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      Jaw Injury Compensation Claims

      If you have injured your jaw, you’ll no doubt be aware of the considerable pain and inconvenience it can cause. If you suffer a broken jaw, a dislocation, nerve damage, or any other form of jaw injury because of somebody else’s negligence, you may be eligible to claim compensation from them. For example, if you fracture your jaw from being assaulted at work, you could be compensated. Similarly, if a negligent dentist causes nerve damage to your jaw while extracting a tooth, you could be eligible to claim.

      Jaw Injury Claim

      In this guide to jaw injury compensation claims, we’ll explain the process of making a claim, explain how to prove negligence that caused the injury to your jaw, and take a look at how much compensation for a broken jaw and other injuries might be paid.

      We are specialists in personal injury claims. Our team start the claims process by reviewing your case during a no-obligation telephone consultation. During the consultation, you’ll receive free legal advice about your chances of being compensated. If there are grounds to proceed, we could connect you with one of our experienced personal injury solicitors. Should they take your jaw injury claim on, they’ll provide a No Win No Fee service. This will help make your claim a lot less stressful as you’ll know that you won’t need to pay their fees unless you are awarded compensation.

      To begin a jaw injury compensation claim today, simply call us on 0800 6524 881. A claims advisor will review your case and explain your next steps. If you’d rather find out more about how claims work prior to calling us, please read on.

      Are You Eligible To Claim Compensation For A Jaw Injury?

      To determine whether you’d be eligible to claim compensation for a jaw injury, the main criteria a personal injury solicitor will consider include:

      • Were you owed a duty of care by the defendant? – In most cases, the answer will be yes.
      • Did the defendant act negligently and thus break that duty of care?
      • Did you sustain a jaw injury due to the negligent act?

      If you can answer yes to each of the questions above, you could be eligible to seek damages for your injuries. To help understand what types of negligence could lead to a jaw injury compensation claim, we’ll provide some examples further below.

      Evidence Required To Make A Jaw Injury Compensation Claim

      With any type of personal injury claim, evidence will be needed to demonstrate what happened, who was at fault, and how the damage to your jaw was sustained. There are a number of ways to achieve this including:

      • Witness statements. If somebody else saw what happened causing your jaw injury, note their contact details. If needed, your solicitor could contact them later on for a statement.
      • Medical evidence. It is important that your jaw is assessed and treated by a medical professional. Therefore, it is always advisable to visit a minor injuries unit or A&E. At a later date, you can request a copy of your medical notes to show what injuries were suffered and the treatment that was required.
      • Photographic evidence. A picture of an accident scene is a great way to show who was at fault. For instance, if you can show that your car was hit from behind with a photograph, your chances of being compensated could increase.
      • CCTV footage. Another way of demonstrating what caused the accident is to obtain any camera footage that captured it.
      • Accident reports. If you were injured in a public place or at work, you should report the incident. The accident report that is required by law could then be used to help prove where and when the accident occurred.

      Once you have all of the evidence you can acquire, you may wish to let one of our advisors review it with you. After your free assessment, they could also connect you with one of our personal injury solicitors.

      When Could A Jaw Injury Claim Be Made?

      Jaw injuries, often accompanied by facial injuries, are maybe more commonplace than one might think. So, we’ve provided some common scenarios below that often lead to a claim for compensation:

      • Where your jaw is avoidably injured during dental surgery.
      • If you trip and fall at work on a wet floor without warning signs, for example.
      • If you are the victim of a violent crime (claims will be through the government’s CICA scheme. Our solicitors can help with a CICA claim).
      • If a dentist fails to spot the signs of mouth cancer which ends up attacking the jawbone.
      • Where your jaw is damaged after being knocked off your moped or scooter.

      These are just a small sample of reasons why you could claim for a broken or injured jaw. If your scenario isn’t listed, don’t worry. Our team can still guide you through the jaw injury claims process so long as your injuries were caused by somebody else’s negligence.

