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    Wrong Tooth Extraction Compensation Claims

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      Wrong Tooth Extraction Compensation Claims

      All dental professionals have a legal duty of care towards their patients. As part of this legal duty of care, they must take appropriate care at all stages of the procedure, from the diagnosis and pre-surgery prep to the actual tooth extraction and after care. A wrong tooth extraction as a result of a dentist failing in their duty of care constitutes dental negligence.

      You may be eligible to claim wrong tooth extraction compensation if you’re dentist pulled the wrong tooth due to dental negligence.

      Can You Sue A Dentist For Pulling The Wrong Tooth?

      If your dentist pulled the wrong tooth because of dental negligence then you can claim compensation. It may seem incredulous that a dentist would pull the wrong tooth but unfortunately it does happen as shown in the below NHS statistics for wrong tooth extractions.

      Wrong Tooth Extractions Never Event Statistics – NHS Trusts/Dental Practices

      *For the years 2013 – 2017 the information was extracted from Transfer of Strategic Executive Information System (StEIS) where the reporter identified that the incident meets the definition of a Never Event.

      * Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

      Consequences Of A Tooth Extraction Gone Wrong

      A tooth extraction gone wrong can have a major impact on your dental health. It can also affect your overall health, nutrition, and even confidence.

      When a tooth is extracted, over time other teeth tend to move to occupy the empty space. This can cause gaps between the teeth, which can be more than just unsightly. They also cause food to get Wrong Tooth Extractionstuck in the gaps and can affect your bite. In case of a wrong tooth extraction, you could suffer all of these consequences unnecessary and therefore claim compensation.

      Moreover, if your dentist removes the wrong tooth, it means you still need to go back to the dentist to get the correct tooth removed. This can add to the pain and trauma. It also means additional expense, additional recovery time, and possibly having to take more time off from work leading to additional income loss. What’s worse, there’s no way to replace the healthy tooth that was removed.

      The pain and loss can be compounded by embarrassment and lack of self-confidence if it was one of the front teeth that was wrongfully extracted. After a tooth extraction, you have to wait for the gum to heal fully before being able to get a bridge fitted. This could take as long as six months. Until that time you may not have any other option but to live with the gap.

      As you can see, the consequences of a tooth extraction gone wrong can be far-reaching. While nothing can be done to restore the lost tooth, claiming compensation for dental negligence can help you recover the cost of medical treatments and medicines, replace lost income, and compensate for the pain and trauma you experienced from the dentists negligence.

      Making A Wrong Tooth Extraction Compensation Claim

      If you’re considering filing a wrong tooth extraction compensation claim, you might want to consider contacting a personal injury solicitor. Our solicitors are experts in this particular area of the law and can advise you as to how to proceed. If you’re ready you can call us on 0800 6524 881 for a free consultation. If however you’d prefer to carry on reading, here are a couple of things you can do to help build a strong compensation claim:

      • Keep a record of all details related to your dental treatment

      A tooth extraction is rarely an overnight recommendation. Your dentist would most likely have tried one or more other treatments to try and save the tooth where possible. Extractions are typically the last alternative. Keep a record of your dental treatment leading up to the tooth extraction as well as details of the extraction. Also make notes of your experiences at every consultation as well as in between treatments.

      • Keep a record of all expenses related to the negligent tooth extraction

      This includes the dentist’s fees as well as cost of medicines, corrective devices, travel expenses, and loss of income. These will form a major component of your total wrong tooth extraction settlement.

      How Much Compensation For Wrong Tooth Extraction?

      The amount of compensation you could claim for a wrong tooth extraction isn’t a set figure and will depend on a number of factors. The main factors that are considered while calculating compensation are treatment costs, travel costs, pain and trauma, loss of income, and cost of restorative devices. However, the current compensation guidelines for loss of/serious damage to various teeth are as follows:

      • £2,070 to £3,710 compensation for loss of one front tooth.
      • £1,020 to £1,600 compensation for loss of a back tooth.

      It should be noted that these are only estimated settlement amounts for a wrong tooth extraction and relate purely to general damages. Actual compensation paid may vary significantly based on other factors including special damages. Your solicitor of course will make sure to claim the maximum amount due to you under the law.

      What To Expect When You Contact A Personal Injury Solicitor

      Most personal injury solicitors offer at least one complimentary consultation session to evaluate the merits of your case. During this consultation, they will look to discuss with you what exactly has happened and why, and look at any evidence you might have already collected. They should then be able to give you their honest opinion of your chances of receiving compensation for wrong tooth extraction and whether, in their opinion, you should proceed with a claim.

      If you have a strong claim with sufficient evidence to support it (they can help with getting evidence), the solicitor will almost certainly advise you to go ahead with a wrong tooth extraction claim, and in our case on a No Win No Fee basis.

      How A No Win No Fee Wrong Tooth Extraction Claim Works

      With our No Win No Fee wrong tooth extraction claim, you are freed from any financial obligations while it is in progress. Instead, all claim-related costs are covered till such time that the claim has been settled.

      How No Win No Fee works is essentially exactly as it sounds – if you don’t win any compensation, you don’t pay a fee. You only pay if your claim is successful. The agreement will lay out clearly how much you would pay on winning the claim and how the fee is paid. In our case the fee is calculated as a percentage of the compensation awarded. Once it has been received the agreed fee would be deducted directly from it.

      Having a dental negligence solicitor file your compensation claim offers several benefits. In addition to boosting your chances of winning (in our opinion), it may also increase your odds of winning a higher settlement. All of this without taking any financial risk yourself.

      If your dentist has pulled out the wrong tooth and you’re considering making a wrong tooth extraction compensation claim for dental negligence, please contact us today for expert advice from a personal injury solicitor.

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