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      Broken Chair Injury Claims

      If a chair looks sturdy enough, most of us just sit in it confidently without the slightest hesitation. However, if the chair is broken, faulty or damaged, it could give way when you sit on it. Finding yourself sprawled on the floor in a public place can be embarrassing but that could be the lesser problem if you are seriously injured in the accident.

      Broken Chair Injury ClaimIf you were injured by unknowingly using a broken chair, you may have a legal right to make a broken chair injury claim to compensate you for your injuries.

      Types Of Broken Chair Injuries

      It’s hard to imagine that any severe injury could result from sitting on a broken chair but it can. Injuries caused by a broken chair can be mild, severe, temporary or permanent.

      In most cases where injuries occur, you might get away with minor soft-tissue injuries such as bruising, small cuts and lacerations but there are so many other injuries that can result from a faulty chair.

      More serious injuries might include:

      Whatever type of injury you might have suffered, if it was caused as a result of negligence then you could file a broken chair injury claim for compensation.

      What to Do After A Broken Chair Accident

      Whether you’ve suffered an office chair injury, an injury from a broken chair in a restaurant, cinema, pub or hotel, or from a broken chair at work, if you decide to pursue a broken chair injury claim, there are certain things you should do that can help strengthen your chances of success.

      • Make sure you notify the person in charge – It is important that you inform whoever is in charge of the premises immediately after the broken chair accident. In a restaurant, shop or cinema, you would inform the manager. At your workplace, this could be your supervisor, manager or the HR department.
      • Create a written record of the accident – Informing the manager verbally may not be enough. You should create a written record so that the manager or the insurance company cannot refute what happened when you file your compensation claim. Ask for the incident report book, write down what happened and get a signed copy of the report for yourself. Even if you decide against filing a faulty chair claim, it’s good to have this on record.
      • Get a medical check-up – If you are seriously injured ask someone to call for an ambulance so you can get immediate care and be taken to the hospital for further treatment if necessary.
      • Getting a medical check-up after an accident can be vital, no matter how mild your injuries may seem. First of all, a doctor can conduct a thorough investigation to determine if you have any internal injuries. Secondly, medical treatment can form a key component to support your compensation claim. Remember to keep any and all receipts related to your medical treatment such as travel costs.
      • If possible get photographs and video of the scene of the accident and broken/faulty chair – If you cannot do this yourself because of your injuries, ask someone else to get photographs for you. When you have photographic evidence of the cause of the accident, it is harder to deny it happened or how it happened.
      • Ask bystanders for witness statements – If the accident happened in a public place, other people may have witnessed what happened. Ask if they would be willing to write down what they saw so you can use it to support your injury claim. Make sure the witness statements have the witnesses’ signature and date on it. If you cannot get witness statements on the spot, at least try and get their contact details so your personal injury solicitor can contact them later.

      How To Start A Broken Chair Injury Claim

      If you decide to file a broken chair injury claim, the first thing to do is to contact a personal injury solicitor. You can do this even if you are not sure whether you are eligible to claim as many solicitors offer a free consultation by telephone. In this consultation, the solicitor or an advisor will discuss with you what has happened and give you their opinion of whether or not you have grounds for compensation. If you’re advised to proceed with a claim it will almost certainly be using a No Win No Fee agreement.

      Our No Win No Fee agreement offers you the benefits of having a personal injury solicitor represent you without any upfront fee. Once you sign the agreement, your solicitor will get to work on building a strong broken chair claim on your behalf without asking for any fees at any time, before or during the process. You only pay the fee after the case has been settled and only if you win the claim. The fee you would pay is calculated as a percentage of the total amount awarded. If your claim is unsuccessful and you are not awarded any compensation, you will not pay anything at all. A No Win No Fee accident claim ensures that you are never out of pocket at any time.

      If you would like advice on a broken chair injury claim from a personal injury solicitor please contact us today for a free consultation.

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