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      Dog Bite Claims

      They say that Britain is a nation of dog lovers – it is estimated that there are over nine million dogs currently being kept as pets in this country, and it’s these dogs that are responsible for most cases of dog bites. It might not seem possible that a dog may turn aggressive , but ALL animals can be unpredictable. So what happens when dogs turn aggressive, and when they bite?

      Dangerous dogsIf you are bitten or attacked by a dog it can leave mental and physical scars. When the bites have healed it’s time to pick up the pieces, but many people find it hard to start the process of making a claim for injury after being bitten by a dog.

      There is no automatic entitlement to damages for those unfortunate to have suffered this traumatic experience, so it is essential that you speak to experts in this field. If you have suffered injury as a result of a dog attack within the last three years, then make contact with them today – they are there to help you.

       What To Do If You’re Bitten By A Dog

      If you are bitten by a dog then you should report the incident to the police and seek medical help. Take photographs of any injuries caused and keep receipts for any costs that are incurred as a result of an injury. These costs can include (but are not limited to) transport costs to hospitals or medical practitioners, the cost of drugs such as painkillers, damage to clothing and other property such as mobile telephones, loss of earnings if the injury means that you are unable to work for any length of time.

      If possible, obtain the name and address of the dog’s owner if it isn’t your own – it is their duty of care to have their dog under control at all times. Often the dog owner will have pet insurance and the solicitors can help you claim damages through their insurer. It is also helpful if you can obtain the contact details of any witnesses that have seen the attack – your personal injury solicitor will contact them on your behalf.

      What A Solicitor Will Do

      They will be committed to obtaining the best results for you. They will endeavour to resolve your claim as quickly as possible, and will always do their best to recover damages for you. As well as the damages detailed above, they can also claim if you have suffered psychological injury as a result of the trauma.

      Remember you will be speaking to experts in dog attack claims. They will understand how difficult it has been for you to come through the experience of being attacked by a dog and will always be friendly and sympathetic, yet tenacious when it comes to getting the outcome that you deserve. The claim will be handled on a ‘No Win No Fee‘ premise, so there is no need to worry if you feel that you can’t afford to take the case on.

      The company that you have hired will do all the hard work for you – from contacting the police and witnesses to liaising with your employer to establish the loss of earnings that might have occurred. They will advise you whether or not to issue court proceedings and help you with doing so. The process is most often less stressful than people might think – they will do all they can to make life easier for their client.

      Recent figures show that over 200,000 people are the victim of dog attacks every year, unfortunately this figure is on the rise. Most dogs will never attack, most people will never suffer the horror of being bitten by a dog – but if it happens to you, contact the experts promptly because they will be there to fight for justice on your behalf.

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