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Common Animal–Related Accidents And Attacks

When we hear about an animal attack, the first thing that typically comes to mind is being attacked by a dog that has freed itself from its lead or managed to get out of its owner’s property. However, there are several other types of animal attacks, many of which occur quite commonly in residential neighbourhoods, on farms, and on the sporting ground. Injuries stemming from animal attacks can range from a nip at the heels by a small pet dog to being fatally injured by a large farm animal.

It should be noted that many animal attacks happen due to the animal being spooked or trying to defend itself from a presumed threat and not always because the animal is simply aggressive.

These are just a few of the more common animal attacks in the UK.

Dog Attacks

One of the reasons why we hear so much about dog attacks is because they are the most common of all household pets. The UK is known to be a nation of dog-lovers with many households having more than one dog. Although most dogs are well-behaved and friendly, there are a few that are inherently aggressive. It may be quite rare for a non-aggressive dog to act out of character and attack without reason, but it can and does happen.

If a dogs bites, mauls or otherwise attacks you, it is important that a complaint is recorded at the nearest police station as it can help as evidence if you need to file a dog bite compensation claim. Filing a complaint also helps to identify dogs that have a history of attacking as well as owners who are negligent.

It can be a lot easier to file a successful claim if the dog that has attacked you is labelled ‘dangerous’ under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Horse Accidents And Attacks

While not as common as dog attacks, horse – related accidents do occur, typically on roads while riding horses and while participating in sports involving horses. These accidents may result in injuries to both the participants as well as spectators. Horses are easily startled by loud noises or certain smells and may react violently in such situations. Often, the recipients of such injuries are those who work with horses.

Injuries in accidents involving horses can be extremely serious since horses are very strong animals. Even if the horse has not directly attacked you and you have just had a fall, the injuries can still be formidable. Injuries can range from bruises, broken bones, spine injuries, paralysis, and even death.

While interactions with horses inherently carry an element of uncertainty and danger, people responsible for the animal or organisers of the event are responsible for ensuring safety to a certain degree. If the injuries occur due to their negligence, you have sufficient grounds to file an equestrian injury claim.

If you work with horses and your injuries have been caused due to someone else’s negligence, you could file for compensation as well.

Incidents Involving Cattle

There have been numerous incidents of cattle attacking people, sometimes even in large herds. Injuries involving cattle can be extremely serious due to their size especially when a large number of animals are present together.

It is the responsibility of the herd owners to ensure that the animals are safely restrained and unable to attack people. Anyone who is attacked by these animals could file a claim against the owner for negligence.

Accidents Involving Other Farm Animals

Apart from cattle, animals such as sheep, goats, and pigs have also been known to attack people. Sometimes, even those working with these animals may become victims of such accidents.

In case of any accident involving farm animals, the farm owner is usually responsible for settling any compensation claims that may arise from their negligence.

Accidents Involving Animals In Safari Parks And National Parks

Multiple security measures and warning signs are usually put in place to protect workers and visitors at safari parks or national parks. Anyone who ignores the warning and danger signs probably only has themselves to blame in any eventuality. However, if any visitor or worker is injured because the owners did not follow health and safety rules and regulations, then the injured party may be eligible to file a claim for compensation. While this may not make reparation for pain and mental stress caused by the accident, it can offer much-needed financial support if the injured person has lost income from being too injured to work for example.

In addition, there are several other animal attack claims that could be pursued too. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Attacks and bites by exotic birds such as parrots, parakeets, and cockatoos.
  • Being bitten, or mauled by a wild animal outside an enclosure.
  • Being bitten by a camel.
  • Bull gore injuries which can be quite severe and require a long time to heal.

All the above injuries can be subject to compensation claims if you can prove that the owner or anyone responsible for these animals was negligent and their negligence caused you the injury.

Who Is At High Risk Of Being Attacked By An Animal?

Animal handlers, caretakers and enclosure cleaners who interact and work with animals on a daily basis are highest at risk of being attacked by an animal. This includes farmers, breeders, zoo employees, veterinary doctors, and trainers amongst others.

People involved in such jobs should understand the risks involved. However, if they are injured due to an employer overlooking basic safety processes, not providing proper training on the job, lack of proper supervision or support and not providing the necessary protective equipment, the victim may be entitled to file a claim for compensation.

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