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    Jaw Injury Claims

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      Jaw Injury Claims

      Those who have suffered a jaw injury will be well aware of the significant pain it can attract. While most people think of jaw injuries relating to broken teeth/ broken jaws they can also incorporate other injuries such as damage to the upper and lower jaw bones, tendons and ligaments. Issues with teeth and gums are also fairly commonplace and while some will fall under the category of dental negligence claims this is not always the case.

      If you suffered a jaw injury as a consequence of negligence by one or more third parties then you may have a jaw injury claim for compensation.

      Jaw Injury Claim

      Common Jaw Injury Claims

      Jaw injuries, often accompanied by facial injuries, are more commonplace than you might think when it comes to accidents. While they do have an obvious physical impact on the victim they can also lead to significant psychological issues. When filing a jaw injury claim the courts will take into account both physical and mental suffering. The most common causes of jaw injury claims include:

      • Violent criminal assault;
      • Dental implants;
      • Dental procedures;
      • Road traffic accidents;
      • Sporting injuries;
      • Trips, slips and falls in the workplace.

      There will be some jaw injuries which may lead to criminal action in a court of law such as violent assaults. In these situations the subject of negligence can be a little complicated because while an individual may have caused the damage, and be liable, there can be situations where a business could also be partially responsible, if for example the incident occurred in a nightclub.

      Common Jaw Injuries

      In theory, any type of jaw injury which impacts the use of the mouth with regards to eating and communication for example would likely attract compensation if negligence is involved. There are a number of common jaw injuries which include:

      • Broken jaw;
      • Dislocated jaw;
      • Nerve damage;
      • Damage to the muscle, tendons and ligaments in and around the jaw;
      • Cancer of the jaw;
      • Fractured jaw;
      • The condition known as temporomandibular which is damage to the mouth chewing muscles.

      There can also be instances of misdiagnosis by medical practitioners failing to notice serious jaw injuries. Any type of facial injury can not only be extremely painful but an often lead to long-term scarring. Where medical attention has been received there may be long-term scarring as a result of invasive operating techniques.

      Jaw Injury Compensation Amounts

      There are specific compensation guidelines for those suffering jaw and teeth damage listed below. These jaw injury compensation payout amounts do not take into consideration special damages. For more information on the difference between general damages and special damages please refer to this page or contact us to discuss your jaw injury claim with a personal injury solicitor.

      Compensation For Fractures Of The Jaw

      • Relatively minor jaw fractures resulting in short-term immobilisation but from which a full recovery is expected can attract compensation from £6,060 up to £8,200.
      • Serious fractures which may impact the victim’s ability to eat/ open their mouth and often resulting in partial paralysis are treated extremely seriously by the courts. Compensation from £16,860 up to £28,610 could be claimed.
      • Very serious jaw injuries leading to long-term mobility issues, severe pain and suffering, restrictions in eating and the long-term risk of arthritis attract the highest level of compensation. Awards from £28,610 up to £42,730 are advised.

      Compensation For Damage To Teeth

      • The loss/ damage to a back tooth can lead to compensation of £1,020 up to £1,600 per tooth.
      • Where a front tooth has been dislodged or seriously damaged the victim may be entitled to compensation from £2,070 up to £3,710.
      • Where the victim’s two front teeth have been seriously damaged or dislodged they could receive compensation from £4,080 up to £7,160.
      • Where several front teeth have been seriously damaged/ dislodged compensation anywhere between £8,200 and £10,710 is advised.
      • Deterioration in the victim’s dental health due to negligence (including issues such as untreated abscesses) can lead to compensation up to £35,790.

      Filing A Jaw Injury Claim

      Whether the jaw injury was a consequence of substandard dental treatment, a criminal attack or perhaps a simple slip, trip or fall in the workplace, when filing a jaw injury claim there is a need to prove negligence on behalf of one or more third parties. To establish negligence you will need proof of who was at fault which should include your medical records to show the severity of your jaw injuries and the manner in which they were received.

      It will also be very useful for a personal injury solicitor to have as much additional evidence as possible should you choose to appoint one. This might include photographic evidence, details of any and all treatments received, witness statements and possibly evidence that similar issues have occurred in the past if the jaw injury happened at work for example. If you’re having trouble gathering evidence a personal injury solicitor can often do this for you.

      If you would like to discuss your jaw injury claim with one of our solicitors they can review your case and advise on how likely it is to be successful. The consultation is over the phone, free of charge and generally takes around 10 minutes. After reviewing your case, if the solicitor advises starting a claim and you wish to proceed you would be offered a No Win No Fee arrangement. You have no obligation to start a claim until the agreement is signed, but essentially all you will pay for a successful outcome is an agreed percentage from the jaw injury compensation. If your jaw injury claim is unsuccessful you will not have to pay anything.

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