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Nose Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Do I Get For A Broken Nose?

Any damage to the nose can lead to severe pain and suffering that might last for many months. Additionally, if there is any cosmetic damage, you could suffer psychologically as well. Both of these Nose Injury Claimthings could be compensated if you decide to make a personal injury claim against the person responsible. In this guide to nose injury compensation claims, we’ll look at when you could make a claim, the types of nose injuries you could claim for, and how much compensation for a broken nose and other nasal injuries you might receive.

Are you ready to claim for a nose injury today? If so, please call 0800 6524 881 or use our live chat feature or call-back forms to contact us. To get more information about the claims process before calling, please continue reading.

Am I Eligible To Make A Nose Injury Compensation Claim?

You’ll likely be eligible to claim compensation for your nose injury if it was caused in a no-fault accident. This refers to any type of accident that was caused because of somebody else’s fault, not your own. However, before accepting your case, our solicitors would need to check if:

  • The defendant (the party you blame) owed you a legal duty of care; and
  • Whether their negligence meant they breached the duty of care; and
  • As a result of the negligence, an accident occurred in which your nose was injured.

Legal duty of care can be established through various pieces of legislation like the Road Traffic Act 1988 if you suffered a broken nose from a car accident, or the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 if your nose was injured in your workplace. However, this is something you won’t need to be too concerned with as your solicitor will check which law applies when your claim is assessed. What you could do, though, is collect evidence that could prove the other two criteria to help support your nose injury claim.

Evidence To Prove A Nose Injury Claim

Evidence that can help to prove your claim includes:

  • Photos. Following an accident, it is always a good idea to take photographs. Where you can do so safely, this should be attempted before anything is moved.
  • Accident reports. If you’re injured at work or in a public place like a shop, any accidents must legally be documented in an accident report book (or similar device). Your copy could help to confirm the date, time and location of your accident.
  • Medical notes. Getting treatment for your nose injury is important. A trip to A&E or a minor injuries unit should help you to recover faster. After your treatment, you could ask for a copy of your medical notes to show the full extent of your injuries.
  • CCTV footage. Many workplaces and public places use cameras for security purposes. If your accident was captured on CCTV (or a dash cam), try to secure a copy of the footage before it is erased.
  • Witness information. Where liability for an accident is denied, a witness statement could help to corroborate your version of events. Therefore, it’s a good idea to record the contact details of anybody else who was present.
  • Crime reference number. If you suffered a broken nose in a violent crime, report it to the police and get a crime reference number. This may be required if you also claim through the CICA scheme.

When you have as much evidence as you can collect, or need assistance in obtaining it, call our accident helpline for a free case assessment. Your advisor will look through your evidence and explain if anything else is required.

Common Causes Of Nose Injury Claims

It would be impossible to list every type of accident that might result in a nose injury. However, in this section, we’ve provided some examples to give you an idea of when a claim might be possible. They include:

  • Slips, trips and falls. For example, if you tripped and fell breaking your nose because a handrail on a set of stairs was loose, a claim might be possible.
  • Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs). Cyclists are particularly susceptible to nose injuries when knocked from their bike in a cycling accident, as are drivers whose face hits the steering wheel during a collision.
  • Workplace accidents. Employers owe you a duty of care to try and protect your welfare in the workplace. Claims for nose injuries at work may be possible if caused by employer negligence.
  • Sporting injuries. While nose injuries that happen during a game of rugby, for example, won’t likely entitle you to claim, you could be eligible to claim for sports injuries caused by negligence. This may be the case if you fell and injured yourself because the playing surface was in a poor state of repair.
  • Criminal assault. As mentioned above, the government operates a compensation scheme for those injured by violent crimes. Therefore, if you’ve suffered a broken nose as a victim of a crime, you could be eligible to make a criminal injury claim.

Common Types Of Injuries To The Nose

The types of damage you could claim for during a nose injury claim include:

Whatever type of nose injury you’ve sustained and no matter what type of accident you were involved in, we could help you claim compensation if it was caused by somebody else’s negligence. Please call an advisor today if you’d like more information.

