of any hazards to visitors.
      • Medical or dental negligence – Dental negligence is a common cause for many teeth damage compensation claims. You can claim under dental negligence if your teeth damage resulted from wrongful dental treatment.

      Understanding Dental Negligence

      Dental negligence is complex. It entails proving that your teeth damage was caused because of substandard care by your dentist. All dentists practicing in the UK are bound by the standards and guidelines issued by the General Dental Council. According to the Council’s “Standards for Dental Professionals”, dentists must ensure that all dental treatment is performed in a safe and professional manner. If your dental treatment does not meet this guideline resulting in teeth damage, you may be within your rights to file a dental negligence claim for compensation.

      Any of these circumstances below may be considered dental negligence:

      • Failure to diagnose tooth decay or gum disease;
      • Failure to provide timely treatment for tooth decay or gym disease;
      • Injury associated with implants, crowns or veneers;
      • Wrongful teeth extraction;
      • Mishandling of root canal treatment or extraction;
      • Injury to facial nerves during a dental procedure;
      • Blatant tooth whitening claims;
      • Injuries resulting from wrongful dental anaesthesia;
      • Any type of surgical error;
      • Failure to warn patients about any risks associated with their recommended dental treatment.

      Dental negligence may make an existing problem worse. A misdiagnosis, late treatment or error during the treatment could lead to other oral problems, including tooth erosion, abscesses or periodontitis. In a worst-case scenario, there may be more extensive damage, which can be even more expensive and painful to correct.

      How Much Compensation For Damaged Teeth?

      The amount of compensation paid out in teeth damage claims is not fixed and depends on factors such as which tooth is damaged and the extent of the damage. If the teeth injury is so severe that extended treatment is required, your solicitor will also consider that while calculating the compensation due to you.

      There are however compensation guidelines that solicitors refer to when calculating tooth damage compensation settlements which you can refer to below. Although the teeth damage compensation amounts provide a general idea of compensation levels it is always best to consult with a personal injury solicitor as they can then take everything into consideration.

      • Compensation for damage or loss of back teeth £1,020 – £1,600 per tooth.
      • Compensation for serious damage or the loss of a front tooth £2,070 – £3,710.
      • Compensation for serious damage or loss of both front teeth £4,080 – £7,160.
      • Compensation for serious damage or loss of several front teeth £8,200 – £10,710.
      • Compensation for significant damage to teeth, up to £35,790.

      Making An Injury Claim For Damaged Teeth

      For your teeth damage claim to be successful, you need to be able to prove two things:

      1. The accident was the result of somebody else’s action or negligence.
      2. Your teeth damage resulted from that specific accident.

      Both of these can be incredibly difficult to prove. As with filing any other personal injury compensation claim, having a personal injury solicitor to represent you will give you the best chance of winning your teeth damage claim.

      Not only do personal injury solicitors possess the necessary knowledge to build a strong claim but they also have access to medical and other experts who they can call upon to provide crucial testimony supporting your case.

      If you have never dealt with a personal injury solicitor before, you may be surprised to know that if you have a strong case, you won’t even have to pay any money upfront if your claim is taken on by a No Win No Fee arrangement. Most solicitors would go out of their way to help you get the compensation due to you and offer to take up your case on a No Win No Fee agreement.

      A No Win No Fee agreement with ourselves works exactly the way it sounds. If our solicitor assigned to your teeth injury claim does not win the case for you, you do not pay a fee. You only pay a fee if the solicitor wins the case and you are awarded compensation. If you’d like to know exactly what fee is charged please contact us today and we’ll be happy to advise.

      While teeth injury compensation may not be able to make up for the pain, it can at the very least help to cover your expenses and other financial losses and perhaps help the same happening to another person.

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