      Types Of Jaw Injuries That Could Result In Compensation

      Again, it is possible to claim compensation for a jaw injury for a variety of different conditions. Some of the most common injuries that result in a claim include:

      • Broken jaw;
      • Dislocated jaw;
      • Nerve damage;
      • Cancer of the jaw;
      • The condition is known as temporomandibular which is damage to the mouth chewing muscles.
      • Damage to the muscle, tendons and ligaments in and around the jaw;

      There can also be instances of medical misdiagnosis from failing to notice serious jaw injuries. Any type of facial injury can not only be extremely painful but can often lead to long-term scarring. Where medical attention has been received there may be long-term scarring as a result of invasive operating techniques.

      How Much Compensation For An Injured Jaw?

      The amount of compensation for an injured jaw you could receive will be primarily based on the severity of the injury plus any complications that result. Factors that might be considered include whether you have difficulty eating, any paraesthesia of the jaw and whether immobilisation is required. However, your solicitor will base the final settlement amount on the following heads of loss:

      • General damages. Here you’ll ask to be compensated for any loss of amenity as well as the pain and suffering your injuries have caused.
      • Special damages. This part of the claim looks at how you’ve been affected financially. It might mean you can claim back any lost income, travel costs or care costs. Additionally, your solicitor may be able to request that the defendant pays for private medical treatment to get you up and running sooner.

      To give you some idea of the amount of compensation that could be awarded for jaw injuries, we have provided some broken jaw settlement amounts for general damages as a guide:

      Average Settlement For A Broken Jaw

      • £6,060 up to £8,200 compensation for a broken jaw that is relatively minor.
      • £16,860 up to £28,610 compensation for a serious broken/fractured jaw.
      • £28,610 up to £42,730 compensation for very serious jaw injuries.

      These figures could go up or down if your jaw injury claim is successful as many factors are used to determine settlement amounts. If one of our solicitors works on your case, they’ll explain the amount they are going to claim once everything has been properly assessed.

      To find out what you could include in your jaw injury compensation claim, please contact our team today.

      How Long Do I Have To Claim?

      As you may be aware, personal injury claims have time limits. For jaw injury claims, you’ll have 3-years to start your claim from either:

      • The date you sustained your injury; or
      • Your date of knowledge. This might apply if mouth cancer was misdiagnosed and you didn’t know out about it until later on.

      During the claims process, your solicitor may need to arrange medical assessments and gather supporting evidence before your case is filed with the defendant. Therefore, our advice is to begin your jaw damage claim as soon as possible. This should mean that your claim doesn’t become statute-barred.

      If your child suffers a jaw injury, you needn’t worry about the 3-year time limit. In this instance, you could claim at any time, on their behalf as a litigation friend, before their 18th birthday. If for any reason a claim isn’t made, they’ll then have the choice to claim themselves within 3 years of turning 18 if they’re able to, or want to do so.

      Why Claim Compensation For Jaw Injuries Using A Personal Injury Solicitor?

      The task of winning a personal injury claim can be complex, hard work, and involve lots of complex legal or medical documentation. If you cannot convince the defendant’s insurer that they were liable for your jaw injuries, it’s possible you could miss out on being compensated.

      Therefore, we would suggest using a personal injury solicitor to try and improve your chances of claiming the maximum amount of compensation successfully. If your claim is suitable, we could partner you with one of our solicitors. If that happens, they will:

      • Work for you on a No Win No Fee basis.
      • Prepare your claim after reviewing everything with you.
      • Send the claim to the defendant.
      • Deal with all queries, arguments or objections on your behalf.
      • Let you know how things are progressing regularly.
      • Fight your corner to try and achieve the maximum compensation possible in your case.

      If you have decided to take action please don’t hesitate in calling our personal injury team on 0800 6524 881. Remember, there’s nothing to lose by calling and our advisors are available 24/7 in our UK office to answer any questions you have about making a jaw injury compensation claim.

      Last updated 26th November 2021.

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