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      Achilles Tendon Injury Compensation Claims

      The Achilles tendon is a key part of our body. Located just above the heel of the foot, this tendon connects the heel bone to the calf muscle and is instrumental in enabling us to walk and run. Achillies Tendon Injury ClaimAchilles tendon injuries can be extremely painful, limiting your mobility by making it difficult to walk. If you’ve suffered an injury to your Achilles tendon caused due to no fault of yours, you may be eligible to file an Achilles tendon injury compensation claim.

      Common Causes Of Achilles Tendon Injuries

      The Achilles tendon has a certain range of motion. Flexing the foot beyond its typical range of motion, twisting the ankle or direct trauma to the area are the three most common causes of Achilles tendon injuries. The exact type of injury and its severity depends on the way the injury occurred and the force of the impact.

      Achilles tendon injuries may range from mild sprains and strains to severe tendon ruptures, tendonitis, or tendinopathy. The most severe form is tenosynovitis, in which the protective sheath surrounding the tendon gets inflamed and deteriorates gradually. A complete rupture or tear of the tendon can result in a permanent limp.

      Some of the more common causes of Achilles tendon injury compensation claims include:

      Severe Achilles tendon injuries very rarely heal completely without any medical intervention. In most cases, they require surgery and recovering full movement of the foot can take several months or even years. In the interim, the effect on the injured person’s life can be devastating. It affects their quality of life drastically and may also impact their income if they are unable to get back to work during that time. If the injury was caused by somebody else’s negligence then you may have a case to make an Achilles tendon injury claim for compensation.

      Making An Achilles Tendon Injury Compensation Claim

      If you believe you are eligible to make an Achilles tendon injury compensation claim, most personal injury solicitors offer free consultations that enable potential claimants to get free advice on how strong a case you have. A typical telephone consultation takes a matter of minutes for an experienced solicitor to determine whether or not a claim should be started. If the solicitor advises the injury victim to proceed with making an Achilles tendon injury compensation claim they may offer to take the claim on using a No Win No Fee agreement.

      With a typical No Win No Fee agreement, the solicitor will cover all fees and expenses related to the Achilles tendon injury compensation claim until it is settled. Our clients do not pay any money upfront at any time while the claim is still ongoing. If, and only if, your claim is successful, will you need to pay the agreed fee. The No Win No Fee agreement will have all the details about the amount you have to pay, but in our case, it is a set percentage of the total compensation awarded to you and is paid from the compensation once it has been received.

      Working with a personal injury solicitor on a No Win No Fee basis gives you the best chance of winning your claim without taking any financial risks personally.

      How Much Compensation For An Achilles Tendon Injury?

      The amount of compensation you would receive for your Achilles tendon injury if the claim is successful will be dependant on a variety of factors. These include:

      • How much the Achilles injury has impacted your mobility.
      • How much the injury has affected your lifestyle, for example, if you haven’t been able to participate in your favourite sport, or exercise.
      • The length of time expected for you to recover from your Achilles injury completely.
      • Long-term discomfort or pain.
      • Any disfigurement and to what extent.

      Average Achilles Tendon Injury Compensation Amounts

      The below figures demonstrate approximate average compensatory Achilles tendon injury amounts based on guidelines from the Judicial College which is an office of the Ministry of Justice.

      • Minor Achilles tendon injury – £6,820 to £11,820.
      • Moderate Achilles tendon injury – £11,820 to £19,770.
      • Serious Achilles tendon injury – £23,460 to £28,240.
      • Most serious Achilles tendon injury – Around £36,060.

      The final calculation will also add in your actual financial losses (these are not included in the compensation amounts above and will be calculated by your solicitor). This includes expenses such as medical treatment costs, the projected cost of long-term rehabilitation, the cost of traveling to and from your medical treatments, and loss of income from being unable to work because of your injuries.

      Our personal injury solicitors always claim for the maximum amount of compensation due to you.

      If you have suffered an Achilles injury and want to discuss making an Achilles injury compensation claim with a personal injury solicitor then please contact us for a free consultation.

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