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Achilles Tendon Injury – How Much Compensation Could I Claim?

Injuring your Achilles tendon can be very painful and have a dramatic impact on your ability to work or carry on with your usual activities. If you’ve torn, strained or ruptured your Achilles tendon in Achilles Tendon Injury Claiman accident that was not your fault, you may be eligible to make an Achilles tendon injury claim for compensation for your suffering.

We offer a no-obligation consultation for any personal injury claim. During your call, an advisor will explain the claims process and provide free legal advice on your options. If there’s a fair chance that you’ll be compensated, you’ll be connected with one of our personal injury solicitors. All claims that they work on are managed on a No Win No Fee basis. In our experience, knowing that you won’t pay legal fees if the claim is lost makes everything a lot less stressful.

Please call us today on 0800 6524 881 if you’d like to discuss an Achilles tendon injury claim right away. Alternatively, please read on to learn more before calling.

What Is The Achilles Tendon?

The Achilles tendon is a strong cord made of fibres that connects your heel bone to the back of your calf. Flexing the foot beyond its typical range of motion, twisting the ankle or direct trauma to the area are the three most common causes of Achilles tendon injuries. The exact type of injury and its severity depends on the way the injury occurred and the force of the impact.

Common Achilles Tendon Injuries

Achilles tendon injuries may range from mild sprains and strains to severe tendon ruptures, tendonitis, or tendinopathy. The most severe form is tenosynovitis, in which the protective sheath surrounding the tendon gets inflamed and deteriorates gradually. A complete rupture or tear of the tendon can result in a permanent limp.

Some of the more common causes of Achilles tendon injury compensation claims include:

  • Strained Achilles tendon – where the muscle fibres are torn by overstretching.
  • Sprained Achilles tendon – where the ligaments are twisted or violently wrenched.
  • Ruptured Achilles tendon – a sudden partial or full tear of the tendon.
  • Tendinopathy – where the tendon degrades gradually.
  • Tendonitis – this is where the tendon becomes inflamed.
  • Tenosynovitis – here the protective sheath around the tendon is inflamed.

Symptoms Of Achilles Tendon Injuries

It’s important to note that some Achilles tendon injuries have no symptoms. In other cases, though, the most common symptoms include:

  • Pain and swelling around the heel. The pain can be severe in some cases.
  • Inability to put weight on the toes of the injured leg.
  • Pain when pushing off from the toes when walking.
  • A feeling that you’ve just been kicked in the heel.
  • A snapping or popping noise at the time when the Achilles tendon was ruptured.

A ruptured Achilles tendon should be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible to try and avoid further suffering.

Am I Eligible To Make An Achilles Tendon Injury Claim?

If you’re considering claiming compensation for an Achilles tendon injury, you will need to show that:

  1. The party you’re claiming against owed you a duty of care; and
  2. Their negligence caused an accident; and
  3. You sustained an Achilles tendon injury during that accident.

If all 3 criteria are true in your case, you could be compensated for your suffering. If you’re not sure if you were owed a duty of care, don’t worry. Your solicitor will verify this when reviewing your claim. However, for reference, you’re often owed a duty of care by your employer, local authorities, other road users, businesses and other organisations. Remember, if your claim is accepted, it means that your solicitor believes you have a fair chance of being compensated.

What’s more important at the start of the claims process is being able to prove how the accident occurred and how your Achilles tendon injury has affected you. Therefore, later on, we’ll explain what evidence you could use to support your claim.

Common Accidents Leading To Achilles Tendon Injury Claims

In this section, we’ve listed some of the types of accidents that can lead to an Achilles tendon injury claim. Remember, for you to be eligible to claim compensation, you must show how the accident was caused by somebody else’s negligence.

