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    Finger Injury Claims

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      Finger Injury Claims

      Finger injuries tend to range from relatively minor cuts to a painful sprains, from the loss of fingertips to the loss of one or more fingers. Whether you’ve suffered a finger injury at work or in your private life, if it is due to third-party negligence then you may have a finger injury claim for compensation.

      Finger Injury Claim

      Common Finger Injury Claims

      It is fair to say that a finger injury of varying severity can occur in a whole array of different scenarios. Some of the more common reasons for finger injuries seen in compensation claims include:

      • Finger injuries from using machinery in the workplace;
      • Repetitive activities such as using a keyboard without the appropriate wrist supports;
      • Vibration white finger which occurs when using vibrating machinery;
      • A simple slip, trip or fall in an unsafe working environment;
      • Road traffic accidents can lead to significant finger injuries as very often the first instinct is to raise your hands to protect yourself;
      • Schools and nurseries, no matter how safe the environment, have recorded more than their fair share of finger injuries;
      • Defective products have been known to cause injuries to the hands and fingers;
      • Those partaking in sporting activities such as football, rugby, cricket, etc will no doubt at some point experience some kind of finger injury.

      There is a big difference between a simple accident and an accident caused by negligence. If any party deemed to be in charge/ responsible of a particular activity involving a group of people has fulfilled their legal duty of care then even in the event of an accident it may be difficult to claim compensation for a finger injury. However, unfortunately we see an array of accidents caused by negligence often leading to finger injury claims.

      Common Injuries To Fingers

      The severity of any finger injury, even down to the location of the finger, will have a major impact upon the levels of compensation available. Before we take a look at finger injury compensation amounts let’s remind ourselves of the more common finger injuries people claim compensation for:

      • Finger dislocations are extremely painful and can lead to other side-effects such as arthritis;
      • Soft tissue and ligament damage is the more common type of finger injury and it can be extremely painful;
      • Simple lacerations can in some circumstances impact nerves, tendons and blood vessels although the majority of simple lacerations will heal fairly quickly;
      • The breaking and fracturing of finger bones is incredibly painful and can take some time to heal;
      • Crushed fingers typically seen in accidents at work
      • While it will depend upon the location of the finger, any amputation is not only physically debilitating but can have a serious psychological impact on the individual.

      Some of the more long-term finger injuries including vibration white finger have led to literally years of excruciating pain for victims. While the matter of compensation has been addressed of late, for many, who have been suffering for decades, the impact on their life has been severe to say the least.

      Finger Injury At Work

      There are various acts of parliament employers must adhere to which are meant to protect workers from suffering a finger injury at work and any injuries in general. If you have suffered a broken finger injury at work, for example, and believe your employer is at fault you should contact us today for expert advice from a solicitor. It is also worth bearing in mind however that while employers have a legal duty of care to their workers, employees also have a legal obligation to act in an appropriate manner so as not to place themselves or colleagues in potentially dangerous situations.

      Some specific points to consider with regards to preventing a finger injury in the workplace include (but not limited to):

      • Appropriate ongoing training for all personnel;
      • Regular maintenance of equipment;
      • The provision of risk assessments;
      • Detailed working practices and procedures made available to all;
      • Providing the relevant safety equipment to employees.

      Finger Injury Compensation Amounts

      • Even relatively minor finger injuries, such as a hairline fracture, scarring or tenderness, can be painful and attract compensation up to £4,461.
      • Amputation of the little finger can still impact many areas of everyday life with compensation of between £8,110 and £11,480.
      • A broken/fractured index finger which cannot only impact grip in the long term but lead to further complications such as arthritic conditions will attract compensation from £8,550 up to £11,490.
      • Partial loss or total of the index finger, impacting grip, dexterity and general movement can see compensation anywhere from £11,420 up to £17,590.
      • Broken finger, fractures, tendon damage, permanent loss of grip and some form of deformity of the ring/ middle finger can attract compensation of between £13,970 and £15,330.
      • The amputation of a ring/ little finger can attract compensation in the region of £20,480.
      • Amputation of the terminal phalanges of the index/ middle fingers can impair grip, feeling and lead to restricted movement and scarring. As a consequence compensation in the region of £23,460 could be available.
      • Severe breaks/fractures to various fingers can be extremely painful, impact dexterity and grip and sometimes lead to additional medical complications. As a consequence compensation anywhere up to £34,480 maybe be awarded.

      In tandem with finger injuries we tend to see an array of general hand injury claims where compensation anywhere up to around £189,110.

      Filing A Claim For Finger Injury Compensation

      Central to any finger injury compensation claim is a need to prove negligence on behalf of one or more parties. In general we tend to see the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 used as a means of proving dereliction of the employer’s duty of care. However, there are also many other acts of Parliament which place a legal obligation on employers to ensure the well-being and safety of their employees.

      If you believe the accident which resulted in your finger injury was a consequence of negligence then it is good to have as much evidence as possible to build a solid finger injury claim. This may include photographic evidence of the injury to fingers and if it happened at work, photos of your working environment, records of inadequate training, details of inadequate protective clothing and risk assessments together with witness statements. You’ll also need some form of medical evidence to show the extent of your finger injuries and any relevant treatment. We can arrange a medical in your local area so that is no problem. In many situations, such as claims for vibration white finger injury, it can be many years down the line before the injuries really come to the fore. Although in most situations where finger injuries are involved there will be a three year time limit in force it isn’t always the case in situations such as VWF.

      A personal injury solicitor should be contacted so that they can discuss and review your finger injury claim and what evidence you have thus far. The majority of solicitors will discuss your claim with you free of charge and in cases where it is fairly clear you should file a finger injury claim they would likely offer their services on a No Win No Fee basis. Basically this would mean your solicitor taking on all legal expenses associated with your claim for which they would charge an agreed success fee which is paid from the compensation settlement.

      Please contact us today if you would like to discuss a finger injury claim and would like more information on our No Win No Fee agreement.

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