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I Cut My Finger At Work Can I Sue?

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I Cut My Finger At Work Can I Sue?

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I Cut My Finger At Work Can I Sue For Compensation?

If you’re employed, your working environment should be as safe as possible. However, accidents in the workplace do happen. In manufacturing, engineering and other hands-on industries, one of Cut Finger At Workthe most common injuries are those affecting the fingers. We’re often asked, “I cut my finger at work can I sue?” so we’ve written this guide to explain your options.

We are ready to help if you’re considering claiming compensation for a cut finger at work. Our team will review your case in detail with you during a free consultation. You’ll be given no obligation free advice and your options will be explained. Where there is a fair chance that you’ll be compensated, we’ll pass your claim to one of our personal injury solicitors. Importantly, they’ll represent you on a No Win No Fee basis if your claim is accepted. This means they can start working on your case without an advance payment to cover their work.

To find out if you can claim after cutting your finger at work, call us on 0800 6524 881. Alternatively, to find out more about your options before speaking with us, please read on.

Am I Eligible To Sue For My Cut Finger At Work?

Employers of all sizes have a legal duty of care to take reasonable steps to try and protect the welfare of their staff. Of course, no workplace will ever be completely risk-free but they should conduct regular checks to try and identify any potential hazards. This duty of care is derived from the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Before one of our personal injury solicitors will help you sue for a cut finger at work, they’ll check whether:

  • Your employer breached their duty of care because they were negligent; and
  • An accident at work occurred as a result; and
  • You cut your finger (or fingers) in that accident.

Later on, we’ll review the types of evidence you could use to prove the criteria above.

Examples Of Cut Finger At Work Injuries

To be eligible to claim compensation for cutting your finger at work, you’ll need to show that your injury has affected you in a meaningful way. Obviously, that means if you sustain a paper cut or minor laceration that doesn’t have any impact at all, you wouldn’t be eligible. However, the types of cut finger injuries that could lead to a claim include:

  • Fingertip amputations.
  • Full finger and multiple finger amputations.
  • Cuts that damage tendons or ligaments in your fingers.
  • Finger cuts that lead to infections.
  • Cuts that prevent you from working while they heal.

If you believe you should be compensated for a cut finger at work, please check you’re eligibility with a member of our team.

Negligence Leading To Compensation For A Cut Finger At Work

It is worth reiterating that if you cut your finger at work, you’ll only be compensated if your employer’s negligence caused your injury. Some examples of when this might be the case include if:

If you’re not sure whether you are entitled to start a claim, why not call our team for a free review of your options.

Will I Be Sacked If I Sue My Employer For Cutting My Finger At Work?

After asking, “I cut my finger at work can I sue?”, the next question is usually, “Will I be sacked for doing so?”. Importantly, any action taken against you because of your claim is likely to be illegal.

That means that you could claim for unfair or constructive dismissal if you are fired, demoted, disciplined or prevented from participating in training because of your claim. Our solicitors can also help if this is the case so please feel free to contact us.

How Much Compensation For My Cut Finger At Work Could I Sue For?

Compensation for a cut finger at work is usually based on two heads of loss. The first, general damages, covers the pain caused by your cut finger. The second, special damages, is based on any expenses you’ve incurred because of the accident and your injuries.

Each claim is different as it’s based on your personal experience but, in theory, you could claim for:

  • The physical pain and suffering your cut finger at work has caused.
  • Any psychological injuries caused by your cut finger including distress, anxiety and depression.
  • The impact your finger injury has had on hobbies, social activities and family life.
  • The cost of replacing any personal items damaged in your accident at work.
  • Care costs if you needed support while you were recovering.
  • Medical costs including private treatment in some cases.
  • Travel expenses related to your cut finger at work.
  • Aids and modifications in your home or vehicle to help you deal with any permanent disabilities.

Your claim should be properly considered before it is sent to your employer because you are only allowed to make one claim. If you decide to work with one of our solicitors, they’ll use their experience to make sure everything is included in your claim and to try and ensure you are fully compensated.

To help prove the severity of your cut finger at work, you will need an independent medical assessment during the claims process. Your solicitor can usually arrange for this to happen locally with a medical expert. Following your appointment, your solicitor and the defendant’s representatives will be sent a report to explain your prognosis.

For finger injury compensation amounts, please refer to the page here.

Evidence To Prove How You Cut Your Finger At Work

If you don’t have evidence to prove how your finger was cut at work and how your employer was responsible, you typically wouldn’t be compensated. Therefore, it’s important to gather as much as you can to support your case. This could include:

  • Photographs. This could include pictures of the accident scene including the root cause before it is repaired or replaced. Also, photographs of your wound/s during the course of your recovery can help.
  • Accident report forms. By law, your employer should follow procedure and record the details of any accidents at work reported to them. You are entitled to a copy of the report so you should request one if it was not provided.
  • Camera footage. If your company has security cameras covering the area your accident occurred, ask for a copy of any relevant CCTV footage as soon as possible.
  • Medical notes. It’s always important to seek medical advice regarding any cut finger at work. If you plan to sue your employer for a cut finger at work the notes from your visit to A&E or a GP surgery can be requested to help prove how severe the cut was.
  • Witness details. You should give your solicitor contact details for anybody who saw your accident happen if they give you their permission to do so. They might be asked for a statement if your employer denies liability for your accident.

Please feel free to call if you’d like us to review your evidence for free.

How Long Do Workplace Accident Claims Take?

Importantly, there is a 3-year time limit for workplace accident claims in the UK. For most cases involving cut fingers at work, this will begin from the date of your accident.

Our solicitors will always act as efficiently as possible to settle your claim as quickly as possible while still trying to secure a fair settlement amount. For claims that take longer than normal, your solicitor might be able to secure interim payments to help cover any immediate financial impact.

Starting A Compensation Claim For A Cut Finger At Work

Our team are ready to help if you’re looking to sue for a cut finger at work. They will review your claim for free if you call us on 0800 6524 881. There’s nothing to lose if you call because you’ll get free advice whatever you decide to do.

If your case is accepted, we’ll connect you with one of our No Win No Fee solicitors. Importantly, they won’t need to be paid for their work unless you are compensated.

Hopefully, this guide has answered the question, “I cut my finger at work can I sue?”, and if you have any additional questions, please use our live chat service to get in touch.

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