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Broken Chair Injury Claims – How Much Compensation Will I Get?

Sitting down in a chair is not something you probably think about too much. If you see a chair and you need to sit down, you just do it. On most occasions, that’s fine and the chair will serve its Broken Chair Injury Claimpurpose well. In some cases, however, faulty, damaged, or broken chairs can cause accidents and injuries. In this guide to making a broken chair injury claim, we’ll look at when it might be possible to claim compensation and explain how the claims process works.

We can help if you want to make a claim for compensation. We’ll start by assessing your case with you in a free consultation. If there is a reasonable chance that you’ll be compensated, we’ll ask one of our personal injury solicitors to step in. Any case they agree to work on will be processed on a No Win No Fee basis. That means you wouldn’t need to pay your solicitor for their work unless compensation is paid.

We’re ready to help right away if call us to review your options on 0800 6524 881. If you’d like more guidance on the broken chair injury claims process before calling, please read on.

Am I Eligible To Make A Broken Chair Injury Claim?

Our personal injury solicitors don’t want to waste anybody’s time so they will only take on a broken chair injury claim where there is a realistic chance of success. See if you can answer yes to all three of the following questions to see if you could be compensated for your injuries:

  1. Can a duty of care be established between the defendant and you?
  2. Did the defendant’s negligence lead to an accident involving a broken chair?
  3. Were you injured during that accident?

Duty of care is a legal term but you shouldn’t worry too much about it. Our specialist advisors can check this for you by referring to specific legislation. For example, if you were injured when using a broken chair in a shopping centre, the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 could be relevant. Similarly, claims for being injured if a chair collapsed at work could use the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to prove a duty of care existed.

Later on, we’ll explain what evidence could help you to prove points 2 and 3 to support your claim.

Negligence Leading To Broken Chair Accidents

As per the criteria listed above, you could only claim for injuries caused by a broken chair accident if the defendant’s negligence was to blame. Some examples of this include:

  1. If you cut yourself on a damaged plastic chair in a fast-food restaurant.
  2. Where you sustained back injuries because your employer wouldn’t replace your damaged office chair.
  3. If your child suffers head injuries after falling from a chair at school that had damaged legs.
  4. Where you suffered a laceration after sitting on a seat on public transport that had been vandalised but not repaired.
  5. Where you injured your back after a chair in a shopping centre accident gave way because it had been poorly maintained.

These are just a sample of the reasons you could be compensated for a broken chair injury. Please get in touch if you believe you have grounds to start a claim and let one of our team members review your options with you.

Common Injuries From Falling Off A Chair

It’s hard to imagine that any severe injury could result from a chair breaking under you but it can. Injuries caused by a broken chair can be mild, severe, temporary or permanent.

In most cases where injuries occur, you might get away with minor soft-tissue injuries such as bruising, small cuts and lacerations but there are many other injuries that can result from a faulty chair.

More serious injuries might include:

Whatever type of injury you might have suffered, if it was caused as a result of negligence then you could be eligible to make a broken chair injury claim for compensation.

How Much Compensation Will I Get For Being Injured By A Broken Chair Accident?

If you go on to make a broken chair injury claim, it will be assessed based on how much suffering your injuries caused (general damages) and any costs you incurred as a result. Compensation claims vary from case to case but, in general, you could seek a settlement for:

  • The physical impact (pain and suffering) your injuries from the broken chair caused.
  • Psychological injuries you suffered during and after the accident (embarrassment, anxiety, stress etc).
  • The effect your injuries had on your social life, hobbies and family duties.
  • Any income you lost if your injuries stopped you from working.
  • The cost of replacing clothing, phones, jewellery or other personal items that were damaged or ruined in the accident.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Care costs if you needed support (from a carer, loved one or friend) while you were injured.
  • The cost of home modifications to help you adapt to any permanent disability.
  • Future loss of earnings if you’ll face further income loss in the long-term.

If one of our solicitors takes your broken chair injury claim on, they’ll review it thoroughly to try and ensure everything is included and try to secure the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.

Compensation Calculator For Broken Chair Accident Claims

If you make a successful broken chair claim, the compensation you’ll receive will be primarily based on the severity of your injuries. To give you some idea of how much could be paid, we’ve provided the compensation calculator below with some potential awards for specific injuries:

Compensation Calculator
Part Of Body
How Severe?


*Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

To ascertain how serious your injuries from the broken chair accident are, a medical assessment will be needed. This can usually be booked locally with an independent medical expert. They’ll examine you, discuss your injuries with you and read your medical notes. They’ll then provide a report to explain your prognosis.

Evidence To Support A Broken Chair Injury Claim

As well as your medical report, you’ll likely need further evidence to prove how your broken chair accident occurred and who was to blame. This can include:

  • Accident report forms. If you were injured by a broken chair in a work accident, in a public place, or on a business’s property, report the accident. Your copy of the report that’s required by law could help to prove where and when you were injured.
  • Witness information. You should ask anybody else who saw your accident for their contact details. Your solicitor might ask them for a statement to help prove liability for the accident.
  • Medical notes. Your x-rays and medical records from the hospital or minor injuries unit that treated you can be obtained to help prove the severity of your injuries.
  • Camera footage. If your accident was recorded on a security camera, ask for a copy of the footage. Do so quickly, though, as it is often deleted quickly.
  • Photographs. Where possible, you should try to take a photograph of the broken chair before it is replaced, removed or repaired to try and help prove the cause of your accident.

As part of our free consultation, we’ll review any evidence you’ve already collected. Therefore, please have it ready when you call if possible.

Broken Chair Injury Claims Time Limits

As you may already know, there are time limits for all personal injury claims in the UK. For broken chair injury claims, this is a 3-year period that will usually begin on the date of your accident. If your child is injured at school by a broken chair, for instance, you won’t need to worry about the limitation period. Child injury claims are possible at any point before they turn 18 years old.

Although the time limit is quite a long period of time, we’d suggest that you don’t leave your claim too long. The sooner you start, the sooner you could be compensated. Also, starting the claim quickly should make gathering evidence much easier.

Starting A Broken Chair Injury Claim

Our team is ready to help if you’ve decided to claim for your injuries. One call to our advice centre on 0800 6524 881 might be all it takes to begin your claim.

We’ll review your options with you and explain your options for free. Importantly, if your claim is accepted by one of our personal injury solicitors, they’ll represent you on a No Win No Fee basis. In our experience, that should make your claim a lot less stressful.

If you need to know anything else about making a broken chair injury claim, please use live chat or call our advice centre to speak with a specialist.

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