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      Criminal Injuries Claim

      If you have been the victim of a violent crime or if you have suffered an injury at the hands of a criminal then you may be eligible to make a criminal injuries claim. Making a criminal injuries claim can be quite a straightforward and even simple process if you get in contact with a trained injuries solicitor, who will be able to help you to properly understand the legal technicalities of claiming crime compensation and will be able to support you with it.

      Who Can Claim For Criminal Injury Compensation?

      Being the victim of any crime can be a very traumatic experience for anyone, but it is especially traumatic for those who suffer any kind of physical injury. For some victims of violent crime, the scars can be a lasting reminder of what happened to them. For those victims who suffer physical injury because of the violence used towards them, it is unfair that they must continue to suffer for a long time after the crime has happened.

      Criminal InjuriesIn some cases, a victim’s continued quality of life is severely impacted by the actions of the criminal which can be both from physical injuries and certainly from being affected mentally.

      If you feel like you have been left with any lasting physical or psychological injury after you have been the target of a violent criminal or being injured because of a criminal act, then claiming compensation is one of your legal rights. Whilst winning crime compensation may not make up for the hurt which you have suffered, any money which you receive can be put towards improving your quality of life, so that you do not have to be defined by your injury.

      What Types Of Criminal Injuries Claims Are There?

      There are various types of criminal injuries claims which can be made in the United Kingdom. The first example is a claim which is made directly against your attacker.

      This type of personal injury claim is not usually advised by compensation solicitors, because it can be difficult to enforce the judgement. Many attackers will not have enough money to be able to pay to the claimant if the case goes against them, and therefore the claimant is unlikely to receive adequate crime compensation for their injuries. In many cases, judges will rule that if the attacker is already in jail, then they will not be liable to pay anymore compensation.

      Another example of a criminal injuries claim is one which you may be able to make against your employer. You are only able to make this kind of claim if you were a victim of violent crime as part of your role at work or if the attack took place in your workplace. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the assault it may be possible to argue that your employer had not taken necessary precautions to protect you from this type of incident. For example, this type of claim may apply if you were attacked by a stranger in your workplace, and there was not adequate security at the workplace to prevent non-employees from entering.

      There is a government authority called the national Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, or CICA for short that can help you if you have been a victim of violent crime. This authority has been set up to help to compensate victims of violent crimes which have occurred in Great Britain (but excluding those which occur in Northern Ireland) specifically. They can also point you to other resources if you have been a victim of violent crime outside of the UK and EU.

      If you need any advice on which type of criminal injuries claim you should make or if you need any support or legal advice about your claim or how much crime compensation you might receive, then it is advisable that you get in contact with a trained criminal injuries solicitor.

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