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      Golf Course Accident Claims

      Golf is the last sport that comes to mind when referring to high-risk sports. However, golf course accidents are not all that rare. There are incidents every year where both players as well as spectators require medical attention for injuries sustained on the golf course. Errant shots, faulty equipment, or a badly maintained golf buggy are just some of many factors that could result in somebody getting injured on a golf course.

      Golf Course

      If you are injured in a golf course accident that was due to negligence and no fault of yours, you may have a legal right to claim compensation for your injuries.

      Common Golf Course Accidents And Injuries

      Injuries From Golf Balls

      Errant shots top the list of causes of injuries on the golf course. What’s more this is not restricted to new golf players. There are recorded cases of experienced players playing errant shots that resulted in spectators and game marshals sustaining head and eye injuries. Their small size and the speed at which they travel make golf balls very dangerous. Getting struck by a golf ball can result in serious injuries, depending on the speed at which the golfer struck the ball and how far away you are from the golfer.

      Injuries From Golf Clubs

      Golfers losing grip of their club while swinging it, is another common cause of injury on a golf course. The wayward club may go flying through the air with force, causing severe injuries when it strikes one or more people in its way. The injuries may range from serious bruising or broken bones to concussion, head injuries or cerebral haemorrhage if the club strikes the back or side of the victim’s head.

      Golf Carts And Buggies

      Golf cart or golf buggy accidents are also surprisingly common on the golf course. These can be caused either due to a faulty golf buggy itself or because of the person driving the buggy with due care and attention. Players and golf caddies may get injured if the brakes of the golf buggy fail or if rash driving causes the buggy to tip over or to collide with another buggy or another player. Injuries sustained in golf buggy accidents may range from bruises, fractures, whiplash and concussion.

      Golf Club Negligence

      Badly maintained golf courses and dangerous slopes can cause slip and trip accidents, injuring players, caddies and marshals. Puddles of water, cracked pathways, sand traps and broken glass strewn around are all signs that the management has been negligent with regards to maintenance. Slip and trip accidents on the golf course may result in sprains, strains, and fractures

      Golf clubs are required to erect fences to in high-risk areas so prevent people from being hit by golf balls. Where erecting fences is not always possible, they are required to put up prominent signs warning people about the imminent dangers of walking around high-risk areas.

      What To Do If You Are Injured In A Golf Course Accident

      Seeking medical attention should be your priority if you are injured in an accident on the golf course. While this is something you should do even if the injuries seem minor at the time, it takes on even more importance if you are in a lot of pain. Some injuries may seem superficial and the true extent might only be determined after conducting diagnostic tests at the hospital.

      If the golf course accident was caused due to somebody else’s fault, you should also get in touch with a personal injury solicitor to determine your options with regards to filing a golf course accident claim for compensation. You may of course file a compensation claim for injuries on your own but it wouldn’t be recommended. Trying to gather evidence and putting together a golfing accident claim while recovering from your injuries can add to your stress and only hinder your recovery.

      You should also keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations for filing compensation claims. Your claim should be filed in the court of law within 3 years of the golfing accident or the date of which your injury was diagnosed. If you do not manage to file your case within 3 years, you lose your right to claim. Any personal injury solicitor who commits to helping you file a claim for compensation will make sure that your case is filed in the court of law within the 3 year statute of limitation.

      How Personal Injury Solicitors Work

      When you get in touch with a personal injury solicitor, you will usually get a first free appointment. If the solicitor you call does not offer you this free consultation, look for another who does.

      The solicitor will ask you to provide all the evidence you have pertaining to the case. This may include photographs of where the accident occurred on the golf course, photographs of your injuries, your medical reports, and witness statements if any.

      During the first consultation, the personal injury solicitor will listen to your account of what happened and go through all of the evidence that you currently have.

      If, after hearing you out and going through the evidence, the solicitor determines that you have a strong case, they will probably offer you the No Win No Fee agreement. This is a huge factor in your favour as it means you do not have to pay any fees until such time that the case is settled and decided in your favour. Usually the amount you will have to pay on winning your claim is a set percentage on the total compensation amount awarded to you.

      After you have signed the agreement, your solicitor will do further research on similar precedents that may be used to add weight to your golf course injury  claim. They will then get a medical expert’s opinion as to the maximum amount that you can claim for depending on the severity of your injuries.

      How Much Compensation For A Golf Course Injury?

      When calculating the amount of compensation you could claim for a golf course related injury, the court will take into consideration the severity of your injuries and whether you need long term rehabilitation. You will be compensated for all short and long term medical expenses as well as medical-related travel expenses.

      Please use our injury compensation calculator below for an idea of average compensation settlements for various physical injuries that you might have received in the golf course accident.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      They will also factor in your loss of income and loss of perks if your injuries forced you to stay home from work.

      In addition to actual expenses, the court will also compensate you for your pain and suffering and for loss of quality of life if your injuries prevent you from pursuing your passions.

      Not sure whether or not you are eligible to file a compensation claim for injuries sustained on the golf course? Instead of giving up because you are not sure, you should take advantage of the first-free consultation that many personal injury solicitors offer, and let them give you their expert opinion in this matter.

      Updated 24th August 2021.

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