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      Dislocation Injury Claims

      A dislocation injury can be extremely painful. This debilitating pain can make it near impossible to use your dislocated joint for a long while, leaving you badly impaired. Even when the pain subsides enough for you to use the joint, you have to be very careful, as the slightest force to the area can put you at risk for another dislocation injury.

      If your dislocation injury was caused because of another person’s negligence, you may be able to pursue a dislocation injury claim for compensation.

      What Are Dislocation Injuries?

      Dislocation injuries are injuries that occur at any joints in the body, where two or more bones are joined together. These are typically ball and socket joints in which one bone has a smooth Dislocation Injury Claimrounded head that fits into the smooth concave socket of the second bone. This allows the joint to move in a rotary movement within certain limits.

      The shoulder, ankle, hips, knee and wrist are some of the ball and socket joints in the body. Any of these joints can get injured if one bone slips out of the joint. This can happen when there is a trauma to the area such as a severe blow to the joint in a car accident or landing on an outstretched arm during a fall.

      You could suffer a dislocation injury in a slip, trip and fall accident, a car accident or after a fall from any height. An assault can also cause your joint to get dislocated. Whatever the cause of your dislocation injury, if it was down to somebody else’s negligence you may be able to file a dislocation injury claim for compensation.

      Symptoms Of Dislocation Injuries

      Most symptoms of a dislocation injury will manifest within minutes after the trauma.

      Immediate intense pain is the first symptom that your joint may be dislocated.

      The area also looks deformed, which is a sure sign that the bone has moved out of place. This visible deformity is accompanied by loss of motion as the joint cannot rotate or move when one bone has slipped out of place.

      Swelling usually sets in within minutes of the injury. This actually protects the joint from further injury.

      A dislocation injury should be treated as an emergency. Getting immediate medical treatment is crucial. If left untreated, a dislocation injury could result in permanent damage to your nerves, ligaments or blood vessels.

      Making A Dislocation Injury Claim

      A dislocation injury claim comes under the purview of personal injury claims. These can be difficult to win if you do not have the necessary legal expertise. To file a successful claim, it is important to understand legal terms and how to use them correctly. It is also helpful to have strong evidence to strengthen and support your claim.

      If the accident in which you were injured was caused due to somebody else’s fault, there are a few things you can do to support your dislocation injury claim for compensation.

      Ask somebody to take photographs of the scene of the accident and of any visible injuries. If possible, get photographs with the date and time stamp. This will help establish the time and place that the accident occurred.

      Filing a report of the accident is also important. If your symptoms of a dislocation injury happened in the workplace, file a report in the works accident book, usually kept in the HR office. If you were injured in an accident in a public place such as a park or restaurant, file a report with the manager or owner of the establishment.

      Ask witnesses for their names and contact details. Sometimes you need all the help you can get to win compensation even for no-fault accidents and witness statements can do much to strengthen your dislocation injury claim.

      Keep a record of all the expenses related to your injury such as any costs for medical treatment. This could include the cost of  prescription medication and physiotherapy for example. Also keep a record of all travel expenses related to your injury. If you file a dislocation injury claim, all of these expenses will be taken into consideration when calculating the compensation due to you.

      How Much Compensation For A Dislocation Injury?

      The payout amount you might expect to receive as compensation for a dislocation injury will depend on factors such as how much pain and suffering has been caused by the injury and your actual losses and expenses. These are known as general damages and special damages, the difference of which is explained here.

      Compensation amounts for dislocation injuries –

      • Severely dislocated thumb injuries £3,710 to £6,360.
      • Serious dislocated shoulder injuries £11,980 to £18,020.
      • Moderate dislocated knee injuries £13,920 to £24,580.
      • Moderate dislocated neck injuries £23,460 to £36,120.
      • Severe dislocated neck injuries £42,680 to £52,540.
      • Severe dislocated pelvis and hip injuries £58,100 to £122,860.

      Your pain and suffering, medical and travel expenses, loss of income and perks, ongoing physiotherapy expenses, cost of mobility aids, and loss of amenity are some of the factors that will be considered when calculating what amount of compensation you should claim for.

      No Win No Fee Dislocation Injury Claims

      Most personal injury law firms offer a free consultation so that you can discuss your injury with a solicitor to determine the strength of a compensation claim. In addition to hearing the details of your dislocation injury, they may want to see what evidence you might already have such as photographs and witness statements.

      If the solicitor thinks you have a strong case to claim compensation for your dislocation injury, in all probability they will offer to take the claim on for you using a No Win No Fee agreement. You can find out more on what No Win No Fee means here, but essentially you don’t have to pay any fees at any time during the proceedings. You would however pay a fee if your dislocation injury claim is won and when the compensation has been received. You don’t pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful.

      To speak with a personal injury solicitor about a dislocation injury claim please contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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