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      Air Accident Claims

      When we hear of air accidents, our first thought is probably of a disastrous plane crash. These tend to make headline news and get everyone’s attention often because of the scale of the disaster. Air Accident ClaimFortunately, these are few and far between. There are various other types of air accidents however, that happen more frequently. While these may go unnoticed because they very rarely involve fatalities, they may still have a serious impact on the person injured in the accident.

      If you are injured in any type of air accident that is not due to any fault of yours, you should explore your right to start an air accident claim for compensation.

      Types of Air Accident Claims

      Many accidents that happen on or around an aeroplane are different from most other accidents because of the unique nature of air travel and the unique dynamics involved. Below are some of the more common types of air accidents you may encounter that you may be able to make an air accident claim for:

      Overhead Storage Accidents

      All passenger carry-on baggage must be stored in the aircraft’s overhead storage compartments. Part of the cabin crew’s in-flight duties is to make sure that all of these storage lockers are properly secured before take-off and landing. Failure to do this can cause the baggage to fall out potentially injuring passengers sitting directly below or around the locker. Overhead storage bin accidents are more likely to happen during take-offs and landings.

      Burns/Scalds From Hot Drinks Or Food

      Cabin crew are trained to handle and serve hot food and drink carefully without dropping it on anybody. Carelessness while serving hot drinks or hot food can result in compensation claims for burns or scalds.

      Aeroplane Trolley Accidents

      In-flight trolleys are typically made of solid steel and are surprisingly heavy. If used carelessly, they can cause serious injuries. You could start an air accident claim if you’re injured because the cabin crew failed to secure the trolley during take off or landing, or if the trolley collides into you or runs over your foot during a food and beverage service.

      Food Poisoning

      Food that is loaded on flights has to be cooked and stored under optimum conditions so it doesn’t spoil. Food poisoning can result from eating food that has not been cooked or stored properly or consuming food or drinks that are past their expiry date.

      Allergic Reaction To In-Flight Food

      Passengers who are allergic to dairy, peanuts or any other foods need to inform the airline when booking their ticket and again remind the cabin crew when they board the aeroplane. If, despite taking these precautions, you are served something you are allergic to, you could experience an in-flight allergic emergency.

      Slips, Trips And Falls

      Slips, trips and falls are some of the more common types of air accidents. This could happen because of torn carpeting in the aeroplane, a liquid spill that has not been wiped up or no hazard signs having been put up warning passengers of potential hazards.

      Turbulence Incidents

      An aeroplane can run into turbulence any time. Most times, the captain has enough time to alert cabin crew and passengers to be seated and keep their seat belts on to avoid getting injured. If the seat belt sign is not switched on during turbulence and passengers and crew are walking around or even seated without their seat belts on, they are more likely to sustain injuries.

      If you are injured because of the airline’s negligence during a period of turbulence you may have an air accident claim and should seek legal advice form a solicitor.

      Damaged Interiors Or Broken Seats

      Negligent maintenance can result in damaged interiors or broken seats being overlooked. For example, you might suffer a cut by a jagged edge while embarking, disembarking, or using any of the facilities in flight. You could also be injured if your seat is broken or the seat in front of you is broken and falls on you in flight.

      Bad Landing

      A bad landing can result in severe back injuries or whiplash even if you’ve followed all the rules and are seated with your seatbelt on. Even if it seems unlikely you could be compensated for an injury due to a bad landing you should seek advice from a personal injury solicitor which you can usually get for free.

      Negligent Treatment Of Disabled Passengers

      Passengers who have any type of disability can request for special assistance on ground and in flight. This can be assistance with embarking, disembarking, getting seated, or securing their seat belt. Failure to provide the care and attention needed can result in a disabled passenger getting injured, potentially leading to an air accident claim for compensation.

      Making An Air Accident Claim

      Air accident claims can be highly complex. You need to establish that the accident occurred inside the aircraft or while embarking or disembarking. You will also need to prove that it was outside the ordinary course of events and that it was not caused due to any existing medical condition or other internal reaction such as deep vein thrombosis. This can be extremely challenging especially when you consider you will be up against highly experienced airline lawyers. Having a personal injury solicitor experienced in handling aviation accidents is the best way to file a successful air accident claim.

      Personal injury solicitors know exactly how to put together a winning air accident claim that should get you the maximum amount of compensation due to you. Compensation awarded for air accident claims vary depending on the severity of your injuries and several other factors including medical expenses, cost of travel, loss of income, loss of amenity, and other out of pocket expenses related to the accident. Pain and suffering is also taken into consideration when calculating compensation for air accidents.

      In most cases your solicitor will file your air accident claim using a No Win No Fee agreement. According to the terms of our No Win No Fee agreement, you will not pay anything at all unless your claim is successful and you are awarded compensation. If your claim is won the fee is deducted straight from the compensation and is calculated by way of an agreed percentage, no higher than 25%. A No Win No Fee agreement ensures that you get the expert legal help you need to win an air accident claim without any financial risk.

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