  • Slips, trips and falls. It is quite common for an Achilles tendon to rupture when the leg is overstretched during a fall. If you’ve tripped on a pavement, for example, you could sue the council for your suffering if they failed to inspect or repair the pavement defect that caused you to fall.
  • Workplace accidents. Your employer has a duty of care to try and make the workplace as safe as possible. This means identifying and removing risks or providing extra protection where they can’t be removed. An example of when you could claim for a workplace tendon injury might be if you fell off a ladder at work because you hadn’t been given a safety harness.
  • Road traffic accidents. You could claim if you injured your Achilles tendon in an RTA if another road user caused the accident. For example, if you were knocked off a bike by a car driver who was using their mobile phone, you could be eligible to make an Achilles tendon injury claim.
  • Sporting injuries. An Achilles tendon injury is a common hazard in many sports where the ankle might be twisted or stretched resulting in a badly sprained ankle. However, if the sports injury was caused by damaged equipment or an unsafe playing environment, a claim might be possible.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Tendonitis and other Achilles injuries can be caused by repetitive movements over prolonged periods. Therefore, you could claim compensation for RSI if it was caused because you weren’t allowed adequate rest breaks at work.

If you can’t see a scenario that matches your own in the list above, don’t worry – we could still help you begin an Achilles tendon injury claim. Please get in touch and we’ll review your options with you for free.

How Much Compensation For An Achilles Tendon Injury?

When making an Achilles tendon injury claim, you’ll need to consider how much suffering was caused (general damages) and any costs you incurred as a result (special damages).

Each claim is assessed on its own merits but, in theory, a settlement could cover:

  • Pain and suffering during the accident, your recovery period and during treatment.
  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health problems caused by your Achilles tendon injury.
  • Any negative impact on your hobbies or social activities (loss of amenity).
  • Lost income.
  • Care costs if somebody else needed to help you while you were injured.
  • Private physiotherapy and medical expenses.
  • Walking aids or changes to your home if your Achilles injury is longer-term and the changes will improve your quality of life.
  • Future loss of earnings if your Achilles injury will reduce your capacity to work going forward.

Getting the value of your claim right cannot be understated. We believe you have a much better chance of receiving a fair settlement for an Achilles tendon injury if you work with a personal injury solicitor.

Average Achilles Tendon Injury Compensation Amounts

The below figures demonstrate approximate average compensatory Achilles tendon injury amounts based on guidelines from the Judicial College which is an office of the Ministry of Justice.

  • Minor Achilles tendon injury – £7,270 to £12,590.
  • Moderate Achilles tendon injury – £12,590 to £21,070.
  • Serious Achilles tendon injury – £24,990 to £30,090.
  • Most serious Achilles tendon injury – Around £38,430.

If your claim is accepted, you will need to have a medical assessment to ascertain your prognosis. This will usually involve a local (to you) appointment with an independent expert. They’ll examine your Achilles tendon, discuss how the injury has affected you and check your medical records. After that, they’ll explain their findings in a report to all involved in the claim.

Evidence To Support An Achilles Tendon Injury Claim

Evidence that your solicitor might use to support your claim includes:

  • Photos of the accident scene.
  • Witness statements from others who saw your accident.
  • Dashcam or security camera footage of the accident.
  • Medical records to prove your diagnosis and the treatment required.
  • Accident report forms.
  • Investigation reports (for some workplace accidents).
  • Proof of any expenses you’re claiming for that are linked to your injuries.

Please let us know if you have any evidence already when you call (if you can but not essential) as it could speed up the claims process.

Time Limits For Claiming Achilles Tendon Injury Compensation

The Limitation Act 1980 sets out a 3-year time limit for all personal injury claims in the UK. For Achilles tendon injury claims, this will commence on the date of the accident in which you were injured or from when your injury was diagnosed by a doctor.

If the defendant in your claim accepts liability at the earliest opportunity, you could be paid compensation in around 6 months or so. However, where more investigation into the cause of the accident or how you’ll be affected in the future is needed, the claims process can go beyond a year.

Starting The Achilles Tendon Injury Claims Process

Calling our advice centre on 0800 6524 881 could be all it takes to start the Achilles tendon injury claims process. There’s no obligation to proceed with a claim and you’ll be given free legal advice no matter what you decide to do.

If the claim is taken on by one of our solicitors, they will make the process a lot less stressful by representing you on a No Win No Fee basis.

If you need to know anything else about Achilles tendon injury claims, please use our free live chat service.

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