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      Loss Of Sight Compensation Claims

      Losing our sight can be one of the most devastating things that can happen. It can impose many restrictions as to what we can do and where we can go, and can lower quality of life considerably. If you have lost your sight because of somebody else’s mistake or negligence, you may have strong grounds to file a loss of sight claim for compensation. Before you begin any kind of legal proceedings however, it is always a good idea to consult with a personal injury solicitor.

      Common Loss Of Sight Compensation Claims

      If your loss of sight was caused by a no-fault accident it is extremely likely you would be owed compensation. A no-fault accident refers to an accident that was not your fault, and which was caused because of somebody else’s action or inaction. This could be an accident at work, on the road, or in any commercial premises such as a supermarket, restaurant, or shop. Medical negligence is also considered a no-fault accident.

      To find out whether you have a loss of sight claim you should speak with a personal injury solicitor. Free consultations are a good way to do this as you can receive expert advice without being charged a fee. If you have a strong case with a high chance of winning, they will advise you to go ahead and pursue a loss of sight claim for compensation. If you have a weak case with no supporting evidence, they may advise you otherwise.

      Loss Of Sight At Work

      Employees working in manufacturing or workshops are most susceptible to common causes of eye injuries at work. Flying debris, grit, and other particles are common causes of loss of sight at work. Exposure to certain toxic chemicals, burning, and scalding can also result in loss of sight in the workplace.

      Head Injuries Causing Loss Of Sight

      A severe head injury can often result in loss of sight. This can happen in a road traffic accident, fall from height, an object falling from great height, or criminal assault. If you have lost your sight from a head injury because of somebody else’s mistake or negligence you may have a claim for compensation.

      Medical Negligence

      Prescribing the wrong medication, complications that arise during any type of eye surgery, and birth accidents are some examples of loss of vision resulting from medical negligence. Failure to diagnose potential eye problems due to underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, or hypothyroidism also comes under medical negligence.

      Bright Light

      This is more common among welders and other professionals who work with very intense light. Exposure to this light without wearing proper protective eye-wear can result in blindness.

      How Much Compensation For Loss Of Sight?

      The exact amount of compensation that the court awards you for loss of sight will depend on several factors. The main consideration is the severity of your injury. Compensation payouts for permanent loss of sight, for example, would be higher than a payout awarded for temporary loss of sight. Advised compensation amounts for loss of sight are as follows:

      • Total blindness could see a compensation payout of around £252,180.
      • For the loss of sight in one eye and reduced vision in the remaining eye with a great risk of more deterioration to the eye, £90,100 – £168,730.
      • For the loss of sight in one eye causing additional issues and/or reduced vision in the other eye, £60,010 – £99,440.
      • For the total loss of one eye, a compensation settlement of £51,460 – £61,690 would be likely.
      • Compensation for complete loss of sight in one eye where there may be a risk of sympathetic ophthalmia, £46,240 – £51,460.
      • Serious injury to one eye causing a degree of loss of vision but not affecting the remaining eye, £22,230 – £36,960.
      • An injury to one or both eyes causing what might be considered minor but permanent problems with vision, for example increased sensitivity to bright lights, £8,550 – £19,690.

      Other factors that your solicitor could claim compensation for might include your actual medical expenses, travelling expenses for medical treatment, loss of income and perks, loss of amenity, and the cost of any structural modifications you may have had to make to compensate for your loss of sight. A solicitor might also ask the court to grant interim payments to help you meet immediate expenses, including the cost of full-time care should you need it.

      For less severe eye injuries and compensation you may wish to refer to our guide on eye injury compensation claims.

      Making A Loss Of Sight Compensation Claim

      If you want to make a loss of sight compensation claim you might want to speak with a personal injury solicitor who has experience helping clients who have lost their sight. An experienced solicitor will know exactly how to proceed so you have the best chance of winning the maximum compensation that you are entitled to. Unless you are thoroughly conversant with personal injury law, you may find it extremely difficult to win a loss of sight compensation claim without any professional legal help.

      There is also a 3-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases. That means you should file your case within 3 years from the time you lost your sight, or from the time your condition was linked to an injury or accident. Three years may seem like ample time to get everything together but in reality it isn’t long at all so the sooner you speak with a solicitor the better.

      No Win No Fee Claims

      Personal injury solicitors understand that many accident victims hesitate to pursue compensation claims only because they cannot afford to fund the legal expenses. To make it easy for no-fault accident victims to get the compensation due to them, most solicitors offer their legal advice and services without taking any fees upfront. Instead, if you have a strong case, they will look to offer you a contract called a No Win No Fee agreement.

      The way a No Win No Fee agreement works is quite straightforward. The solicitor lays out the terms and conditions clearly in the agreement. While the minute details may differ from one solicitor to another, the basic terms of our agreement states that we will take care of all the legal formalities and help you get due compensation without charging you any fees at any time while the case is still unresolved.

      When the court makes a decision and if it is not in your favour, you do not have to cover any of the legal fees, including solicitor’s fees. However, if the court decides in your favour and awards you compensation, you will pay a percentage of the amount awarded as the fee. If you would like to proceed with ourselves the percentage will be agreed before you sign the No Win No Fee contract.

      Before you decide on a personal injury solicitor to represent you, ask them about the No win No Fee agreement and what fees you would be expected to pay.

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