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      Go Kart Accident Claims

      Go karting is an exciting activity for people of all ages. For those who are too young to get a driving license, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get behind the wheel and experience the pleasure of Go Kart Racingdriving. For those who have a driver’s license, it’s still a thrill to drive around in a low-slung vehicle and race around the track without worrying about traffic, pedestrians or potholes. It’s a lot of fun and most times all goes well.

      In the UK go karting venues operate under very stringent safety regulations. The organisers understand that any lapse could result in their operation getting shut down. Sometimes however, despite taking all safety measures, things can and do go wrong, resulting in accidents on the track. Some of these can cause go-kart drivers to sustain injuries that are as severe as those seen in road accidents involving larger vehicles.

      If you are injured in a go kart accident that was due to negligence, you may have a legal right to make a go kart accident claim for compensation.

      Common Go Karting Accidents And Injuries

      Flips, rollovers and collisions with other go karts or with a lane divider, wall or other obstacles on the track are some of the more common types of go karting accidents.

      Typical injuries you might see in go kart accidents might include:

      • Fractures or broken bones from getting thrown against the go-kart with force or getting ejected out from the go-kart.
      • Dislocated joints from the force of the collision.
      • Whiplash injuries from your head and neck being flung forcefully forward while your body from the torso down remain in the go kart.
      • Head injury from getting thrown out of the vehicle when not wearing a helmet.
      • Burns from contact with leaking petrol or the hot engine during a collision.

      Go Kart Organisers And Duty Of Care

      Go kart organisers are required by law to put in place and enforce safety measures to ensure that customers and visitors are safe while using their facilities, whether for recreation or during competitive events. In legal terms, this is known as duty of care. According to the law, if the go-karting organiser failed in their duty of care and if this lapse causes you to be injured, you are entitled to compensation.

      Safety measures pertaining to go karting include:

      • Carrying out regular inspection and maintenance of the track and vehicles.
      • Providing all drivers with appropriate, properly fitting personal protective equipment including helmets, overalls and gloves.
      • Educating all drivers on how to control their vehicle and dos and don’ts when there are many drivers using the track at the same time.
      • Educating all drivers on potential dangers and safe practices while driving around the track.
      • Supervise the track at all times when drivers are using it
      • Keeping an emergency team and first aid kit ready to handle any accidents immediately

      When Can You Claim Compensation For A Go Karting Accident?

      Let’s first talk about when you cannot claim. If you wilfully disregard all safety precautions and drive recklessly, intentionally crashing into other vehicles or the sides of the track, you may not be eligible for claiming compensation.

      You are only entitled to compensation if the go-kart  accident occurred because the company running the track failed in their responsibilities. However, if another driver or visitor were to have caused an accident due to their negligence you may be able to make a claim against them for compensation if you were injured as a result. Examples of negligence could be crashing into a wall because the brakes failed or losing control of the vehicle after it skidded over an oil spill which had been ignored.

      How Much Compensation For A Go Karting Accident Claim?

      When calculating how much compensation for a go-karting accident you could claim for, the Judicial College publishes settlement amount guidelines for general damages in personal injury claims. Below you will find our compensation calculator based on those guideline settlement amounts which you can use to get some idea of what compensation may be available for different injuries.

      Compensation Calculator
      Part Of Body
      How Severe?


      *Estimates are based upon the severity of the injury and should be used as a guide only.

      Any compensation amounts should be taken as a guide only as without our solicitors knowing the details of the effects the injury has had in relation to special damages, there is no way to factor those in.

      What You Need To Do After A Go Kart Accident

      If your go-kart accident was caused due to negligence, you must take steps to gather proof to help support your claim. Here are some things you should do if you are able to do so.

      • Photograph the scene of the accident. Get photographs that show the immediate cause of the accident, the surrounding area, and your injuries.
      • File a written complaint in the log book, which is required to be kept at the venue. Get a signed copy of the record for yourself.
      • Get the contact details of the other drivers who witnessed the accident.
      • Get medical attention for your injuries and keep all the medical records.
      • Get in touch with a personal injury solicitor to get legal advice on how to proceed with filing a go karting accident claim.

      How Personal Injury Solicitors Work

      When you call most personal injury solicitors, they will listen to what you have to say and assess the merits of your case for free. If they think you have a strong go kart accident claim, they may advise you to go ahead with pursuing compensation. They will also help you understand your funding options if they offer to take your claim on.

      Most personal injury solicitors will offer to make your go-kart accident claim on a No Win No Fee basis. The way this works is quite straightforward in our case. The solicitor will ask you to sign a contract agreeing to represent you without requiring any upfront legal fees. They will also cover all costs pertaining to your case while it is on-going. If your claim is not successful, you would not have to pay the solicitor anything. If the outcome is successful and you are awarded compensation, you will simply pay a percentage deducted from the compensation directly as the fee. The agreement will cover all details of the payment, which you will be emailed or posted to read before signing.

      A No Win No Fee contract is the preferred option for most claimants, especially when they may already be feeling the burden of lost income and related expenses. This agreement allows you to get expert legal representation without worrying about paying any money until compensation is awarded. Reimbursing the solicitor only after compensation has been received means you’ll never be out of pocket at any time. Another huge benefit of having a personal injury solicitor for your go karting accident claim is that you can take the time you need to recover from your injuries knowing that your solicitor will be aiming to claim the maximum compensation.

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