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      Swimming Pool Accident And Illness Claim

      Swimming pool accidents/ illness claims can take in a number of different scenarios that compensation might be claimed for such as parasites in the swimming pool water or accidents due to loose tiles. If you have contracted an illness or been injured as a consequence of negligence in the vicinity of a swimming pool then you may well have a swimming pool accident claim for compensation.

      Swimming Pool Accident Claim

      Common Swimming Pool Accident/ Illness Claims

      Over the years our accident claims solicitors have seen a number of patterns emerging with regards to swimming pool accidents and illness compensation claims. Some of the more common claims involve:

      • Damaged tiles surrounding the swimming pool area;
      • Damaged tiles within the swimming pool;
      • Defective water filtration systems;
      • Lack of safety signage in and around the swimming pool;
      • Defective pool drainage systems;
      • Unsafe chemical content in the water.

      The location of the swimming pool is irrelevant from a legal standpoint if for example an overseas holiday was arranged by a UK holiday firm. There is a general misconception that only swimming pool related incidents in the UK are covered by UK personal injury compensation laws. As a consequence, there may be many people out there who have suffered injuries or illnesses from a swimming pool accident while on holiday abroad who may well have a case for compensation.

      Swimming Pool Safety

      All swimming pool operators have a legal obligation to ensure the well-being of their employees, customers and anybody visiting their premises in the UK. Package holiday companies also have a legal obligation towards the safety of their customers.

      Even though there a various acts of Parliament to help focus the minds of swimming pool operators and package holiday companies on safety issues there is perhaps a more important health and safety element to consider. The provision of experienced lifeguards in all swimming pool facilities is extremely important and literally life-saving on many occasions. The lifeguards should be given the relevant facilities and equipment to ensure the safety of all swimmers and those using the pool facilities. It is their ability to spot a potentially dangerous situation, at a relatively early stage, which makes everything look extremely simple, even though they have avoided what may have become a life-threatening situation.

      How Much Compensation For A Swimming Pool Accident/ Illness?

      There are many different types of injury and illness which can originate from swimming pool accidents. While most swimming pool accidents resulting in injuries or illness tend to be fairly minor, with lifeguards on hand to assist, there are still death in swimming pools occurring today. As head injuries are a particularly common consequence of accidents in a swimming pool, mostly from slipping, we have listed advised compensation settlement amounts for head injuries below. Below that is also our swimming pool accident/ illness compensation calculator which lists average compensation for other injuries that can occur in a swimming pool.

      Average Compensation For Head Injuries Suffered In Swimming Pools

      • Relatively minor head injuries where a full recovery is expected will attract compensation from £2,070 and £11,980. depending upon the severity.
      • Head injuries where an almost full recovery is expected, but where there may be non-life changing permanent issues, tend to see a compensation settelement from £14,380 up to £40,410
      • Moderate head injuries resulting in an intellectual deficit, change in personality, impact on speech and sight and potential risk of epilepsy can lead to compensation ranging from £40,4100 up to £205,580.
      • Injuries described as moderately severe may have an impact upon life expectancy, lead to disabilities, a reduction in intellect and change in personality. The level of expected recovery will directly impact the compensation awarded which can be anywhere between £205,580 and £264,650.
      • Those injuries describe as very severe will have a significant impact upon life expectancy, involve sensory impairment, a degree of disability, dependence on others for everyday bodily functions and an inability to respond to any form of stimulation. Awards between £264,650 and £379,100 will be available for very severe head injuries.

      Swimming Pool Accident Compensation Calculator

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Making A Swimming Pool Accident/ Illness Compensation Claim

      Whether you’re swimming pool accident or illness occurred in the UK or overseas, all swimming pool operators (and on occasion package tour operators) have a legal obligation to maintain the well-being of their customers, as well as their employees. As with any swimming pool accident claim, the claimant needs to prove negligence on behalf of one or more parties which led to the incident and the injury/ illness. In many cases medical records will determine the severity of the injury/ illness as well as the cause. However, you will require additional supporting evidence when pursuing a swimming pool accident claim.

      Additional evidence could include photographs of the area of the swimming pool where the accident happened, witness statements as well as accident records that might show evidence of similar issues in the past. Contacting us to arrange a free consultation with a solicitor to discuss your swimming pool accident or illness provides you with the opportunity to have any questions answered at no charge, and no obligation.

      Most solicitors will review your swimming pool accident/ illness claim free of charge and where they decide you have a good chance of being compensated they will likely offer to file your claim for you on a No Win No Fee basis. You should check how the No Win No Fee claims process works with whatever solicitor you decide to contact but in our case it basically means paying a success fee only if the swimming pool accident/ illness claim is successful which would be an agreed percentage taken from your compensation.

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