How Much Compensation Will I Get For A Broken Nose?

The amount of compensation you could claim for a broken nose injury will be calculated by your personal injury solicitor using two main heads of loss. They are:

  • General damages. In this part of your claim, your solicitor will request compensation to cover the pain and suffering your nose injury has caused.
  • Special damages. You might not realise it but your nose injury may cause a financial impact too. If that’s the case, you could claim back costs such as lost income, travel expenses, or care costs.

A more detailed explanation of the difference between general damages and special damages can be found here.

Nose injuries can vary in severity from a mild injury to a very severe injury, and as such, any compensation awarded will typically be higher for more severe injuries.

A mild injury to the nose may result in temporary bruising, swelling, and pain. A severe nose injury such as a badly broken nose is often accompanied by a lot of bleeding and pain. It can be difficult to determine the exact nature of severe nose injuries or the extent of the damage as most of it is internal. A doctor will often need an X-Ray or even a CT scan to identify the location, type, and extent of the injury to the entire area. Treating a serious nose injury may involve extensive surgery, especially in the case of a displaced fracture where the nose is broken and out of shape.

In more severe cases, a nose injury could even result in facial disfigurement or permanent nerve damage leading to loss of smell.

To establish the extent of the injuries to your nose when valuing your claim, you might need to attend a medical assessment. This is just part of the personal injury claims process. Your solicitor can usually book an appointment with a local independent specialist. They will assess the seriousness of your nose injury and any other injuries involves, and then provide a prognosis in a report for all parties involved.

Broken Nose Compensation Payout Amounts

  • £1,710 to £2,520 compensation for a simple undisplaced broken nose and full recovery.
  • £2,520 to £3,150 compensation for displaced broken without a need for surgery.
  • £3,950 to £5,100 compensation for broken nose requiring surgery and complete recovery.
  • £10,640 to £23,130 compensation for serious/multiple nose fractures that may have left permanent damage or required a number of operations to repair.

The severity of your broken nose and the level of pain, suffering, and trauma it has caused will be the primary factor in determining settlement amounts.

It should be noted that these payout amounts for a broken nose are for general damages (pain and suffering) and do not include special damages (expenses).

Time Limits For Claiming Nose Injury Compensation

All personal injury claims in the UK are bound by time limits. As you’ll usually know about your nose injury pretty much straight away, you’ll usually have 3-years from the date of the accident that caused it. If claiming criminal injuries compensation for a broken nose through the CICA, you’ll have 2-years from when you reported the incident to the police.

In either case, if you’re claiming on behalf of a child, the time limit does not apply. Instead, you could apply to become a litigation friend and submit a claim at any time before the child becomes 18 years old. If you don’t make a claim for them, their own time limit will start on their 18th birthday.

To begin your claim today or to check how long you have left to do so, please call our team or contact us via live chat.

Making A Nose Injury Compensation Claim With Our No Win No Fee Solicitors

Claiming compensation for any type of injury can involve long-winded technical discussions with insurance companies. If you don’t convince them that their client caused your accident and nose injury, they could refuse to pay compensation. We strongly believe that you have a better chance of winning your claim with one of our No Win No Fee personal injury solicitors on your side.

If your nose injury claim is taken on, your solicitor will:

  • Collect and review supporting evidence.
  • Book a local medical assessment.
  • File the claim with the defendant’s legal team.
  • Negotiate on your behalf and try to deal with any objections raised.
  • Provide regular updates about how things are progressing.
  • Attempt to achieve the highest level of compensation possible for your injuries.

As our solicitors all process personal injury claims using a No Win No Fee agreement, this means you don’t have to worry yourself about any upfront costs or fees. You’ll only need to pay a success fee (as detailed in our No Win No Fee agreement) if compensation for your nose injury is paid. You’ll pay nothing for an unsuccessful outcome.

We are ready to review your case for free today. To start the ball rolling, please call our team on 0800 6524 881. Where possible, we’ll appoint a personal injury solicitor from our team and get your nose injury compensation claim started right away.

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