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      Campsite Injury Claims

      Campsites and caravan parks have always been hugely popular for holidays and weekends away. During any holiday period, campsites often get very crowded with everybody trying to get away from the daily grind. With so many holidaymakers in one place, campsite owners have to be especially vigilant to make sure that the premises and all facilities are well maintained and safe for everybody to use. This includes visitors as well as campsite staff. If the campsite or caravan park owner is negligent and you are injured as a result of this negligence, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

      Campsite Owners’ Responsibilities

      Campsite owners have a legal duty of care towards their visitors and staff. As part of this duty of care, they must put measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone on their premises.
      A campsite owner’s duty of care towards their visitors would entail making sure that:

      • All facilities and equipment are well maintained.
      • Notices warning visitors of existing hazards such as slippery surfaces, are easily visible.
      • All electrical outlets are well insulated and shock proof.
      • Impeccable hygiene is maintained in cooking and serving areas.
      • There are sufficient medical first-aid kits on site to attend to common injuries.
      • The rules of the camping ground are properly displayed so no one can claim ignorance of the rules.

      Duty of care towards the campsite staff includes a few additional safeguards such as:

      • Providing staff with the appropriate training so they can stay safe while executing their duties.
      • Providing staff with proper personal protective gear depending on their specific job.

      When campsite or caravan park owners are negligent in their duty of care, it increases the chances of their visitors or staff getting injured. Of course, the same goes for visitors and staff who are also expected to be respect the rules and be mindful of others who are also using the facilities.

      Common Campsite And Caravan Park Accidents

      Accidents and injuries on campsites and caravan parks can happen due to any number of reasons. These are just some of the more common issues seen in the past:

      • Slips, trips and falls on slippery surfaces that did not have a hazard warning.
      • Electrical shock due to faulty wiring.
      • No warning signs about potential hazards.
      • Defective equipment or facilities.
      • Food poisoning from issues with food hygiene.
      • Injuries from broken equipment.

      What To Do If You Are Injured On A Campsite

      If you are injured on a campsite getting medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible should be your priority. Call for an ambulance if your injuries are very severe. Campsite owners are required to have the phone numbers of emergency services including ambulance services.

      Aside from seeking medical attention injuries, there are several other things you should do to ensure you have sufficient evidence of the incident. Doing these things will make it easier for you to establish liability and win compensation for your injuries:

      • Report the accident to the campsite/caravan park manager or owner. Create a written record and get a copy for yourself. Ask someone else to do this if you are seriously injures and unable to do it yourself.
      •  Get photographs and video recordings If possible of the scene of the accident and of your injuries. Make sure the photographs and videos clearly show what caused the accident if it is visible.
      • Get the contact details of all those on site who witnessed the accident. Having witnesses who will testify that the accident was not your fault will boost your chances of winning your campsite injury claim.
      • Make a note of the date, time, and location that the accident occurred.
      • Keep any medical documentation related to your injuries. This includes all medical bills.

      You’ve Gathered All The Supporting Evidence – Now What?

      Get in touch with a personal injury solicitor as early as possible to determine whether or not you have a claim and get expert legal advice on what to do next.

      If you’ve never interacted with a personal injury solicitor before, there are two things you should know:

      Most personal injury solicitors offer a complementary, obligation-free consultation. In the consultation (typically by phone), the solicitor will want to hear details of how and where the accident Campsitehappened. They will also want to talk through and look at any evidence you might already have to determine whether you have a strong claim worth pursuing.

      If you have a strong claim, most personal injury solicitors will offer to file your claim using something known as a No Win No Fee agreement. This agreement essentially works exactly as it sounds. If your claim is not successful, you don’t pay any fees. If your claim is successful, you would pay an agreed fee which would be deducted from the compensation awarded.

      Signing a No Win No Fee agreement is not mandatory but it is something you should strongly consider. This agreement allows you to benefit from the solicitor’s legal knowledge and experience without any having to take any financial risks yourself.

      Financial considerations aside, having an experienced personal injury solicitor should also see you getting the maximum amount of compensation due to you.

      There are time limits in place to filing campsite injury claims. Many people who try to pursue a claim on their own end up forfeiting any compensation simply because it can take an inordinately long time to try and put together a strong claim while also recovering from your injuries. When you have a personal injury solicitor working for you, they will make sure that your claim is filed within the stipulated time limit so you can focus on recovering and fulfilling your other personal commitments.

      If you have been injured on a campsite or caravan park and believe it was caused by negligence contact us to speak with a personal injury solicitor today.

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